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XWF Presents: Hell on Earth

12 June 2012

Part 3/3

<>The scene cuts backstage to Alexis Diamond with her Woman's Title draped over her shoulder and is having a private conversation with Kelsey Marxx in the Women's locker room. Emma Marxx is talking with Lacey Fine in the background and the cameras don't pick up what those ladies are saying. As that scene fades on a shot of the Hell on Earth banner hanging out at ringside.


WC Alexis Diamond vs Ashton Storm vs Kelsey Marxx vs Ki Morbid - Elimination Rules for the Women's Championship

Back at ringside and Ki Morbid is shown coming out with the light dimmed low and smoke covering the entrance ramp. She works her way up the steel steps with a candle with 3 flames lit and as she gets in the ring she blows them all out one-by-one. The fans having a mixed reaction on her.

Jim Ross: Scary.

Jerry Lawler: Scary J.R.?

Jim Ross: Yeah, scary. Ha. What would you call it? Scary, intimidating.

Ashton Storm's theme music hits and she is introduced next.

Jim Ross: Here comes the First Lady of the XWF. She beat Hayden Truesdale at XtremeMania. She competed at Xtreme Battle Zone this year and that's what forced her to actually drop the title back in March.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, but Alexis Diamond has been a hell of a Woman's Champion since then.

Jim Ross: That she has.

Ashton Storm gets in the ring and poses for the fans. She then blows a kiss to Ki Morbid and taunts her as Kelsey Marxx comes out next. Marxx doesn't get much of an ovation. She makes her way down the aisle and got her eyes locked on the women in the ring. She stops at the bottom of the ramp and waits for them to introduce Alexis Diamond next.

Danielle Worley: And the Woman's Champion ...... ... Alexis Diamond!!

She gets some serious heat as her theme music hits. This people in Brazil appear to hate her. Looks like people aren't sure who to pull for here tonight. She makes her way out with the Woman's Title and meets up with Kelsey Marxx on the outside. They nod to each other and then slide in the ring together. Alexis hands her belt to referee Jake Evans and they back up to the ropes. All 4 women share a look and the ref calls for the bell. Ding! Ding!

Jim Ross: Well 4 women and only 1 can walk out the champion.

Jerry Lawler: it's elimination style and so that way we can weed out the weaker competitors. But I'm not so sure there is a weaklink anywhere....

Marxx rushes over to lock up with Ki and Alexis locks up with Ashton. All 4 women grapple and it's Alexis poking Ashton in the eye and hitting a nice Swinging Neckbreaker! Ki Morbid works Kelsey in to the corner and unleashes a series of punches on her. She knees her in the gut and suddenly Alexis Diamond attacks her from behind. She boots her in the spine and pummels her back with forearm shots. She holds her arms behind her head in a Full Nelson Lock. Kelsey comes up and kicks Ki Morbid in the ribs. Diamond and Marxx proceed to double team her and Ashton Storm breaks back in. She goes right for Alexis Diamond and beats on her in the corner. Kelsey walks up from behind and pulls her by the hair. Alexis Diamond sucker punches her in the face and kicks her in the tummy. Kelsey Marxx takes off to the ropes and delivers a Scissors Kick to the back of Ashton's head.

Jim Ross: Going for a pin now.

Ki Morbid staggers to her feet and Alexis Diamond puts her in a side headlock as Marxx goes for pin.

.... 1 ....

..... 2 ....

.. kick out! Fans actually cheer for Ashton as she rolls to outside apron. Alexis Diamond irish whips Ki to the opposite turnbuckle and runs in for a Body Splash! Kelsey reaches over top rope to grab Ashton by the hair and pulls her to her feet. She goes for Suplex and Ashton Storm blocks it. She goes to counter until Diamond pops a knee in Storm's mid section. Alexis throws an arm around Ashton and her and Kelsey proceed to execute a Douple Suplex!!

Jim Ross: Well done .. well done ....

Alexis goes for pin and demands ref makes the count.

