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The Ray (Heel/Dirty/Dirty)

Height:  6ft 1in

Weight:  214lbs

Date of Birth:  November 4, 1989

Hometown:  Mumbai, India

Finisher(s):  "The Ray of Light" (Jumping Leg Lariat), "Skull Crushing Finale" (Front Russian Legsweep)

Signature Move(s):  Backbreaker DDT, Big Boot

Accomplishments:  Tag Team Champion

Theme Song:  "Radio" by Matt White

Contact Info:

The Dark Stranger (Face/Powerhouse/High Flyer)

Height:  7ft 0in

Weight:  323lbs

Date of Birth:  July 26, 1984

Hometown:  Hell, Michigan USA

Finisher(s):  "Darkness Falls" (Chokeslam), "The Darkness" (Tombstone Piledriver)

Signature Move(s):  "Glorified Retribution" (Last Ride Powerbomb), "Eternal Hell" (Sidewalk Slam)

Accomplishments:  Tag Team Champion  

Theme Song:  "Monster" by Skillet

Contact Info: