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Showdown: Episode Seventeen.

Michael Lucente is decked out in a fancy silk suit, shades and white gold wedding ring while talking with people and shaking hands with everyone backstage. For anybody who missed it, Mike just got married this week. I guess him stepping down in the XWF was one of the agreements the two made.


We are TAPED! in Newark, New Jersey joined by Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler at ringside. The two of them are speculating on who will be the new President of Daily Operations. JR starts going over the Totally Elite Shotgun Celebration hosted by Chris Falkenyork.


Match One: Michael Dargue vs "The Cool" Greg Ward Jr

Ward charges Dargue at the bell to start. Dargue ducks a swing, blocks another swing, slaps Ward in the face. Ward gets pissed and charges right into a dropkick. Dargue covers for a one count.

Dargue picks up Ward and takes him down again with a waistlock slam. Ward tries to fight off an armbar but gets headlocked instead. Ward tries to fight out of the headlock and Dargue grabs the arm instead. Dargue picks up Ward and bodyslams him to the mat.

Dargue points over towards Ward and laughs. Ward doesn't look to happy about it. Ward goes for another lockup and Dargue hits an armdrag and a backdrop. Ward gets back to his feet one more time. Dargue continues to showboat before Ward PUNTS him between the legs! The referee shouts at Ward before calling for the bell.

Winner: Michael Dargue


After the match is over Ward gets in Dargue's face and starts shouting at him. "You think this is funny? You and me at Hell on Earth, Xtreme Rules!"

Ward slides out of the ring and walks down the aisle as the crowd boos.

Backstage we see a shot of the parking lot area where an Escalade limo pulls up. The crowd responds as Lawler speculates that it might belong to the new President.

Ray of Darkness along with Ashton Storm are backstage hyping themselves up for their matches later on. Mitch Keller talks with them for a bit and we learn that Brutality from the Wreckin Crew injured his pectoral muscle and will be out for a few months. Ray says that's what happens when you mess with the Ray of Darkness. Dark Stranger is about to speak before glitter falls from the ceiling. The tag champs look at each other puzzled wondering what the hell just happened.


Match Two: Kelsey Marxx vs Ki Morbid

Lawler and JR go over Kelsey getting pinned last week by Draven and questioning why he would do that. Morbid has been with Hellion but making her in ring debut this show.

Morbid gets in the offense first with a forearm shot to the head that staggers Kelsey back. Another forearm shot and a clothesline knocks down Marxx. Morbid covers for a one count. Morbid shoves Kelsey into the corner and hits a shoulderblock. Another shoulderblock by Morbid before dumping Kelsey on the canvas.

Morbid taunts Kelsey before an irish whip. Kelsey kicks Morbid in the head and hits a dropkick that staggers her back. Another standing dropkick staggers Morbid into the ropes. Morbid blocks a whip and hits a short arm clothesline for a two count.

Morbid picks up Kelsey and dumps her with a vertical suplex for another two count. Morbid stands back up while taunting Kelsey to get to her feet. Morbid picks Kelsey up and throws her into the corner again. Morbid goes for a charge and gets nothing but turnbuckle. Kelsey goes for a Thesz Press but Morbid turns it into a spinebuster! Morbid covers and gets a two!

Kelsey keeps trying to fight back as Morbid picks her up again. Morbid goes for a neckbreaker and Kelsey counters into a rollup. Two count only. Kelsey with a sunset flip attempt. Morbid goes for a counter but Kelsey gets to her feet. Kelsey ducks a clothesline and hits a spear! Two count only!

Kelsey takes Morbid to the corner. Tornado DDT by Kelsey is blocked. Morbid hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two! Morbid starts yelling at the referee about a slow count before turning her attention back to Kelsey. Morbid calls for a powerbomb and picks Kelsey up. Kelsey with right hands, more right hands, slides out and lands on her feet. Kelsey staggers Morbid into the corner and hooks her. Tornado DDT! Kelsey covers. One, two, Morbid has her foot on the ropes. Referee doesn't see it, three count!