.... 1 ....

.... 2 ... kick out!

Alexis tells Kelsey to lift Ashton up. So she does and decks her with a hard right hand. She falls in to Diamond's arms and she mocks Storm before going for her signature move. Alexis calls for it and drops Ashton with that Greek Slam!! Ashton goes down hard with that Swinging Sidewalk Slam. Alexis goes to eliminate Ashton with the ..... 1 ..... 2 .... shoulder up.

Jerry Lawler: Ashton wants that title back and she's not going down easy.

Alexis gets up and stomps away at Ashton. Kelsey joins the fray! She kicks and then punches on Ashton Storm. Alexis then points to Ki Morbid recovering in the corner. Kelsey goes to grab her arm to irish whip her and Ki Morbid instead locks on for a deadly Belly to Belly Suplex! But before she can go for a pin Ashton starts stomping away on her! Ashton picks her up and delivers a Bitch Slap. She then goes for the ASO but Alexis shoves her in to Kelsey who delivers a stunning DDT! She is about to pin her and then Alexis yells for her to pick her up. Kelsey picks her up and tosses her to Alexis Diamond. Diamond slaps her and when Storm turns her cheek it's Marxx slapping her across the face! The crowd yells "Ooh!!" As Alexis grabs her by the arms in another Full Nelson. She tells Kelsey to hit her. Kelsey talks trash to Ashton and backs up a step. She goes for a Dropkick and Ashton ducks just in time. Ashton tackles Kelsey and they wrestle around on the ground. But the Woman's Champ stumbles in to Ki Morbid's arms and out of nowhere she drills her with an incredible Ki Bomb!!! The fans mark out and Ki hooks the leg.

..... 1 .....

..... 2 .....

....... 3!

Jim Ross: She's done it. Ki Morbid has eliminated the current Woman's Champ and so no matter what we will be crowning a new Women's Champion here tonight!!

Kelsey and Ashton wrestle all the way to the outside and Ashton slams Kelsey's head off the top of the commentator's table.

Jim Ross: Look out!

Suddenly Ki Morbid charges the ropes and leaps out with a crazy Crossbody! Ashton catches her and takes the brunt of the force. They crash in to commentator's table. Kelsey gets to her feet and realizes Alexis Diamond has been eliminated. Kelsey snaps! She picks Ki up by the hair and instead Ki delivers a hard Knife Edge Chop! She takes Kelsey off her feet. Ki goes to lift her up and slams her head off the outside steel post. Kelsey goes down hard and Ashton clobbers Ki in the back with an Ax Handle Smash! Ashton goes to roll her in the ring. But instead Ki Morbid blocks it and elbow Storm in the side. She elbows her again in the risbs and bangs her head off the outside apron! She then rolls Storm inside and Morbid rolls in after her.

Jim Ross: Ki Morbid showing she's for real

Jerry Lawler: She's a beast J.R.

Ki Morbid sizes her up and goes for a big Spear!! She takes Ashton down hard and goes for the cover.

.... 1 ....

.... 2 ....

.... kick out!

Ki Morbid looks disappointed and goes to lift her up by the hair. But from behind Kelsey Marxx attaccks and kicks the back of Ki's knee out. Ki buckles and Kelsey goes for a Bulldog but Ki Morbid shoves her off her and Kelsey slams the canvas. Kelsey pops to her feet and rushes in only to get met with a jab to the face from Ki Morbid. Then Ki throws her in a Side Headlock. She begins rubbing her head with her first.

Jerry Lawler: What is that? Ki is giving her a "nookie" J.R. .. hahah.

Ki rubs on her head and Kelsey shoves her off to the ropes. Ki bounces back and delivers a Shoulder Block. That shot takes Kelsey down and then she goes for a Dropkick, only to get sideswiped by Ki Morbid. Marxx slams the canvas hard and Ki goes to pick her up by the hair. Ashton comes over and kicks her in the side though. Ashton goes to kick her again and Ki catches her foot. She pulls Ashton in by the arm and lays her out with a massive Clothesline! Ki almost takes her head off and goes for the pin.

