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We join Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside for the following contest.

Jim Ross: Fans it was Total Annihilation. January 28, 2012 was the date for the day where Mark Adkins defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Carlos Shotgun. It was arguably one of the greatest matches in the history of this company. Who would have imagined that once again we would be sitting at ringside. Sitting at ringside getting ready to call another matchup against Mark Adkins and Carlos Shotgun. This feud, this intensely personal feud simply will not end.

Jerry Lawler: Many of us are wondering if this will ever end. Neither man can give in.

Jim Ross: Well we were all given the impression that this was over until Mark Adkins enacted his rematch clause which he was entitled to being the man that Shotgun defeated at Total Annihilation. But now Chris Falkenyork has stepped in to voice his opinion and act out on both men. This is a situation that can get ugly, real quick.

Jerry Lawler: As if it hasn't already?

The cameras cut out as we cut to a video package displaying the Carlos Shotgun and Mark Adkins rivalry.

After the video cuts out we get a shot of the capacity crowd on hand. Chris Falkenyork steps inside the ring with a referee shirt on ready to call it down the middle.

Jim Ross: Chris Falkenyork minus any theme music or elaborate entrance makes his way inside the squared circle.

Jerry Lawler: Oh trust me he thinks he's doing everyone a favor now not making a big deal out of himself. We'll see how that all plays out later on.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Danielle Worley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall .. And it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

"Public Enemy #1" by Megadeth cues up. Mark Adkins makes his way out to a huge ovation.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle. From Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty seven pounds. "TV MA", Mark Adkins!!!

Adkins poses on the turnbuckles as flashing bulbs go off all over the place.

Jim Ross: Adkins is looking really focused here tonight.

"Do The Evolution" by Pearl Jam cues up as the arena lights focus towards the entrance way. Carlos Shotgun steps through the curtains.

Jim Ross: There he is King!

Jerry Lawler: The Elite Savior!

Shotgun stops at the edge of the rampway and looks out towards the crowd. The crowd gives off a huge ovation as Shotgun makes his way down the eisle.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle.. From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds. The Xtreme Wrestling Federation.. World Heavyweight Champion.. "The Elite Savior", Carlos Shotgun!!!

Shotgun enters the ring as Adkins continues to look on. Falkenyork stands in the middle as Shotgun's music cuts out.

Jim Ross: Falkenyork said he was going to call this down the middle. You think so King?

Jerry Lawler: He already said that he would prefer there to be a decisive winner that this feud has to end.

Jim Ross: But at the same time if it doesn't?

Jerry Lawler: Guess we'll have to see.

Shotgun hands the championship title over to Falkenyork who raises the belt high in the air. Adkins looks at the championship title while Shotgun keeps his eyes focused on Adkins. The crowd is electric as Falkenyork calls for the bell.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Jim Ross: Already things are starting off just a little bit different then last time.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah cause they aren't taking turns beating the hell out of each other before the match even starts!

Adkins and Shotgun slowly circle around the ring before walking to the center exchanging words. Adkins gives Shotgun the middle finger. Shotgun slaps the arm away before slapping Adkins in the face. Adkins staggers back and turns around as Shotgun goes for a waist lock.

Jim Ross: Shotgun stated that he plans on outwrestling Adkins in this match.

Jerry Lawler: I think everyone already had that thought process. Shotgun is clearly the more technical of the two where as Adkins employs more of a brawling style.

Shotgun trips Adkins up and spins up front for a headlock. Adkins twists out of the headlock and grabs a hammerlock. Shotgun gets to the ropes as Adkins cleanly breaks the hold. Shotgun gets back to his feet while trying to get circulation going in his arm. Collar and elbow tieup in the middle of the ring. Adkins grabs a side headlock and cranks on the pressure. Shotgun forearms him in the midsection. Another forearm to the midsection. Shotgun pushes back and throws Adkins off the ropes. Adkins knocks Shotgun down with a shoulderblock.

Jim Ross: Shotgun down on the canvas.

