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Showdown: Episode Twenty


We are TAPED in front of a packed house at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Manic and Chico are at commentary going over last Showdown and running down what's been announced for the When World's Collide Pay Per View. We get a shot of the steel cage hanging above the ring.

The Hellion is sitting in a chair with his hands on his head when Ki Morbid walks on in.

"What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing. Just thinking about my Triple Threat match tonight. You ready for that Cage match with Alexis Diamond?"

"Of course I'm ready. She is going to surrender to me tonight! Or I am going to beat her in to submission."


"You sure nothing's wrong?"

"Everything is fine. Enjoy the main event spotlight! I'll be rooting for ya."

Hellion walks off and Ki seems a bit confused about what just took place.


Match One: WHC Carlos Shotgun vs Josh Davis

'Do The Evolution' is XWF's version of glass shattering. When the guitar riff plays you know the crowd is going to go crazy. Davis getting some big heat from the fans. Davis and Shotgun have a staredown as the ref calls for the bell. Shotgun smirks when Davis throws a right hand. Shotgun dodges it and smiles as he starts circling his opponent. Davis lunges at Shotgun but Shotgun evades him and keeps his distance while continuing to smile in a mocking manner. Chico makes an educated statement while Manic thinks that Shotgun is drunk.

Shotgun challenges Davis to lockup. Collar and elbow ends with Shotgun sending Davis to the ground. The fans pop as Shotgun continues to mock Davis. Davis is getting pissed as Chico believes this is what Shotgun wanted all along. Davis extends his hand challenging Shotgun to another lock up. Shotgun complies only this time it’s Davis who sends him down to the ground. The Davis supporters in attendance cheer loudly as Davis is the one smiling now while Shotgun looks up at him from the ground. Shotgun gets up and starts circling Davis. Davis goes for the grapple but instead Shotgun follows through with a knee to the mid-section. Davis groans as Shotgun pushes him back into the ropes. Davis bounces back from the push right into a vicious knife edge chop. Davis holds his chest in pain but Shotgun just proceeds with a second, third and fourth chop each harder than the last.

Davis holds his chest with his arms as he backs into the corner. Shotgun goes for a jumping clothesline but Davis drops to the mat causing Shotgun to bounce off the turnbuckle. Davis rolls Shotgun up with a small package but only gets a two count. Davis gets up and stomps down on Shotgun’s chest cavity. He continues to do so before the referee warns him. Davis immediately hits a beautiful standing moonsault and hooks the leg. Chico thinks it’s over but Shotgun kicks out at two.

Davis picks him up by the hair but Shotgun counter with an eye rake. Shotgun whips Davis into the turnbuckle and follows behind with a successful clothesline. Davis staggers around the ring and immediately Shotgun nails a beautiful exploder suplex. The fans come alive as Shotgun climbs the second ropes and hits the pointed elbow drop. Shotgun does his 'Elite Savior' pose, signaling for the end. Shotgun waits patiently as Davis slowly gets up. When he does he is met with a kick to the midsection right into a powerbomb. Davis slips out at the last second and immediately hits a twist of fate out of nowhere. Davis immediately springs for the top rope and poses for the crowd. He delivers a swanton bomb but Shotgun moves just mere seconds before Davis hits him.

Shotgun picks up Davis by the hair and kicks him in the mid-section again. He hoists him up and comes down in a running powerbomb, aka the Bullet Bomb. The fans count along as Shotgun hooks the leg for the pin. One.. Two.. Three!! Chico says Davis was close to the upset. Manic doesn't buy into that statement at all.

Winner: Carlos Shotgun


Commercial Break.

We return from break as TV_MA Mark Adkins is in the ring ready for his interview with the returning Dustin Holt.

"You know I could always mention the Elite Savior that we just saw before break but.. I'll save that for another time. Right now everyone give it up for the man that just returned from a trip to hell.. Dustin Holt!"

Holt makes his way out to a huge ovation as the announcers go over his big battles with Rage that culminated at Hell on Earth. Holt was on the losing end but you would never know based on the reaction he's getting from the crowd. Holt enters the ring as the crowd continues to cheer.

"Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!"

"So Dustin, how did it feel being on the receiving end of an ass whooping from Rage?"

Holt snatches the microphone away from Adkins.