Winner: Kelsey Marxx


After the match Morbid starts to argue with the referee. Hellion comes out and starts shouting too but Morbid shoves him aside. Morbid hits the referee with a spinebuster! Up to the top, Morbid hits the ref with a corkscrew moonsault! Hellion looks at the ref and shrugs his shoulders as if to say he should've seen the foot on the ropes. Sucks for him.

Flip Johnson is backstage with Mitch Keller talking about Brutality's injury. He says that Brutality isn't complaining about it. Both of them have proved to everyone that they are one of the best tag teams in the history of the XWF. Johnson says that when Wreckin Crew come back that they will be better than ever. Glitter once again falls from the ceiling as Keller starts to bug out.


Match Three: Hayden Truesdale vs "The Lone Wolf" Kevin O'Reily - Xtreme Rules

Truesdale and O'Reily jockey for position. O'Reily grabs an armbar. Truesdale counters to an armbar of his own. O'Reily with a front roll kips up and hits Truesdale with a snapmare. O'Reily goes for a kick and Hayden ducks into a pin attempt for a one count.

O'Reily rolls out of the pin and goes for a Dragon Sleeper. Truesdale elbows out and charges. O'Reily with a drop toehold follows with a standing dropkick. O'Reily covers for a two count.

Truesdale back to his feet hits a chop to the chest. Truesdale hits another chop. O'Reily fires back with a chop that knocks Truesdale on his back. O'Reily picks up Truesdale and hits a European Uppercut that knocks him down again. Hayden counters a whip and ducks down. O'Reily blocks the backdrop and stomps on Hayden's foot. O'Reily hits another hard chop that knocks Truesdale down.

O'Reily with a snap suplex covers Truesdale for another two count. O'Reily picks up Truesdale and throws him off the ropes. Truesdale ducks a swing and hits a clothesline. Truesdale with another clothesline. Truesdale ducks another swing and hits a swinging neckbreaker before shouting towards the crowd.

Truesdale calls for the Kidd Kick as O'Reily gets back up. O'Reily blocks the superkick and goes for a German Suplex. Truesdale elbows out. Truesdale goes for a huracanrana and O'Reily blocks it before hitting Welcome to Chicago! O'Reily covers. One, two, three.

Winner: "The Lone Wolf" Kevin O'Reily


We cut to a Taped Earlier video where Xtreme Champion Rage is at parts unknown. Rage discusses what bought him back to the company. Out of everything that he mentioned, none of it had to do with the idea of winning championship titles. As a matter of fact, Rage doesn't even have the title with him at this time.

Rage talks about Dustin Holt for a little bit. He laughs at what apparently makes a great superstar in the current era of the XWF. He laughs at Dustin Holt reeking of mediocrity and needing to learn a hard lesson. For Rage it's not about the Xtreme Championship being on the line. For Rage it's all about teaching Dustin Holt a lesson. And at Hell on Earth, it's going to be Hell for Dustin Holt.

This isn't going to be a regular match by any stretch of the imagination. At this coming Pay Per View, it's going to be a "Straight to Hell" match.

"Dustin, I almost feel sorry for you... Almost."

Chris Falkenyork is backstage wearing a white shirt that has "Shotgun is my BFF" on the front of it. Bob Levy asks him why he's been acting this way lately. Chris just smiles and says not to worry. Carlos will have plenty to be happy about by the time Showdown is over.

Hayden Truesdale is backstage upset over his latest setback against Kevin O'Reily. Hayden keeps pacing back and fourth talking to himself before looking up and seeing the Original who is face to face with him. Original laughs at him and says that Hayden's one win recently was a fluke. Hayden tells him to back up and Original informs him not to worry. At Hell on Earth, it's going to be Original versus Hayden Truesdale.

Hayden keeps his mouth shut as Original continues to joke about being bored lately and saying he's going to have a lot of fun kicking his ass.

O'Reily walks by wiping the sweat off his head with a towel. Original takes a couple steps back to let O'Reily through. O'Reily taunts Original calling him a tough man for picking on another man's leftovers. Hayden shoves O'Reily taking offense to that before O'Reily headbutts him knocking him to the ground. O'Reily looks towards Original again before walking off.