Adkins runs off the ropes. Shotgun goes for a clothesline and Adkins ducks under. Shotgun turns around take takes a deep armdrag from Adkins. Shotgun back up and Adkins armdrags him again. Shotgun up one more time and Adkins gets a headlock takedown. Shotgun's shoulders are to the mat. One... Two... Shotgun gets a shoulder up as Adkins maintains the headlock.

Jim Ross: Shotgun said he would outwrestle Adkins and early on it appears Adkins is the one doing the outwrestling!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but how long can he keep this up?

Shotgun hooks a leg and rolls back. Adkins shoulders to the mat. One... Two... Adkins rolls back over maintaining the headlock. Shotgun gets back to his feet as Adkins twists around and gets a snapmare. Shotgun gets back to his feet again and Adkins hits a drop toehold.

Jim Ross: Adkins is just toying with him at this point!

Shotgun back to his feet one more time as Adkins slaps Shotgun in the face. Shotgun shakes his head while smiling as Adkins talks trash on the champion.

Jim Ross: Not sure this is smart idea.

Shotgun charges Adkins who goes for another headlock takedown. Shotgun rolls through the momentum and gets back to his feet before dropping Adkins with a German Suplex.

Jim Ross: Big mistake by Adkins!

Adkins gets back up clutching his back in pain as Shotgun kicks him in the midsection. Shotgun hits a snap suplex and floats into a cover. One... Two... Adkins gets the shoulder up. Shotgun pins again while hooking the leg. One... Two... Adkins kicks out. Shotgun sits Adkins up and hits a forearm smash to the face. Shotgun hits another forearm that crumples Adkins to the mat. Shotgun off the ropes fakes an elbowdrop. Adkins sits up and Shotgun stomps him in the head. Adkins is slowly recovering from the last shot as Shotgun grabs a front facelock. DDT connects. Shotgun covers. One... Two... Adkins kicks out at two.

Jim Ross: Adkins was slow to recover from that last shot to the head.

Jerry Lawler: Well he did receive a pretty nasty concussion at the last Pay Per View no thanks to the man who's officiating the match.

Jim Ross: He was just cleared too but it can still spell a slight issue if Shotgun continues to work on that area.

Adkins gets back to his feet as Shotgun hits a nasty headbutt.

Jim Ross: And that's exactly what he's doing here!

Shotgun hits another headbutt that staggers Adkins into the corner. Shotgun hits a forearm to the face. Another forearm shot. Falkenyork tells Shotgun to get it out of the corner. Shotgun shrugs his shoulders and hits another hard forearm that staggers Adkins out of the corner. Shotgun turns Adkins around and goes for a right. Adkins blocks and hits a right hand. Adkins hits another right hand, and another. Shotgun gets a thumb to the eye and goes off the ropes. Adkins recovers and hits Shotgun with a hard clothesline.

Jim Ross: Adkins starting to gain momentum here!

Shotgun back to his feet as Adkins hits another clothesline. Shotgun up one more time and Adkins continues the attack. Right hand, right hand, right hand. Adkins goes for an irish whip. Shotgun counters and Adkins counters his counter. Adkins hits a kick to the midsection and drops Shotgun with a swinging neckbreaker.

Jim Ross: Neckbreaker connects!

Adkins tries shaking the cobwebs out as he goes for a cover. 1... 2... Shotgun kicks out. Adkins picks Shotgun back up and hits a right hand. Hard right hand to the champion. Right hand, left hand, kick, chop, another hard chop staggers Shotgun to the ropes. Adkins with an irish whip goes for a backdrop. Shotgun kicks Adkins in the head. Shotgun goes off the ropes and Adkins hits a snap powerslam. Adkins cannot cover as he goes over towards the corner.

Jim Ross: Adkins could not cover after that kick to the head. Or maybe he just has another idea up his sleeve?

Jerry Lawler: He wants to go high risk!

