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Lawler....Lawler....Lawler 10/21/11 Jerry Lawler Obscured

You're going to pay for this Lawler! 10/21/11 Jerry Lawler Obscured

May I have your attention please, chairman? 10/21/11 Jerry Lawler Obscured

This was nothing... 11/11/11 Off Schedule Promo

C'mon...Move on! 11/14/11 Xavier Star Cyber Sunday: End of Days 

Very well....Mr. Lucente.....and Xavier, I'm coming for ya nigga 11/16/11 Xavier Star Cyber Sunday: End of Days

I'm going to beat you Xavier. Real bad. 11/17/11 Xavier Star Cyber Sunday: End of Days

The Ray meets Ryan Ryder 11/18/11 Off Schedule Promo

The Ray and "Dangerous" Cliff Saxton share a laugh. 11/20/11 Off Schedule Promo

'The Ray of Light' 11/23/11 Showdown: Episode 

Seriously Josh? 11/23/11

The Ray vs. Prodigit 11/25/11

This is gettin' good... 12/3/11

Season's Beatings. 12/14/11

Journey to the arena... 12/19/11

The Ray meets Nick Rude. 12/25/11

The Ray and Ryan Ryder: Confrontation. 12/31/11

I am serious! 1/1/12

The Ray and Chavo Guerrero talk about their winning matches and something like that. 1/5/12

I'm gonna prove the world! 1/12/12

The new era of XWF. 1/14/12

This is your end, and your title's end Ripper! 1/20/12

my time 1/27/12

I am gonna beat Hayden Truesdale, and go for the Xtreme Championship! 1/31/12

The next Tag Team Champion and Xtreme Champion. 2/5/12

What are you looking at? Open this link first. 2/9/12

I am coming for you Ryder!! 2/20/12

Click here. 2/20/12

RolePlay. What? It's not my fault, I didn't get a name for it. 2/26/12

RolePlay 2. 2/28/12

RolePlay 3: The Winner. 3/3/12

RolePlay 4. 3/9/12

RolePlay 5. 3/13/12

RolePlay 6. 3/17/12

RolePlay 7. 3/20/12

RolePlay 8. 4/1/12

RolePlay 9. 4/14/12

RolePlay 10. 4/18/12