"Mark I know that you make a living getting under people's skin. I just about died over the last two Pay Per Views. Your shit does not bother me at all!"

The crowd pops.

"I wanna make it clear to everybody tonight. I didn't come back with this huge idea of kissing everyone's ass who's happy to see me. I have three people to thank for the fact that I'm out here right now. Me, myself, and I! I could talk about Rage and how our issues are not settled but I came out here for one reason only. Mark, I know that you and Jon Hampton are going to battle for the Xtreme Title at When World's Collide."

Holt smiles.

"Just know that regardless of who wins that match. That person is going to have to deal with.."

Jon Hampton makes his way out carrying the Xtreme Championship.

”Hold on for just a...”

”Shut up! Nobody cares!”

The Original bumps Hampton as the two of them start taunting each other while going towards the ringside area.

”Yeah hi guys, remember me? Hey Dustin, remember who you have to contend with at When World’s Collide? Yeah, me!”

”Well Original...”

”Shut up Hampton! You’re just going to no show again like you always do!”

Hampton and Original enter the ring as Adkins is laughing at all of this. Holt looks a little more serious at this time.

”Original... You don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m going to take you serious or not. Everyone knows who you are. Your big mouth won’t let people forget about it. The one thing that you seem to not want to mention however is that... You were also the guy that just lost to the laughing stock of this company... Hayden Truesdale! The Detroit Sorry Sack of Shit!”

”Yeah you just...”

”Shut up Hampton!”

Adkins for some reason continues to smell his two index fingers.

”You got a problem Mark?”

”Yeah I do Jon. Smell my finger.”

”No thanks.”

”Tell your mom I said hi. She told me that she’s very disappointed at you Jon. I figured I’d try to you know... Do her a favor and maybe help her... Make a son that she could be proud of!”

”You motherfucker!”

Adkins laughs.


Hampton drops the Xtreme Title and goes for a clothesline. Adkins ducks the clothesline and hits Hampton with an End on Five! Original and Holt start exchanging words with each other. Original takes a swing and Holt ducks. Original turns around and Adkins is right in front of him.


Original is confused for a moment before turning back around. Holt hits Original with a DKO!

”My Ace Crusher is better than your Ace Crusher!”

Holt shakes his head in amusement as he exits the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Original and Hampton are still on the canvas.

Carlos Shotgun is in the back ready for an interview with Mitch Keller.

"Carlos.. Tonight in a rare Showdown match you defeated Josh Davis. This however seems to be building towards your World Title defense at When World's Collide. Lars is set to make an announcement.."

Carlos and Mitch both turn their heads as Lars Douglas appears in the picture.

"I’m set to make that announcement right now Mitch."

The crowd pops on that last statement.

"After several meetings with management and going over several scenarios… it seems there’s only one logical conclusion…"

"Oh no, please don’t tell me you and the higher ups actually had to use LOGIC."

"Funny. I know you have been manipulating all the variables this entire time, now haven’t you?”

“Oh Lars you know me so well”.

Lars shakes his head while rolling his eyes.

"You want to get your ass kicked? Fine! At When World's Collide... In the main event. It's going to be Carlos Shotgun defending the World Heavyweight Championship... Against Rage AND Eric Draven in a Triple Threat Match!"

The crowd pops again while Shotgun mocks Lars.

"And since Mr. Elite here enjoys hitting people with chairx so much, and since I know they will pay you back tenfold… this match is going to be contested... Under Xtreme Rules..."

The crowd explodes with the announcement as Lars walks off and Carlos smiles for the camera. Mitch is about to ask a question before he gets cut off.

"Just shush for a second there buddy, I got this. Lately it seems that the rising stars in this company rather settle for second place rather than even considering stepping up and challenging for my title. People like Dustin Holt and Eric Draven want to diminish the value of my heavyweight championship? Last time Dustin Holt tried to step into the main event he got sent straight to hell complements of Rage. I’m sure Eric Draven will suffer a similar fate when he gets his ass handed to him at When Worlds Collide. Let’s make this perfectly clear right here and now, this world title means EVERYTHING and if I have to cover my hands in Draven’s blood to remind the world of this fact then so be it.

The crowd pops.

"What about Rage?"