Adkins climbs the turnbuckle as Shotgun is out on the canvas. The crowd starts to stir back up again making some noise as Falkenyork starts a five count. One... Two... Three... Four... Adkins dives off for the 630 Splash. Shotgun moves out of the way and Adkins hits nothing but canvas.

Jim Ross: Adkins went for the Lake Shore Drive and it did NOT pay off!

Falkenyork starts the ten count as both Shotgun and Adkins are out on the canvas. One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... Shotgun is back to his feet, Adkins is still out. Shotgun walks over and goes to pick up Adkins. Adkins with a small package out of nowhere. One... Two... Shotgun kicks out at two. Shotgun back to his feet. Adkins back to his feet. Adkins with a kick, Shotgun blocks it. Shotgun hits a dragon screw legwhip and goes for a Sharpshooter.

Jim Ross: Shotgun trying to lock on a Bullet Shock!

Jerry Lawler: Trouble for Adkins!

Adkins counters the attempt with a Triangle Choke.

Jim Ross: Triangle choke by Adkins!

Jerry Lawler: Ahhhh!

Shotgun struggles as Adkins keeps the hold locked on. Falkenyork checks for a tapout as Shotgun refuses.

Jim Ross: Adkins had to know Shotgun would go for the Bullet Shock.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but I don't think Shotgun expected this one at all!

Shotgun flips forward into a jackknife pin. One... Two... Adkins releases the hold before the three count.

Jim Ross: Quick thinking by Shotgun there and Adkins had to release the hold.

Adkins gets up first and hits Shotgun with a right hand. Hard right hand, another big time right hand. Shotgun fires back with a right of his own. Shotgun goes for another. Adkins blocks, hits a right hand. Shotgun collapses to one knee. Shotgun gets back up as Adkins goes off the ropes. Adkins goes for a clothesline, Shotgun ducks under it. Shotgun kicks Adkins in the midsection and sets Adkins up for a powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Shotgun wants to end this right now!

Adkins drops to one knee to block. Shotgun forearms Adkins in the back and goes for it again. Shotgun hoists Adkins up in the air. Adkins escapes and lands on his feet. Shotgun follows through and goes for a tbone suplex. Adkins elbows out. Adkins goes for an RKO and Shotgun counters that with a German Suplex into a pin. One... Two... Adkins just kicks out before the three.

Jim Ross: Only a two!! Only a two count!!

Jerry Lawler: Adkins did everything he could but still ended up on his back there!!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and looks for another German Suplex. Adkins struggles back up and grabs a hold of the ropes. Shotgun will not let go as Falkenyork calls for the break. One... Two... Three... Four... Adkins kicks Shotgun downstairs and Falkenyork did not catch it. Adkins hits an RKO out of nowhere.

Jim Ross: End on Five!! End on Five connects!!

Both men are out on the canvas as Adkins cannot follow up after hitting his move. Falkenyork starts a ten count. One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... Adkins covers Shotgun and hooks the leg.

Jim Ross: Adkins is going to win this one!!



Shotgun kicks out at two.

Jim Ross: Only a two!! Only a two!!

Jerry Lawler: How many people can say they've kicked out of End on Five??

Adkins covers and hooks the leg again. One... Two... Shotgun kicks out again. Adkins cannot believe what just happened as he tries to catch his breath. The crowd is on their feet looking on as Adkins contemplates his next move.

Jim Ross: What will he do next?

Adkins takes a couple steps back and waits for Shotgun to get to his feet. Adkins signals to the crowd for a superkick as Shotgun slowly makes his way up. Adkins gives Shotgun a middle finger and goes for the superkick. Shotgun blocks the superkick and kicks Adkins in the midsection. Shotgun hoists Adkins up high in the air and hits the jackknife powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb!! Bullet Bomb!!

Jerry Lawler: It's over!!

Shotgun covers Adkins and hooks the leg.

Jim Ross: Shotgun is going to retain!!



Adkins kicks out at two.

Jerry Lawler: What!?