Match Four: "Dangerous" Cliff Saxton vs The Dark Stranger

The bell rings and immediately Stranger nails Saxton with a flurry of punches into the corner. Stranger follows up with a whip into the corner followed by a clothesline that absolutely plants Saxton against the turnbuckle. Lawler claims Saxton might have just suffered a concussion. Sounds like a hyperbole to me.

Saxton surprises Stranger with a rake to the eyes followed by a small package. Stranger begins stomping the hell out of Saxton as the crowd cheers the tag champion on. Stranger signals for the end. He puts his hand around Saxton throats and goes to pick him up when glitter falls from the sky again. The crowd is puzzled and so is Stranger who looks around confused. Saxton uses the distraction to hit his finisher and steal the win.

Winner: "Dangerous" Cliff Saxton

Dark Stranger remains in the ring covered in glittered obviously enraged. Ross wonders who is behind these “glitter shenanigans”.


Carlos Shotgun is backstage checking stocks and options on his iPhone 6. Chris Falkenyork walks into the picture as Carlos looks up and shakes his head. "Chris, all jokes aside. We had a great battle at XtremeMania. You're in denial. You've always been one of the best… but being World Champion means more to you than any friendship. I'm not an idiot and I’m not buying what you’re selling.." Chris shakes his head in disbelief.

"Carlos... Friend! Stop smoking those funny cigarettes! You know why I came back. There was no hatred towards you! It was all Adkins!" Chris talks about feeling bad for playing down his in ring abilities and not giving him more credit. He wants to make up for it. He promises things will be different. Chris exits the room and Carlos just shakes his head and goes back to his phone.


Match Five: Eric Draven vs Ryan Ryder - Xtreme Rules

Ryder is inside the ring but Draven has not made his way out. JR and Lawler are questioning where Draven is before we cut to a video that's being played.

Draven is standing by at a remote location. It is only he and a cameraman filming all of this.

"Draven and Ryan are not fighting tonight. Draven and Ryan are never going to fight because Draven doesn't fight guys like Ryan. Lucente is not too high on Draven. Word gets around. Luckily after tonight, Lucente will no longer be an issue. Dustin Holt. He's busy with Rage. Draven is in no hurry. The XWF can forget about scheduling a Pay Per View match.. Dustin Holt is busy afterall."

JR thinks that Draven is being absurd acting like he's his own boss in the XWF. The camera cuts back to Draven.

"Once Dustin is done with Rage, he's got to deal.. With me." The feed cuts out as the referee calls for the bell. Ryan Ryder just shakes his head as the referee raises his hand in the air.

Winner: Ryan Ryder


Michael Lucente is backstage looking at a television monitor. "Fucking Eric." Bob Levy walks into the picture as Lucente says, "Not tonight. Nobody is going to ruin my mood tonight because I'm done. I know that I found the right guy for the job. I know that, you know this guy. I know that Carlos and Chris know this guy also. Ha ha ha. Free at last!"


Match Six: Dustin Holt & Alexis Diamond vs The Ray & Ashton Storm

Holt jumps Ray to start the match as he tosses him into the corner. Ray ducks under a swing and runs off the ropes. Holt ducks down and Ray kicks him in the head. Ray runs off the ropes again but gets knocked down with a clothesline.

Holt drags Ray into the corner and chokes away while telling the referee to shut up. Ray fires back with rights and lefts but gets poked in the eyes. Holt off the ropes. Ray hits an armdrag and tosses him towards Alexis. Ray tags in Ashton and Holt tags in Alexis.

Alexis charges and takes a kick to the midsection. Ashton hits a forearm and a bodyslam. Standing elbow into a pin for a two count. Ashton headlocks Alexis but gets dropped in a belly to back suplex. Alexis covers for a two count. Alexis drops Ashton with a backbreaker and starts kicking the lower back. Ashton tries to get back to her feet and Alexis drops her with another suplex.