.... 1 .....

.... 2 ....

.... no, kick out! Then Kelsey begins stomping away on Ki out of nowhere. Ki tries to fight it off and manages to push Kelsey to the canvas. Kelsey tries to get back up and Ki Morbid is calling her on. Ashton is to her feet and she notices what is happening. Ki staring at both women on opposite ends of the ring and the crowd is electric.

Jim Ross: What is gonna happen here? And which of these women is walking out the new Champ?

Ki goes for Kelsey first and Kelsey grabs her arm to stop the attac. Ashton charges in on Ki and Ki puts her right arm up to protect herself. Ashton grabs her right arm and Kelsey grabs Ki's left arm. They pull her from both sides.

Jerry Lawler: They are trying to rip her apart J.R.

Suddenly Ki uses all her strength to pull both women in and clunks them together! They smash in to each other and fall to the mat simutaneously. Ki flexes both her arms and the crowd marks out for this women's action.

Jim Ross: Listen to these people. They are on the edge of their seats in Brazil for these women ...

Ki goes to pick Kelsey up and Kelsey goes for a Clothesline and Ki ducks it. Ki hits the ropes and bounces back just in time as Ashton gets to her feet--BAM she knocks them both down with a Double Clothesline ki fires up the crowd and Kelsey charges in to a Back Body Drop! Ashton runs in and Ki gives her a Back Body Drop as well. Kelsey gets to her feet and Ki hits her with an Enziguri. Ashton comes in and gets put out with a Violent Ki Bomb!!!!

Jim Ross: She nails her with that finisher! A violent spear in to a spine buster!!

She doesn't go for the cover and eyes Kelsey Marxx down. Ashton rolls to the outside apron in pain. Ki turns her attention all on Kelsey Marxx and laughs to herself. She mouths the words, "it's over bitch!" And then Kelsey kicks her in the stomach out of nowhere. Kelsey goes for a Tornado DDT and Ki shoves her towards the ropes. Kelsey bounces back and is met with a Violent Ki Bomb herself!! Ki pops to her feet and signals to the crowd who pops for her! She looks up top and mounts the turnbuckle. Ki Morbid is looking for the Tropical Thunder. She leaps off the top with that Corkscrew Moonsault and connects!!!!!! She wraps her up for the count.

..... 1 ....

.... 2 ......



.... 3!!

Jim Ross: She got her! Ki Morbid has eliminated another competitor. 2 down and 1 more to go...

Ashton is holding her ribs and trying to recover in the corner. Ki doesn't see her and when she stands to her feet-- she is spun around by Ashton Storm and the Firsty Lady of the XWF drops her with an ASO! Ashton may have hurt herself and the move and it takes her awhile to army crawl over for the pin attempt.

.... 1 ....

.... 2 ....



She goes for the 3 count but Ki gets her foot on the rope just in time. This time Jake Evans notices it.

Jim Ross: She gets a foot out there!

Jerry Lawler: This time this dummy noticed it!

Ki looks lost and tries to pull herself up on her feet by using the ropes. Ashton rolls on her back and looks exhausted. She suddenly nips up and goes for another ASO. Instead Ki shoves her off. Ashton comes back in and Ki Morbid kicks her in the gut. She goes to execute the Poison Fall.

Jerry Lawler: Going for a Powerbomb!

Ashton reverses it and goes for a Back Body Drop! Ki pops to her feet and Ashton kicks her in the gut. She goes for a Piledriver. Instead Ki hits her with a Back Body Drop. Ashton holds her back and pops to her feet. Ki Morbid annihilates her with a brual Clothesline! Then Ki signals for another move of her's the Flaming Orchid.

Jim Ross: Going for that top tope rana!

Ki Morbid hits her with that big move! Going high risk pays off and Ashton goes flying cross the ring. Ki hurries over for the pin. She hooks the leg in the center of the ring.

.... 1 ....

.... 2 ....



.. kick out! Ki thought she had the 3 and argues with the ref. Ashton hobbles to her feet and Ki laughs at her. Ashton waves her on and Ki just shoves her back in to the ropes. Ashton says, "do that again." Ki laughs and Ashton reaches back connecting with a hard Bitchslap! Ki rubs her cheek and gets pissed. She swings for Ashton and she ducks that haymaker. Instead Ashton Storm grabs Ki Morbid with her arm wrapped around her head and goes for a Perfect Plex. She got it locked on and Ki's shoulders are down.

..... 1 .....

..... 2 ....



Ki can't kick out in time and Ashton gets the 3 count. Ashton Storm has done it and is the new Woman's Champ! The fans seem a bit disappointed in the outcome and both women look spent. The rreferee eventually hands Ashton Storm the Woman's Championship and she holds it up to cheers.

Danielle: The winner of this match and NEW Woman's champion.... Ashton Storm!!!

Ashton celebrates with the title belt as the scene switches to a promo for Showdown coming live from NYC.

XC Rage vs Dustin Holt - Straight to Hell Match for the Xtreme Championship

Jim Ross: Dustin Holt has built his reputation since the revival of this company as one of XWF's huge draws. Rage was one of the stars from an older era that has returned and.. He's showing more dominance now than ever.

Jerry Lawler: Holt and Rage had an amazing match at XtremeMania. This one has bad blood written all over it.

We cut to a compilation video going over Rage and Holt's history.

The scene switches to an old gravesite somewhere in Brazil. It has been carefully set up to host the following straight to hell match. It’s an open site filled with dirt and old, dusty tombs and crosses. In the middle of the graveyard lies an open grave surrounded by fire, a steel table full of flower decorations for condolences, and a podium for a eulogy. Some chairs have been placed for the guests which consists of some rabid XWF fans who are there to witness the action. 

The whole site is lit only by torches that have been placed all around. The referee and the camera crew wait around for the competitors when the sounds of a Harley are heard. A man speeds into the site with a burning skull motorcycle helmet. He turns the engine off and steps down.

Referee: Who is that?

The man takes his helmet off to reveal The Florida Icon Dustin Holt.

Holt: Where is he?

Referee: He hasn’t showed up yet sir.

Two headlights shine down on Holt and the referee. They look to the side and see a 4x4 Jeep with bigfoot tires driving right towards them, “Dragula” playing over the speakers. Holt pushes the referee and lunges away as the Jeep runs over the Harley. It comes to a full stop and the camera zooms in and finds Rage in the driver’s seat with a sadistic smile on his face.

Jim Ross: It’s Rage!

Lawler: He just ruined Dustin Holt’s custom made Harley JR!

Rage steps down from the beast with the Xtreme championship in one hand and hands it to the referee. A bell is rung in the arena to signify the official beginning of the match as Holt rushes right into Rage and spears him against the Jeep’s big foot tire. Holt quickly nails jabs to the midsection of the champion using his smaller size to his advantage.

Rage seems to be caught off guard with the barrage of punches. He bear hugs Holt and hits him with a sick head butt that sends Holt back rolling down the slight dirt cliff all around some old tombs. Holt sees his helmet lying next to him and grabs it as Rage recovers from the body shots.

Jim Ross: Holt could get impaled by one of those stone crosses King.

Lawler: These guys are brawling in a graveyard made out of dirt, tombs and torches which happen to be located in the middle of nowhere in Brazil… this is bad JR.

Jim Ross: And this is a straight to hell match King. In order to win this match you must send your opponent straight to hell by sending him down that open fiery grave.

Rage goes to grab Holt but Holt swings the helmet right to the mid-section. Rage is stunned as Holt swings again and catches the big man right in the head. Rage fumbles back and trips over a cross falling right on top of a stone grave.

Holt mounts Rage and proceeds to hit him with fists to the head. He bounces Rage’s head off the grave before kicking him off. Rage falls off the grave 2 feet down into the dirt floor. Holt follows him down with a double foot stomp on Rage’s abdomen. Rage holds his mid-section in pain as Holt screams in excitement and raises his hand.

Lawler: Holt is feeling it!

Jim Ross: He might have broken some ribs right there.

The fans in the arena and at the graveside pop as Holt grabs Rage by the hair and drags him closer towards the flaming grave. Rage pushes him off but Holt pokes him in the eyes and pushes him right into a big stone cross. Rage bounces off into the ground as Holt smiles and kicks him in the back of the head. They quickly approach the flaming gravesite with the podium, the metal table and the chairs with the crazy fans. The fires around the grave grow higher and higher as both competitors get closer.

A fan throws a chair which Holt catches and nods in approval. He hits Rage across the back one time, two times, three times before letting the chair go. Rage is down for the moment and in pain while Holt seems to savor the moment. Rage crawls towards the fire and Holt walks besides him. They finally reach the table with all of the flower arrangements. Holt grabs a flower arrangement with a card that reads R.I.P. and a crystal vase. He breaks it over Rage’s head savagely and continues to throw at him all of the flowers. The fire grows larger and larger as the fans in the arena cheer them on. The fans in attendance are shocked at the devastation, the start walking back as the heat from the fire further intensifies. 

JR: Those fans must be mad for witnessing this King. However we must give the credit his due. Holt has been dominating Rage here. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

Lawler: Don’t count Rage out just yet JR. This looks like exactly the type of setting he would strive on.

Holt goes to grab Rage but Rage hits him with an eye rake and pushes him back over the steel table. Holt tries to come back but Rage immediately grabs the podium and throws it right into Holt’s face. Holt goes flying back covering his face. Rage grabs the podium again and swings it almost as a bat and hits Holt right across the midsection, the podium breaking into pieces of wood. Rage grabs one of the wood boards that imploded and continues beating Holt over and over as the sold out crowd in Brazil goes crazy!

JR: Stop Rage! For god’s sake, stop!

Lawler: He’s going to kill him!

The board breaks in half and Rage smiles as he holds onto the split end. He throws it at Holt for good measure and looks at the fire which has grown way out of proportion. The referee goes over to Holt and removes the boards off him. Holt is conscious and Rage knows it. Rage grabs a chair and looks down at Holt. The referee pleads for Rage to stop. Rage won’t have none of it and pushes him down into the dirt. He approaches Holt who hits him with a sneaky low blow. Rage drops the chair and Holt grabs it and hits Rage with the end of it right on the chin. Rage drops down from both blows and seems to be stunned as Holt gets back to his feet.

Holt looks at the steel table and pushes it towards the fire. The referee asks him what he’s doing but undeterred he continues to push it through the flames right over the empty graveside which the competitor must be put through in order to lose. The fire heats up the metal table and Holt laughs as it starts getting red.

JR: What has he done?!?!?!

Lawler: JR if he puts Rage on that it will be like putting Rage in a frying pan!!!

JR: Oh no! Oh no! Stop this!

Rage recovers and puts his hand around Holt’s neck. He tries to push Holt right into the fire. Holt is clawing and scratching his arms, ripping Rage’s skin but Rage won’t loosen his grip as he pushes him towards the fire. In desperation Holt low blows Rage again and throws him right into the fire on top of the table! The flames grow upwards blowing Holt back and the referee.


Lawler: RAGE?!?!?! Oh my god! Oh my god!

Holt laughs maniacally as he looks at the fire. The referee doesn’t seem to know what to do. He looks down at Holt who continues to laugh proudly. He gets up and demands the referee to raise his hand. The referee looks at the fire still stunned and grabs his arm. Right before he raises it he sees something strange.

Holt looks at the referee puzzled and looks at the fire. He walks closer to it when suddenly an arm lounges at him and grabs him by the throat. Rage walks out and his shirt is on fire. He rips it off with his free hand and throws it down before looking at Holt with rage in his eyes. Rage picks Holt up and throws him into the fire. He hits the scolding table but unlike the first time where it held Rage, this time Holt goes through all the way down to hell.

