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XWF Staff

Both On-Air in and Real Life Staff


Referee - Shawn Green

Referee - Jake Evans

Referee - Amari Scottsdale

Senior Official - "Chief Luke"

Ring Announcer - Danielle Worley

Back Stage Interviewer - Bob Levy

Back Stage Interviewer - Flo Stanley

*Newest Back Stage Interviewer - Chad Sturgen

Back Stage Lead-Interviewer - Mitch Keller

Color Commentator - Jerry "The King" Lawler

Play-by-play Analyst - Jim Ross

General Manager - Shawn Taylor

Vice Chairman of Operations - J Lazartic

XWF Owner & President - Mr. Lucente

*Our main writer, and decision-maker is Mr. Lucente himself. However, there is a staff full of XWF veterans who help with storyline ideas, and if anyone's looking to help with writing results .. please contact our facebook inbox. At: