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Showdown: Episode Eighteen.


We are TAPED at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York joined by good ol Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Jim Ross goes over the events of Hell on Earth and brings up the return of Mark Adkins. King questions what will happen with the World Champion and the Xtreme Champion being in the ring at the same time. He also questions what's going to happen in just a few seconds.

Danielle Worley is in the ring as the crowd chants "She's a Whore!" to the amusement of Lawler. She introduces Lars Douglas who struts down to the ring. Ross says that Lars doesn't want to waste any time in taking care of business tonight. Lars enters the ring, grabs the microphone, and demands Chris Falkenyork to make his way out to the ring. Falkenyork makes his way out sporting a "Shotgun is my BFF" shirt. Falkenyork doesn't look to thrilled at this time. Falkenyork enters the ring.

"Chris I'm going to get to the point with all of this. Michael Lucente... Well everyone knows my opinion about him. I can't stand the guy. First off, he thinks he's a rapper. Give me a break! My next door neighbor back in the day was Eminem and he learned everything he knows from me. True story! But before we go on about that. Chris, Mike hired me into this position at a time when everyone figured that you would be the one chosen as the guy to lead the Xtreme Wrestling Federation."

"It was an excellent choice!"

"I didn't ask for your opinion!"

Lawler chuckles as Chris gets this disappointed look on his face.

"I've known you for years and I know how you are. This act that you're pulling right now? I don't believe any of it. None of it. You can pull one on everyone else but remember that you work for ME! You don't pull fast ones on the people you work for! You know why Mike hired me? It's because the last time you were given the position as the guy to take charge in this place, the company shut down! Mike was not going to have that happen again!"

"I understand. I know, I know."

"I mean come on Chris. Your personal skills are shit. Your adminstering skills are non existant. You really don't have the charisma, the wisdom, OR the intelligence to run this federation the way it should be run. That's why I get the big bucks. I get the limos and you're stuck licking Carlos Shotgun's ass. Get used to it."

"I don't lick ass!"

The crowd starts chanting "Ass Licker" towards Chris who gets annoyed.

"Enough of that. Mike discussed with me everything as far as the Xtreme Championship goes and how that belt was put into place. I know exactly why you lobbied for that championship way back when it was reintroduced into the company. Well, I have a problem with that. You wanted a championship that was on the same level as the World Championship when everyone knows that regardless of which match the crowd cares about more... Cause Rage versus Dustin Holt was the match that put asses in seats but you and Carlos were the ones that got the bigger paychecks out of it. For as long as I'm in charge, that sort of structure cannot continue here! I do find it funny however that Rage... Would tell everyone how much he doesn't care about the Xtreme Championship. So what is he doing?"

"I don't know."

"Don't give me that bullshit Chris! Rage is simply a glass ceiling that is put into place. The same with every other person who's held the Xtreme Championship. So how much is Carlos paying him? What's his cut to keep Shotgun safe?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

Lars slaps Chris in the face.

"Don't PLAY me Chris!"

Chris keeps his head down before dropping the microphone and walking out of the ring.

Commercial Break

We return as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler go over what just occurred prior to the commercial break.


Match One: The Ray vs Ace

The Ray starts off aggressive against Ace with shots to the back followed by a quick pin attempt for a one count. Ray picks up Ace and goes for a suplex but Ace counters into a russian legsweep. Ace starts to gesture towards the crowd in a very homo way. Ray rolls him up again for another one count.

Ray goes for a swing and Ace counters with an atomic drop. Ace hits a quick clothesline and follows up with a running cross bodyblock for a two. Ace picks up Ray and gets a backbreaker for another two count. Ace goes to the top rope and tries for a missile dropkick but Ray moves out of the way.

Ray hits a hard chop and follows with a swinging neckbreaker. Ray picks up Ace and tosses him hard into the corner. Quick corner charge misses. Ace goes off the ropes and Ray hits a hard foot to the face for a quick two count. Ray calls for the Ray of Light and goes to hit. Ace moves out of the way and gets an inside cradle. Two count only.

Ace goes for a back suplex and Ray flips behind him and lands on his feet. Ace hits an Ace Crusher out of nowhere! Ace covers Ray and gets the three count!