Lawler: So that’s how he did it! The table never broke!

JR: Are you kidding me?!?!

The referee waves his arms and signals for the bell to be rung. He grabs the Xtreme title and looks at Rage.

Danielle: The winner of this match and still Xtreme champion…. Rage!!!!!!

The fans in the arena cheer as the referee hands Rage the Xtreme championship. Rage sits down as paramedics check on him. Rage pushes them away and stands up. Miraculously, he doesn’t seem to have any first degree burns on him. Rage smiles as he looks at the fire before he raises the Xtreme championship proudly high above his head.

JR: Rage has done it. My god that was downright satanic King!

Lawler: That was too much JR. Too much.

Jim Ross: Fans, we're getting word right now that... Apparently Draven filmed a promo earlier today that he specifically asked to air at the conclusion of the Xtreme Title match that we just saw.

The screen cuts to a shot of inside the HSBC Arena. Draven is standing by next to the Straight to Hell pit that was constructed for the Rage versus Dustin Holt encounter.

Draven: Dustin should have listened to Draven. If he would have done that none of this would have happened. Draven was waiting patiently.. But none of that matters now. Dustin Holt did not have to contend with Draven. Dustin Holt was his own biggest enemy. So where does... Rage... Go from here? Guess the world will find out, soon enough.

The camera cuts back to ringside.

Main Event: (WHC) Carlos Shotgun vs Chris Falkenyork - Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Jim Ross: King... After what we just witnessed with Rage retaining his championship... That right there would have capped off the night and we still have one more to go! Ever since XtremeMania, Chris has not been the same King. Some wonder if he's really changed at all.

We go back to ringside as the cage has been lowered down and is ready for our next match.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Danielle Worley: The following is a Steel Cage match scheduled for one fall and it is for the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, World Heavyweight Championship! Victory may be obtained by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage!

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine cues up as the crowd turns their attention down the ramp. Chris Falkenyork steps through the curtains. York points to his t-shirt that reads "Shotgun is my BFF".

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle. From Astoria, Oregon. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds. He is Chris Falkenyork!!!

York tosses his shirt into the crowd before entering the ring.

Jerry Lawler: I don't know JR if Chris knows the beating he's in for tonight.

"Do The Evolution" by Pearl Jam cues up as the arena lights focus towards the entrance way. The World Heavweight Champion steps through the curtains.

Jim Ross: There he is King!

Jerry Lawler: The Elite Savior!

Shotgun stops at the edge of the rampway and looks out towards the crowd. The crowd gives off a huge ovation as Shotgun makes his way down the eisle. Bulbs flash off everywhere for the champion.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle. From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds. The Xtreme Wrestling Federation... World Heavyweight Champion... He is "The Elite Savior", Carlos Shotgun!!!

Shotgun steps through the ropes and enters the ring as the crowd continues to cheer on. A referee at ringside shuts the cage door.

Jim Ross: Shotgun tells everyone that he knows what's going through Chris's mind. If there's anybody who craves the championship more than The Elite Savior, it would be York.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt about that.

Shotgun and York stare off in the center of the ring as the referee calls for the bell. York takes a slow walk to the center of the ring with his arms spread out.

Jim Ross: Chris looks like he wants a friendly hug before the action gets underway.

Jerry Lawler: You really think that the World Champion is going to give this guy a hug?

Jim Ross: Well they ARE friends aren't they?

Shotgun simply smiles and shakes his head as he walks up to York. The two give a hug.

Jim Ross: Isn't that special?

Shotgun locks York and gives him an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Jim Ross: Not tonight!

Shotgun gets back to his feet as York is on the canvas. York slowly gets back to his feet with a sad look on his face.

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun hurt his feelings!

Jim Ross: He's going to do more than that if Chris doesn't snap out of it.