"Rage knows what it means to go to hell and he knows the war that lies ahead. He wants to become a modern monster? He wants to bring chaos and anarchy into the XWF? I’ll give him some chaos. I’ll give him some god damned violence. It’s time to remind the world what it means to be ‘Xtreme’ here in the XWF. At When World Collide, Xtreme Rules match? The world will bear witness to a god damned massacre and it will end with The Elite Savior proudly holding his world title once more."

Shotgun flashes the championship belt to the camera before walking off camera as we cut back to Manic and Chico.


Match Two: Greg Ward Jr vs Robert Patrick Mastromonaco

RPM looking cocky gets a minor reaction from the crowd. Not many people know how to take this guy quite yet. Chico calls Ward 'The Cool of Pro Wrestling'.

Collar and elbow tie up as the bell sounds. Ward decides to break away from the test of strength and turns to the fans, clapping his hands and trying to cause a ruckus. He turns back around right in to a clothesline from RPM. RPM then starts stomping away at Ward who rolls back in to the corner. Ward retreats and tries to recover as the ref warns RPM not to attack Ward when he's caught up in the ropes. RPM pushes passed the official and catches a boot to his chops from Ward. Ward hops up on the second turnbuckle and leaps off connecting with an ax handle smash. That knocks RPM off his feet. Ward pins while hooking the leg. RPM kicks out at two.

Ward argues with the official and then picks RPM up by the head. Ward leans him up in the corner and backs up a few feet. He rushes in for a Shining Wizard but RPM side steps it and Ward ends up slamming his knee in to the top turnbuckle. RPM gets a schol boy pin on Ward for a close two.

Both men back to their feet and RPM ducks a clothesline attempt by Ward. RPM hits a bodyslam on Ward! RPM takes off to the ropes and comes back for a Leg Drop attempt, but Ward rolls out of the way. RPM misses his target and Ward springs to his feet in a hurry. Ward connects with a huge springboard dropkick! Ward then picks RPM off the ground and goes for a Dragon Suplex. RPM blocks that attempt and reverses it to a Fisherman Suplex for a close two count.

RPM starts celebrating thinking he got the three count. The ref informs him that the match isn't over. RPM turns around and almost gets decked by Ward throwing a huge Haymaker! RPM ducks it and Ward almost drills the official in the face. Ward grabs ahold of the ref and tries to keep his balance. RPM waits for Ward to turn around and then boots him in the stomach. RPM follows that up with a nasty Brainbuster! RPM covers Ward and hooks the leg. One.. Two.. Three!

RPM has come in and won this match! He stands up and celebrates with his arms raised high. Ward realizes what just happened and is trying to recover on the canvas. Ward then gets an angry look on his face and goes after RPM. RPM hops out of the ring just in time and starts talking trash to Ward as he backpedals up the ramp. The scene fades on Ward pointing at him and saying, 'I'm going to get you!'

Winner: Robert Patrick Mastromonaco


Commercial Break.


Match Three: The Eliminators vs The Psychopathic Rydas

Both teams make their respective entrances. Dan feels The Rydas have more experience while Chico thinks The Eliminators are the younger more energetic team. Kasper from the Rydas starts it off in the ring against Dimter from The Eliminators.

Kasper hits an early flurry of punches but Dimter counters with a knee to the midsection followed by a neckbreaker. Dimter waits for his opponent to get up before whipping him against the ropes. Kasper reverses the whip into one of his own. Homicide pulls down the ropes which cause Dimter to go flying over the to the outside.

Chico is outraged that Homicide would cheat while Dan points out that experience gave them an edge there. Dimter gets up and Kasper nails him with a baseball slide. Homicide drops off the apron to the outside and together The Rydas double team Dimter. Stevenson runs in and jumps right into both men. He whips Homicide against the steel steps and throws Kasper into the ring.

The referee checks on Homicide on the outside as Kasper and Stevenson brawl in the ring. Mike Dimter makes his way in and The Eliminators kick Kasper in the mid-section simultaneously, Steven leg sweeps while at the same time Dimter nails a swinging kick, Total Elimination. The referee comes back to the ring as Dimter pins. One.. Two.. Three! The Eliminators pick up the win.

Winner(s): The Eliminators


Backstage in the men's locker room we have Aaron Wilson trying to offer his services to Hayden Truesdale who has a bandage over his right eye.

"I see what happened to you last time on Showdown.. You seem like a guy who can use protection."