Ray starts chanting towards the crowd as Ashton makes an effort to get back up. Alexis picks up Ashton and tosses her into the corner. Alexis charges into a boot but hits a powerslam off a charge from Ashton. Alexis covers for another two count. Alexis bodyslams Ashton and heads to the top. Alexis dives for a splash but Ashton moves out of the way!

Alexis and Ashton start making their way to the corners for the tag. Alexis tags in Dustin. Dustin jumps in and Ashton tags in Ray! Ray hits hard right hands and dumps Holt with a backdrop. Ray hits another backdrop. Holt back up, runs into flying forearm from Ray.

Ray grabs Holt and sends him into the corner. Ray takes a foot to the face but fires back with a hard clothesline. Ray is calling for the Ray of Light. Ray dives towards Dustin who ducks under. Referee gets nailed!

DKO attempt by Holt is blocked! Ray counters and goes for a Skull Crushing Finale. Holt blocks it and hits the DKO! Holt covers Ray. There's no referee. Ashton charges into the ring and kicks Holt in the head.

Alexis charges in and takes out Ashton as Dustin calls for another DKO. Ray is slowly getting back to his feet. Dustin jumps for a DKO and Ray throws him off! Ray tries to regain his composure but ACE hops on the ring apron and blows a pile of glitter into his face! Ray can't see. Holt back up, DKO connects again! Referee sees the cover. One, two, three!

Winner(s): Dustin Holt & Alexis Diamond


We cut backstage to Mitch Keller who looks uncomfortable while addressing the camera. He claims he is standing by the men behind the glitter, the men behind the “shenanigans”. The camera pans back revealing a returning Ace and Gary, The Happy Go Luckies. Mitch Keller is questioning the two men asking what their intentions are and why they would come back after so many years in hiatus. Ace pulls a tube of KY Jelly out and Gary shakes his head.

Ace says, "Oh! Oh! Oh, Mitch Keller! We had a close friend of ours who said he was making a return tonight. He said that the Wreckin Crew has been sidelined and that there needs to be some... Excitement, injected into the tag team division. If the Happy Go Luckies know anything it's how to inject a little excitement!"

Gary turns Mitch around, "Let’s just say that we had a very nice offer. Let’s just say that Ray of Darkness have themselves a match at the Pay Per View.

Ace cuts Gary off, “Yeah! We don’t want any darkness around here, we want glitz, glamour and pretty colors!”

Gary takes over, “And if they thought that Wreckin Crew was a challenge. Wait till they get a load from... Ha ha, I'm sorry. Wait till they get a load of us!"

Ace and Gary high five each other and walk away as Mitch shakes his head in disbelief.


Main Event: The Hellion vs Mike Dimter - Xtreme Rules

Dimter knife edge chops Hellion but Hellion no sells before delivering a stiff right hand to the jaw. Dimter goes down and Hellion immediately mauls him on the ground hitting him with everything her has. Dimter just barely manages to get away and role to the outside.

Ross says that Dimter needs to change strategies if he wants to be successful. JR is really smart. Dimter pulls Hellion’s feet and takes him to the outside. Dimter and Hellion brawl at ringside as the referee starts the count. Dimter manages to get the upper hand and whips Hellion into the ring steps. The referee is up to 9 when Dimter rolls into the ring. The referee reaches 10 and declares Dimter the winner.

Winner: Mike Dimter

Hellion slams the steel steps down in frustration. He eventually leaves while Dimter continues to celebrate confidently. The lights dim as the “TV-MA” logo is shown on the big screen. The fans go wild but nobody comes out.

The audio of a woman moaning passionately are heard. Some fans start laughing while others look around wondering what the hell is going on.

“Boom goes the dynamite!”, said Mark Adkins. Dimter remains in the ring looking up at the screen puzzled but still nobody walks out. “I really enjoyed finishing in your eye Mrs. Dimter. I’m sure your son would be very proud! AHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHA”. Just like that the logo is gone and Dimter is seen mouthing the words “what the fuck”.