Winner: Ace


Commercial Break


Match Two: Kevin O'Reily vs Cliff Saxton

O'Reily gains a quick advantage as the bell rings with a single leg takedown. Saxton rolls through but O'Reily stays on top of him. Saxton gets back to his feet and hits a hard right. O'Reily staggers back as Saxton goes for a kick. O'Reily catches the foot and hits a dragon screw legwhip. O'Reily works on the leg but Saxton counters with a rollup for a two count.

O'Reily back to his feet first hits another hard right. Right, right, big right hand knocks down O'Reily. Saxton charges the ropes and gets a sunset flip. O'Reily sits down to counter and Saxton counters that with a pin for a two count. Saxton goes for a standing elbow and O'Reily moves out of the way. O'Reily picks up Saxton and hits a hard snap suplex and covers for another two count. O'Reily picks up Saxton and sends him into the corner. Saxton is staggered as O'Reily sets up for a superplex. Saxton hits a hard right and another hard right. Third hard right knocks O'Reily down to the canvas. Saxton gets a cross body off the top. O'Reily rolls through for another quick pin. Two count only.

O'Reily back up first gets a hard chop and goes off the ropes. Saxton goes for a Samoan Drop and O'Reily flips over and locks for a German Suplex. Saxton elbows O'Reily in the head and swings around. O'Reily gets a Northern Lights Suplex for another two count. O'Reily picks up Saxton and goes for Welcome to Chicago. Saxton fights out and hits a dropkick to O'Reily's back. O'Reily crashes chest first into the corner and staggers backwards. Saxton hooks and twists him around. Saxton hits O'Reily with the Killswitch! Saxton covers and gets the three count!

Winner: Cliff Saxton


When World's Collide Pay Per View Spot

Michael Dargue is walking around backstage with a big roll of extra soft toilet paper. He finds a restroom that has "Lars Douglas" in place of where the Men's Bathroom sign was. Dargue enters the bathroom and Lars Douglas is taking a shit in the handicap stall.

"Boss? Boss?"

"Is that you Dargue? Did you bring the TP?"

"Yeah it's right here."

"Hand it over nice and slow. Don't want it dropping on the floor."

Dargue lowers the roll under the stall door and hands it over to Lars.

"Did you know you're in the handicap stall?"

"Of course! More room in here, it's great!"

"I have to go, my match is next."

"Wait a minute. Michael, this is awesome! This toilet paper is super soft, it's my favorite!"


"You know what? You're a future world champion. You're undefeated! I think that... Don't worry about your match tonight. As a matter of fact, I'm giving you the night off!"


"You're the future here in this company. We need to keep guys like you happy. Hell why don't you join me."

"Join you?"


"Sure thing!"

Dargue tries to push the stall door open and Lars slams it shut.

"Not this one."

The crowd laughs. Lars tears about ten sheets of toilet paper from the roll and tosses it on the floor next to Dargue.

"Other stall. If you keep your mouth shut and your ears open you will get far in this business kiddo."

The camera cuts to the ring where Greg Ward Jr is standing looking confused as to what's going on. Danielle Worley has just been informed that the next contest is a two on one handicap match.


Match Three: The Eliminators vs Greg Ward Jr

Greg Ward Jr looks a bit concerned as the crowd pops for Mike Dimter and Kyle Stevenson of the Eliminators. The Eliminators hit the ring as Ward tries to attack. The referee calls for the bell

Ward gets a couple right hand shots to Stevenson but Dimter cuts him off. Dimter hits a hard forearm to the back of the head and Stevenson kicks Ward in the midsection. Dimter and Stevenson look over at each other as Ward is momentarily stunned.

Ward gets floored with Total Elimination! Dimter gets the pin as the referee makes the three count!

Winner(s): The Eliminators


Commercial Break

We cut backstage to a shot of Hayden Truesdale who is getting ready for his main event match later on with the Original. Mitch Keller is standing by.

"Hayden, at XtremeMania you and Original put on an amazing contest. At the end however, the XWF Hall of Famer walked out with the victory. What are your thoughts for tonight?"

"Tonight? Mitch... I've had my ups and downs in this company. Everyone knows that, I know it. I've said before that I would one day be the World Champion. I said before that I go out and give it everything I have. Tonight? I'm not going in saying I'm going to give it my all and let the best man win. Tonight... I'm going to win. That's all there is to it, Mitch."