Hayden looks The Bodyguard over and don't seem impressed.

"I know what you're thinking. But, hey.. My services won't be cheap. But.. They will certainly be effective. Trust me on that!"

"Let me ask you a question.."


"Who the hell do you think I am?"

"The guy who got put through a mirror last week. The same one with a bandage above your eye. Now, listen.. My services start out at.."

"Wrong answer!"

The crowd pops.

"I'm not just some guy. I'm the Detroit S.O.B. What happened to me last Showdown.. Well.. Lets just say it's part of the growing pains that comes with being an XWF superstar. I have been through a lot worse in my life.. Than that crap that took place last week."

"And that's why I'm here to offer my services to you. Listen, it's only.."

"I'm not interested."


"What are you hard of hearing? I said no. I'm not interested. I'm the Detroit S.O.B. and I don't need some bodyguard to watch over me."

"Maybe you're wrong little man. Maybe you should think that over."

"The only thing I need to do.. Is set the record straight. I have to show all these people just how serious I am. I know you got a match tonight. You better get ready for that and save your breath."

"Alright, boy. But you are going to regret it... You are going to regret not taking me up on my very convenient offer.."

"Get lost."

Hayden turns and walks towards the showers as Wilson stands firm, rubbing his chin and thinking over what the Detroit S.O.B. just told him. Wilson shakes his head no and looks upset at what Truesdale had to say to him. As Wilson walks away, Josh Davis walks into the picture. Davis still looks pissed from losing his match against the World Champion.

"Where's Lars?"


"I need to talk to him!"

Davis and Hayden turn around to see Lars Douglas, Michael Dargue, and Bear standing behind them.


"So Hayden, I hear that you're not a big fan of Bear."

"Where did you hear that?"

"I have my resources."


"It's okay Bear.. He's a son of a bitch.. He's from Detroit. They're more into lions and tigers. Not so much bears."

Hayden walks off camera.

"Mister Douglas.. What happened tonight? It was a fluke! If you weren't so busy messing with this special ed drop out then you would see that I deserve another shot at.."

Dargue scoots Lars out of the way.

"I got this boss. Hey! You don't talk about Bear that way ok?"

"Bear? You think I'm talking about bear? I'm talking about YOU! Future World Champion, mister undefeated. Give me a break. What gives you the right to a future World Title shot anyway. What.. Do you wash Lars's car or something?"

"Excuse me Josh but Michael here is something that you're not right now. He's undefeated and STILL a future World Champion."

"Oh yeah? I see that he's pretty free at When World's Collide. How about it Lars. If he's a future World Champion then maybe defeating him will show you that I deserve another shot at Carlos Shotgun!"

"I dunno about that..."

Dargue points his finger at Davis.

"You're on!"

The crowd pops as we cut back to ringside.


Match Four: Aaron Wilson vs Blaze Rodriguez vs The Hellion - Triple Threat

Blaze is very over with the Atlantic City crowd. Hellion tries sliding in and Wilson immediately stomps the crap out of him. The ref calls for the bell as the match is underway. The announcers get a good joke in how Hellion is getting beat because he has no protection. Wilson continues stomping away. Blaze hops on Wilson's back with a sleeperhold. Wilson snaps Blaze over with a huge slam to the canvas. Wilson wipes his hands clean before rushing Hellion in the corner. Uppercuts and inside knee shots to the ribs are breaking the Hellion apart. Wilson then sets Hellion up on the top turnbuckle. Hellion tries to punch his way out but Wilson kills him with a headbutt. Wilson goes up top and drops Hellion with a huge superplex! Wilson covers for a two as Blaze breaks the count to a huge pop.

Blaze drops an elbow on the back of Wilson's head. Blaze goes for an irish whip but Wilson counters with a short arm clothesline. Wilson covers Blaze and gets a two count. Wilson argues with the ref and then picks Blaze off the ground. Wilson irish whips Blaze in to the corner. Wilson goes for a charge but Hellion grabs him by the foot. Wilson gets pissed and starts kicking Hellion's ass again. Wilson goes for a Chokebomb but Hellion counters with a kick between the legs! Hellion goes to the outside as Wilson tries to recover. Wilson sees Hellion getting up as the crowd stirs. Wilson turns his head as Blaze jumps from the top and hits a huge rana! Wilson goes flying across the ring. Blaze goes to suplex Hellion back into the ring. Hellion blocks and flips over the ropes with a sunset flip powerbomb into a pin. Hellion gets a two on Blaze as Wilson breaks up the pin.