Shotgun looks over at Falkenyork and questions that last count. Falkenyork tells Shotgun it was only a two as Shotgun is starting to lose patience. Adkins is out on the canvas as Shotgun contemplates his next move. Adkins starts to move as Shotgun shakes his head and walks over towards him.

Jim Ross: Shotgun wants to end this right now.

Shotgun picks up Adkins and kicks him in the midsection. The crowd is on their feet once again as Shotgun sets up Adkins for another jackknife powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Another one??

Jerry Lawler: They're going to have to scrape Adkins off the mat if Shotgun hits this one!!

Shotgun picks up Adkins and drops him with a second jackknife powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb connects again!!

Shotgun hooks the leg as Falkenyork checks Adkins's shoulders to the canvas.



Adkins kicks out at two and Shotgun is going crazy.

Jim Ross: What did we just see??

Jerry Lawler: Did that just happen??

Jim Ross: Adkins just kicked out of a second Bullet Bomb!!

Shotgun is pulling his own hair out not believing that Adkins just kicked out of not one, but two Bullet Bombs. Adkins is completely out of it yet he still would not stay down. Shotgun rolls out of the ring and walks towards the announce table.

Jim Ross: What's the champion doing right now?

Shotgun shoves Worley and grabs the steel chair away. Adkins is starting to move a bit as Shotgun slides back into the ring with the chair.

Jim Ross: Yeah, Shotgun has lost it.

Jerry Lawler: Is he looking to get disqualified here?

Jim Ross: I don't think he even knows what he's doing right now. He just wants Adkins to stay down.

Falkenyork starts shouting at Shotgun threatening disqualification if Shotgun uses the chair. Shotgun turns his attention towards Falkenyork for a split second. Adkins recovers and sees Shotgun with his head turned. Adkins gets back up and superkicks the steel chair into the champion's face.

Jim Ross: Shotgun just got a steel chair guttermouthed into his face!

Jerry Lawler: No disqualification?

The crowd goes crazy as Falkenyork stands there stunned.

Jim Ross: No King because Shotgun had a hold of the chair.

Jerry Lawler: I guess it's Falkenyork's call there!

Adkins crawls into a cover and hooks the leg.



Shotgun kicks out at two.

Jim Ross: Shotgun just kicks out before the three!!

Adkins and Shotgun are both on the canvas as Adkins sits himself up using the ropes.

Jim Ross: What's next?

Adkins gets back to his feet and slides the chair to the middle of the ring. Falkenyork is warning Adkins not to use the chair. Adkins just looks over towards Falkenyork and laughs. Shotgun tries to muscle his way back up.

Jim Ross: Chris just needs to remove the chair out of the ring instead of expecting either one of these two to care what he has to say.

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun and Adkins have never cared about what York has to say, ha ha.

Adkins kicks Shotgun in the midsection and calls for a powerbomb on the chair. Shotgun blocks the powerbomb and low blows Adkins.

Jim Ross: Right in the balls!

Falkenyork warns Shotgun about the shot to the groin. Shotgun shrugs his shoulders as Adkins is still curled over in pain. Shotgun turns Adkins around and hits an RKO on the chair.

Jim Ross: What??

Adkins is out cold as Falkenyork calls for the bell.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

The crowd does NOT like this. Shotgun sits up looking towards Falkenyork who is over talking things over with Danielle Worley.

Jim Ross: You know in a big match situation like this... Sometimes the ref will go lax on the rules and let the competitors do what they will. Falkenyork stated that he was going to call this down the middle though.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but like you said he should've just removed the weapon from the ring himself!

Jim Ross: Shotgun was in control of the match. But Adkins looked like he would've used the chair himself and not cared what happened. This just got out of control.

Danielle Worley gets on the microphone for the final result.

Danielle Worley: The winner of this match by Disqualification, "TV MA"...Mark Adkins!! However still Xtreme Wrestling Federation.. World Heavyweight Champion.. "The Elite Savior" ... Carlos Shotgun!!