Hayden looks over towards the camera.

"Lars talked about people in power holding guys down. Original... For one night, none of that matters."


Match Four: Eric Draven & Ashton Storm vs The Hellion & Ki Morbid

Worley mentions to everyone that this is a regular tag match without intergender rules which means any combination in the ring is legal. Hellion and Draven start off the match as the crowd is hot at the start. Hellion tries for a flurry of shots but Draven shoves him backwards. Hellion attacks again and Draven hip tosses him across the ring. Lawler mentions that Hellion's small size leaves him at a power disadvantage.

Draven picks up Hellion and hits a bodyslam following it up with a diving knee drop into a cover. One count only. Draven tags in Ashton who throws Hellion into the corner. Ashton taunts Ki who gets the tag in. Ashton and Ki start trading off shots as Ashton gets a thumb to the eye. Ashton off the ropes and Ki almost takes her head off with a clothesline. Ki cover for a two count. Ki lifts Ashton over her head and shouts at the crowd asking which row to throw her in. Ashton slides out landing on her feet and gets a rollup for a two. Ashton tags in Draven. Draven cuts off Ki from making the tag and tosses her into the corner.

Draven fakes a charge and powerslams Ki who tried to move out of the way. Hellion gets pissed over this as Draven flips off Hellion. Hellion tries to run into the ring. Ashton and Draven double team suplex Ki as the ref tries to hold Hellion back. Draven covers Ki and gets a close two count. Draven picks up Ki and tosses her into the corner again. Ashton gets tagged in and charges into the corner. Ki moves out of the way and hits a hard clothesline. Ashton back to her feet as Ki drops her with a DDT. Both women are on the canvas as they slowly make their way for a tag. Ashton tags in Draven and Ki tags in Hellion.

Hellion jumps and goes for a springboard clothesline. Draven sidesteps as Hellion crashes to the mat. Draven goes off the ropes and Hellion hits a huracanrana. Draven back up and Hellion gets a thesz press. Hellion back up off the ropes. Double stomp to the midsection. Hellion pins Draven for a two count. Ki wants the tag as the crowd is rabid. Ki gets tagged in as she looks to give Draven a spinebuster. Draven counters out and goes to suplex Ki. The ref gets bumped as Ki counters and hits Draven with a spinebuster!

Ki covers and the crowd chants three but there's no referee. Ashton gets back in the ring and pulls Ki to her feet. Ki nails Ashton with a spinebuster! Hellion grabs a chair from ringside and goes inside the ring. Draven is staggered back up. Draven ducks a chairshot and kicks Hellion in the midsection. Draven drops Hellion with a chairshot to the head! Ki turns around and Draven chairs her in the head also! Jim Ross can't believe it as Draven tosses the chair out and goes for a cover.

The referee is still out and Ashton starts shaking the senses back into the ref. Ref finally sees the Draven cover on Ki. Two count only as the crowd goes nuts. Draven just shrugs his shoulders as Ashton looks more pissed than he does. Draven tags in the Women's Champion who shouts at Ki. Ashton slaps Ki in the face and kicks her in the midsection. Ki gets spiked with a sick piledriver! Ashton covers as the ref checks the shoulders. Hellion cannot get back in on time and Ashton gets the three count on Ki!

Winner(s): Eric Draven & Ashton Storm


We cut backstage where World Champion Carlos Shotgun is walking down the hall getting ready to make his way out. The camera cuts to another shot of Xtreme Champion Rage ready to make his way out. Eric Draven and Ashton Storm walk through the curtains after winning their match. Draven looks over towards Rage.

"You ready to go out there champ? Your boss is waiting for you. You know, Carlos Shotgun."

Draven gives off a grin towards Rage who gets pissed off and pins him on a wall. Ashton tries to intervene.

"Don't worry about it."

Draven pushes Ashton away while Rage continues to pin him on the wall.

"That's real funny Eric. You watch what happens out there... Your opinion just like Lars's opinion is going to drastically change."

Rage lets go off Draven who starts laughing at the Xtreme Champion. Ashton looks a little more concerned at this time.

Commercial Break

We return as TV_MA Mark Adkins is standing by inside the squared circle. Adkins is pacing around eating a small bag of pumpkin seeds looking out towards the crowd. The crowd chants "Mother Fucker" while cheering for the Showdown return of the Xtreme Icon. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler go over his accomplishments and remind everyone that he's been out of action since XtremeMania. Lawler questions when he'll return to in ring action but before they can continue, the crowd continues to cheer.