Wilson bodyslams Blaze to the mat as the crowd boos. Wilson gets cocky when out of nowhere Hellion hits a Lou Thesz Press! Hellion unloading heavy punches on Wilson. Hellion rolls off of him and looks pumped. Hellion goes to continue the attack before Blaze rakes him in the back. Hellion screams out in pain but then turns around to boot Blaze Rodriguez in the gut. Hellion then grabs Blaze by the back of the head and rushes with him towards the ropes. He dumps Blaze over the top rope and Blaze bounces to the outside! Hellion turns around to see Wilson trying to pull himself up in the corner. Hellion rushes in and connects with a dropkick! Wilson bangs off the corner and falls to the mat. Hellion springs to his feet and points towards Blaze. Hellion flys over and nails Blaze with a suicide dive to a huge pop! Blaze gets banged up against the guardrail.

Hellion raises his arms in an X formation before picking up Blaze. Hellion taunts Blaze before whipping him headfirst into the ringpost. Wilson comes out of nowhere and whips Hellion into the guardrail to more heat from the crowd. Wilson shrugs it off before chopping Hellion in the chest. Wilson goes for the Hellion first and starts deliverying chops on the outside! Wilson unloads with more rights and lefts. Wilson kicks Hellion in the midsection and powerbombs him on the outside part of the ring apron! Wilson tosses Blaze back into the ring as Hellion is roadkill. Blaze ducks a clothesline attempt and comes bouncing back with a huge crossbody. Blaze gets a two count as Wilson kicks out with authority. Wilson slowly gets back up as Blaze goes for a superkick. Wilson catches Blaze by the foot and spins him around. Blaze hits an enziguri out of nowhere! Blaze pops to his feet and signals for the end. Blaze goes for the Ring of Fire. Wilson elbows out and hits the Guard Plateau fallaway slam! Wilson goes for the cover. One.. Two.. Blaze gets his foot on the rope before the three!

Wilson can't believe it as he starts arguing with the referee. Wilson turns around and Hellion drops him with a springboard clothesline! Hellion covers and gets a two count. Hellion starts to lose patience and grabs a hold of Wilson. Kick to the midsection. Hellion drops Wilson with a Spike Piledriver! Hellion covers. One.. Two.. Blaze breaks the pinfall with a top rope legdrop! All three are down. Blaze is up first but Hellion attacks first. The two start exchanging shots before Hellion shoves Blaze out of the way. Wilson comes out of nowhere and boots Hellion in the face. Hellion drops to the mat and Blaze sends Wilson to the outside with a standing dropkick! Wilson stumbles to the outside and Blaze hops to his feet. Hellion is still down as Blaze goes up top. The crowd starts to stir as Blaze hits a huge 450 Splash on Hellion! Blaze hooks the leg. One.. Two.. Three! Huge pop from the crowd.

As Blaze celebrates his big win, Wilson drag Hellion out of the ring and lays him out with a giant clothesline! Wilson then slides in the ring and Blaze turns right in to a black hole slam known as Thornybrook! Wilson rises to his feet and raises his arms in the air to more boos. Wilson blows a snot rocket on Blaze before exiting the ring.

Winner: Blaze Rodriguez


Mitch Keller is standing backstage with the Tag Team Champions.. Ray of Darkness.. The Ray and The Dark Stranger. The fans in the arena explode as Ray greets them all to a loud ovation.

"Ray and Dark Stranger, we are closing in on When World's Collide. What's your status for the show at this time?"

“Mitch.. The Ray of Darkness have been the Tag Team Champions since XtremeMania! We put the Wrecking Crew out of commission and we have proved without a shadow of a doubt that we are the greatest tag team in wrestling today.”

“You boys haven’t returned our calls.”

The camera reveals The Happy Go Luckies, Ace and Gary, standing by with their trademark glitter and robes.

“Yah! We seem to remember double fisting you at Hell on Earth in front of millions of people. Plus, Ace gave Ray an individual pounding that he won’t soon forget at the following Showdown. We demand our rightful rematch at When World's Collide you silly rabbits!”

The Dark Stranger pushes Ray back and stands tall in front of the Go Luckies.