Dustin Holt is looking a little more pissed off than usual. Alexis tries to calm him down talking about how they won tonight. Holt doesn't seem to care about their win tonight.

"I'm getting sick and tired of Eric Draven's bullcrap. He wants to talk like he's a big shot around here and he hasn't done shit. Big men get pinfall wins against women around here apparently. As far as Rage goes? Rage wants to talk about teaching me a lesson. It's not going to be Rage teaching Dustin Holt a lesson. It's going to be Dustin Holt making an EXAMPLE out of Rage!"

Dustin is about to walk away before he walks back into the picture. "Sorry about your damn luck!" Dustin and Alexis leave.


We go back to ringside for the Totally Elite Shotgun Celebration. Chris Falkenyork is inside the ring as "Why Can't We Be Friends" by War plays. Lawler thinks all of this is a huge joke. Chris has a table set up with comic books, brownies, alcohol..

Carlos Shotgun makes his way out as Chris applauds him the entire time he walks down the eisle. Carlos doesn't really express much emotion over any of this. Chris tries to hug Carlos but Carlos just shrugs it off. "That's okay Carlos. You were never one for hugs. I respect that! I respect you. So do all of these people out here!" The crowd pops. "Carlos look over there!" Chris points to the front row as Eddie Vedder and James Iha stand up and wave. "It's Evolution baby! I even got you that crazy looking gook from Perfect Circle!"

Carlos tries to say something before Chris cuts him off. "I couldn't get a hold of Beckham or Ary or Cain Hunt cause I know you love that pesky little retards. But still, I know you buddy. I KNOW YOU! So this is why I decided to bring you all these comic books, you know with Batman and stuff, I know you like bats Carlos! Bats are cool!" York holds up a Batman comic with a smile on his face. “And look at this Carlos. Captain Morgan Rum, made in Puerto Rico. You two were meant for each other! And those brownies Carlos? Let’s just say unless you got a medicinal license you might go away for a little bit if you get caught with those, wink wink!”.

Shotgun looks at the crowd and rolls his eyes but Falkenyork continues undeterred. “Carlos, buddy, pal! Brofriend! There’s someone else who would like to congratulate you on your big win at XM. Someone who has been like a father to you during rough times. Someone who has always kept an eye on you, hell, someone who also would love to call you friend… not best friend of course, that would be ME! Anyway…” Suddenly Michael Lucente makes his way out. Chris looks a little confused. Lucente enters the ring and shakes Shotgun's hand. "Carlos no hard feelings right? So since you guys are out here and everyone is in such a great mood right now I figured I'd make my announcement! Without further ado, the new president of the XWF…" The crowd pops.

Mike points down towards the entrance as "Fuck The System" by System of a Down plays. It's Lars Douglas! Nobody knows who the hell it is but Carlos and Chris sure know who it is. Lars has a microphone in hand as he cuts the music.

"Hey Chris! Carlos! Mike has been running the End of the World Tour here in the XWF. Well things are going to change around here. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been running federations for years. I am a veteran of this game. I am the man who recruited Carlos Shotgun, Christian Falkenyork and even Mark Adkins back when they were rookies. I am the man who created the BOW! I am also a man who knows how to treat his talent. I know people, I know the way the act. Now that I am irrefutably the new President, now that it is signed, sealed, delivered and undoable… Carlos would you do me the honors and show Mike how I feel about him?" Shotgun shrugs his shoulders and looks at Mike. Mike turns around and gets kicked in the midsection. Bullet Bomb through table! Comic books, brownies, and alcohol go flying everywhere! Chris laughs at all this as Lars gets back on the mic. "Welcome to the NEW Xtreme Wrestling Federation!" Lars walks away as Chris continues to laugh wholeheartedly as he puts his arm around Shotgun and points at Lucente. Carlos laughs and embraces York and pats him in the back.

Carlos kicks Chris in the midsection and hits him with a Bullet Bomb! Carlos pockets a few brownies before grabbing the microphone. "I still don't buy it, but thanks. At Hell on Earth? May the best...FRIEND...Win."

End of Show.