"I have a lot of things to get off my chest... But not as much as what Mike Dimter's mom has to get off hers!"

Jim Ross calls that uncalled for. Jerry Lawler says it's typical Adkins and reminds people of the time where he fucked Dark Stranger's mom. Before Adkins can continue, Xtreme Champion Rage makes his way down the ring. Rage as usual is without the Xtreme Title as he's let everyone know that he's more about hurting people over the glory of carrying championship gold. Adkins backs up as Rage enters the ring.

"Rage... Are you and Dark Stranger related in any way?"

Rage rolls his eyes and looks towards the entrance way awaiting the arrival of the World Champion. Pearl Jam cues up as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler say that the Elite Savior has arrived. Carlos Shotgun makes his way down and enters the ring as the crowd pops for the three XWF icons. Shotgun grabs a microphone as Adkins continues to smile. Rage stands his ground as Jim Ross talks about combustible elements.

"Now Lars knows more than anybody else that I am a man of controversy. And the situation between the two championships here. Carlos ha, heh... Yeah I know exactly why the Xtreme Championship was introduced. The whole world knows by now that it was part of Falkenyork's huge master plan to screw me out of my World Heavyweight Title reign. But all of that is in the past. I gotta say the expression that you and Chris made at Hell on Earth when I gave you two a big huge Elite hug. Oh man, that right there was worth every bit of hell that I put you and him through over the last year!"

The crowd cheers on that. Carlos doesn't look as enthused.

"As much as I would say it was good to see you Mark. I really thought that after XtremeMania, you would have just disappeared. Afterall we all know that without the Elite Savior, Mark Adkins has no reason to even exist."

"Hey now we're not talking about us at this time!!"

Adkins pops a few more seeds into his mouth.

"What everyone wants to know right now is how Rage... Feels about Shotgun. Because we know that there was that wonderful clause put into place way back when the Xtreme Title was bought back that... The Xtreme Champion and the World Champion... Couldn't touch each other. Was there any certain reason for that? Carlos you and Chris are like... Best Friends Forever! Surely you guys have something going on that would keep your position here in the XWF nice and cozy now... Right? Surely Rage didn't just have the comeback of the year because he wanted to go for the World Championship I mean apparently he just came back... Because he was bored? What exactly is going on in this place? I thought I was the crazy one but apparently there's some competition around here!"

Adkins spits a few seeds on the canvas. Rage continues to look on without any sort of intention on saying a word.

"So Rage, why did you come back exactly? How much did Carlos pay you to play his glass ceiling?"

Shotgun gets a little more agitated at Adkins for making accusations.

"Hey Mark... I know that possibly you've taken so many Bullet Bombs that taking another one might not be an issue for you but... I'm thinking maybe why the hell not? For old times sake!"

Shotgun drops the microphone and goes towards Shotgun before Rage stops him from going any further. Adkins shakes his head.

"I knew it! I knew it this entire time! See ever..."

Rage grabs a hold of Shotgun's World Title and smashes Adkins in the head with the belt. Jim Ross starts yelling as everyone cannot believe what they just saw. Rage looks down at Adkins as Shotgun tries to get his belt back. Rage turns around, and grabs Shotgun by the throat. Chokeslam!! Jim Ross has another heart attack as Lawler mentions that the two champions cannot attack each other. Rage just doesn't care. Rage grabs the microphone off the ground.

"Like I said."

Rage drops the microphone and walks out as Adkins and Shotgun and laid out on the canvas.

Commercial Break

We return backstage as Lars Douglas is in his makeshift office talking on his smartphone.

"Rage knew the rules and he broke them! But at the same time... I admire that!"

Josh Davis, Nick Rude, Robert Patrick, Jon Hampton, and a few others barge into Lars's office. Lars looks up and sees the group.

"What the hell is going on here?? Jon Hampton?? I thought you were DEAD!!"

All of them incoherantly talk towards Lars who is losing his patience with the group.

"What who? Hold on! SHUT UP!!"

The group all go silent at the same time. Hampton steps into the picture.

"Lars, we want to..."

