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Ring Name:  Stephen Blood

Height:  6 ft 2 in

Weight:  283lbs

Born:  16 June 1979

Resides:  Madison, Wisconsin

Finishing Move(s):  Stephenflow DDT (DDT), Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced (Widowmaker)

Signature Move(s):  Blood Transfusion (Emerald Fusion), Vicious Cycle (Shooting Star Press), Bloody Frankensteiner (Mist to the Face Top Rope Frankensteiner)

Nickname(s):  The New F~cking Legend

Entrance Theme:  "One Shot" by Rollins Band

XWF Championships and Accomplishments: World Heavyweight Champion, Xtreme Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Champion, Dual Champion

Other:  5 Time PCW Tag Team Champion, PCW Xtreme Champion