“If it’s a beating that you want, then you got it. We will see you fruit loops at When World's Collide!”

“Woo woo woo!”

The Ray of Darkness exit the scene leaving The Happy Go Luckies alone with Mitch Keller. They high five each other and walk away as Mitch scratches his head.


Main Event: Alexis Diamond vs Ki Morbid - Steel Cage

We cut back to ringside as the cage has been lowered down for tonight's main event. Ki makes her way out to a huge pop as Diamond gets a good ovation as well. Morbid has the power and size advantage but Diamond is a former women's champion and is not afraid of Ki. Both women start shouting trash at each other as the ref calls for the bell.

Diamond goes for a flurry of forearm shots. Ki grabs Diamond by the hair and whips her across the ring. Diamond gets back up and runs into a clothesline. Ki picks her up and hits a hard belly to back suplex. Ki covers for a two count. Ki picks up Diamond by the hair and goes to smash her face into the cage. Diamond blocks and hits an elbow. Diamond goes for a whip and Ki holds on. Ki pulls her in for a clothesline. Diamond ducks under. Ki ducks under a Chick Kick but takes a spin wheel kick! Diamond covers but only gets a one.

Diamond looks agitated at the count and drops sick jumping knee drop to the side of Ki's head. Diamond covers again and gets a two count. Diamond picks up Ki but takes a right hand. Ki hits another right. Another right. Diamond gets a thumb to the eye. Diamond goes for a bodyslam and Ki has none of it. Ki hits an elbow and hits a hard chop. Another hard chop rocks Diamond to the ropes. Ki charges. Diamond backdrops Ki into the cage! Holy shit.

Diamond looks stunned for a moment before looking up. She walks over and starts to climb the cage before noticing that Ki is recovering. Diamond walks back over as Ki tries to climb through the ropes. Diamond gets a front face lock and drags Ki out for a DDT. Ki slides her feet to the canvas and trips Diamond up. Ki goes for a slingshot and Diamond catches her self on the cage! Diamond starts to climb the cage but Ki notices this and grabs her by the foot. Ki eats a boot to the face before staggering back. Diamond stops for a moment and turns her head back. Diamond dives off the cage for a high crossbody. Ki counters with a HUGE spinebuster! The crowd is going crazy. Ki covers and hooks the leg. One... Two... Diamond kicks out before the three!

Ki can't believe it and neither can the announcers. Ki looks towards the cage and goes for the escape. Diamond is still down and must have kicked out solely on instinct. The crowd stirs as Ki continues to climb the cage. The crowd gets even louder as Ashton Storm makes her way down to the ringside area! Ashton shoves Danielle Worley off her chair and folds it up before taunting Ki to escape. Ki notices Ashton and shakes her head as Manic and Chico are trying to figure out what Ki's next move will be.

Ki shows off a small smirk before turning her attention back over towards Diamond. The crowd seems to know what's going to happen here. Ki starts to set herself as Ashton continues to taunt her. Diamond is still down as Ki takes a moment. Ki dives off the top of the cage for a big splash and Diamond MOVES out of the way! Wow. Diamond is still reeling from the spinebuster and slowly makes her way to cover Ki who is out. Diamond drapes an arm over Ki as the referee gets in position. One... Two... Ki kicks out and the crowd just loses it!

Diamond recovers and shoves the referee in frustration. The ref says again it was two. Ashton is trying to open the cage door when Hellion runs down to the ring and grabs the chair out of her hand. Hellion shouts at Ashton to back off as Diamond goes to the top turnbuckle. Ashton leaves ringside. Hellion slips the chair in the ring towards Ki who finally notices that Hellion is at ringside. Diamond yells at Hellion as Ki takes the chair and throws it out of the way. The announcers notice that Ki doesn't want any help.

Diamond waits for Ki to get back to her feet looking for a high risk move. Ki finally gets back up to her feet. Diamond dives off the top rope and Ki DROPS her to the canvas with a powerbomb! Hellion shakes his head disappointed in himself but approves of what he just saw. Ki covers Diamond and hooks the leg. One.. Two.. Three!

The announcers praise both Ki and Diamond for the match as Ki gets back to her feet. Hellion enters the ring while applauding as the copyright pops up on screen and we’re out of time.

Winner: Ki Morbid


End of Show.