"Shut up for a second!! Sorry I have a group of jobbers in here and had to quiet them down. Rage? Rage is stripped of his Xtreme Title! I don't have a choice! I do have a choice however of saying that at the next Showdown... We're going to have Rage versus Draven in a number one contender's match with the winner facing Carlos Shotgun at When World's Collide!!"

The crowd cheers on that announcement.

"Mike... I know. Trust me, I know what we're dealing with. He's in for a rude awakening if he thinks he's going to pull a fast one this time around. I gotta go."

Lars hangs up and turns his attention to the group. Hampton raises his hand again.


"Hampton? What the hell do you want and how did you get in here? All of you!"

"We've been waiting for our time in this company!"

"Hampton you've been in the main event of several pay per views and you no showed all of them. The only thing that you could possibly do right now is scrub the mess that Dargue made earlier on tonight!"

The crowd laughs as Hampton looks annoyed.

"Tell you what I'm going to do. Next LIVE Showdown. We're going to have an open invitation battle royal. You all want an opportunity? That's fine. The winner of the battle royal gets a match at When World's Collide against... An opponent of my choosing. Now get out of here you guys make me wanna take another shit."

The group continue to chat Lars's ear off as he grabs a roll of toilet paper and walks out of his office.


Main Event: The Original vs Hayden Truesdale - Xtreme Rules

Original and Hayden verbally shout at each other as Hayden gets pissed and slaps Original in the face. Original goes for a swing and Hayden blocks the right. Hayden gets hard right hands and goes off the ropes. Original ducks and Hayden gets a backslide for a one count. Original gets to his feet first and goes for a headlock. Hayden shoves him off the ropes and Original hits a shoulder block. Original runs again and ducks under a clothesline. Hayden goes for a backdrop but Original stops short and kicks him between the legs. The referee yells at Original but Original tells him Xtreme Rules and goes to the outside.

Hayden is still on the mat as Original grabs a chair from ringside. Original thinks about it for a second and changes his mind before going under the ring and grabbing a table. Original sets up the table on the outside and tosses the chair back into the ring. Hayden is back up and Original slides in and hits a clothesline. Original sets up the chair in the corner and picks up Hayden. Original tosses Hayden headfirst into the steel chair! The crowd is loving the violence as Original shouts towards the stands.

Original covers and gets a two count before tossing Hayden to the outside. Hayden is still reeling feeling the affects from the chair. Original grabs Hayden and clotheslines him down on the floor. He looks for a cover but picks him up instead and sets him up on the table. Jim Ross is talking about the dangers of Xtreme Rules matches while Lawler says that Original is an XWF Original and knows a thing or two about violence.

Original goes on the ring apron but Hayden gets back up and goes up on the apron also. Original goes for a swing and Hayden blocks the right hand. Hayden hooks Original and hits an apron DDT! Hayden covers on the floor and gets a two count. Hayden picks up Original and throws him back into the ring. Hayden grabs a hold of the table and tosses it in as the crowd wants to see someone get thrown through it.

Hayden sets the table up and goes to suplex Original through it. Original blocks the suplex and gets a double leg takedown. Original goes for a Walls of Jericho and Hayden flips Original onto his back! Hayden back up to his feet and springboards off the ropes. Original catches him wih a Codebreaker! Original covers Hayden and gets a very close near fall! Original gets to his feet and starts yelling at the referee that it should've been a three count. The ref yells at him that it was only a two. Original sets Hayden up on the table and walks over towards the turnbuckle. Original is slow to decend the turnbuckle and Hayden slides off the table. Original looks up and Hayden crotches him on the top turnbuckle! Hayden grabs Original by the arms and walks out of the corner. Hayden hits a Crucifix Powerbomb through the table! Hayden covers Original and gets a two count!

Jim Ross cannot believe that Original kicked out but Lawler isn't as suprised. Hayden gets back to his feet and doesn't waste any time. Hayden kicks pieces of the table out of the way and picks up Original who still hasn't recovered from the powerbomb. Hayden steps back and goes for a superkick. Original ducks and goes for another Codebreaker! Hayden sidesteps and throws Original into the corner. Original staggers out and Hayden nearly takes his head off with a superkick! Hayden covers Original as the ref checks the shoulders. Hayden gets the three count!

Winner: Hayden Truesdale


End of Show