York gets back up and spreads his arms out again. Shotgun kicks York in the midsection and hits a right hand. Shotgun hits another right hand, and another right hand. York blocks a punch and hits one of his own that staggers Shotgun back. York looks upset and checks to see if Shotgun is okay.

Jim Ross: What is he doing?

Shotgun drops York with a clothesline. Shotgun goes for a pin and gets a one count.

Jerry Lawler: If Chris doesn't want to hurt his friend then why doesn't he just stay down for the three count?

Jim Ross: Because all he's doing is playing mindgames King.

Shotgun picks up York and hits a hard chop to the chest. Another hard chop knocks down the challenger. York gets back to his feet and gets dropped again with another chop. Shotgun goes for a whip. York stops short of bouncing off the ropes and goes to climb out of the cage.

Jerry Lawler: Here he goes!

Shotgun runs up as York tries to climb. Shotgun pulls York by the leg causing him to crash back first to the canvas.

Jim Ross: Chris tried to go for a quick escape and he wasn't even close.

Shotgun grabs York and tosses him into the corner. Shotgun hits a hard shoulder to the midsection before hitting a snapmare. York tries to get back up but takes a forearm shot to the face. Shotgun picks up York and slaps him across the face. York laughs it off and asks Shotgun to slap him on the other side.

Jim Ross: I think he likes it!

Shotgun slaps him again. York returns the favor with a standing dropkick.

Falkenyork: Fine!

York picks up Shotgun and hits a huge chop to the chest. Shotgun cringes as York hits another one. York kicks Shotgun in the midsection and hits a snap suplex. York covers for a one count.

Jim Ross: Chris finally goes for the pin.

York picks up Shotgun and goes for another suplex. Shotgun blocks the attempt and grabs a hold of Chris by the hair. Shotgun tries to toss York headfirst into the cage. York puts the arms up to block. York with an elbow to Shotgun's midsection. Shotgun takes a chop to the chest. Another chop. Shotgun grabs York by the shoulders and throws him into the corner.

Jim Ross: York is trying to fight with Shotgun but that might not be the wisest thing to do!

Shotgun hits a hard chop, and another chop, and another, and another. York tries to toss Shotgun into the corner but just gets tossed back himself. York gets chopped again. Shotgun hits another hard chop that drops York on his ass.

Jim Ross: Knockout shot right there!

Jerry Lawler: My god!

Shotgun points his finger at York and goes to stomp a mudhole in the corner. York covers up to block the shots and rolls out towards the center of the ring. Shotgun blocks an atomic drop and kicks York in the midsection. Shotgun sets up for a powerbomb and York counters with a fireman's carry.

Jim Ross: GTS coming up!

Shotgun slides out of it. York turns around and Shotgun hits a hard right hand, another hard right hand. York fires with a right of his own. Shotgun returns with a right. York hits a right. Both champion and challenger exchanging shots in the center of the ring.

Jim Ross: Who's going to win here?

Jerry Lawler: Ahhh!!!

York staggers Shotgun with a right hand. Another right hand. Right, right, right, right, right. York taunts Shotgun and charges. Shotgun snaps York down with a hard powerslam into a pin.

One.... Two.... York kicks out at two!

Shotgun looks up at the ref saying he had a three. The ref tells him that it was only a two count.

Jim Ross: Very close two count right there. York almost had the match just slip away.

Shotgun picks up York and drops him down with a bodyslam. Shotgun walks over to the cage and goes to climb out.

Jim Ross: Shotgun trying to end this one right now!

York is slow to recover as he notices that Shotgun is halfway up the cage. York runs over and goes to pull Shotgun down. York staggers back after Shotgun boots him in the head. Carlos continues to climb up as York tries for another stop.

Jim Ross: Shotgun still has the lead here!

Jerry Lawler: What's Chris going to do?

Chris grabs Shotgun by the foot and pulls him off the cage. Shotgun lands on his feet as the two start trading off punches again. Shotgun with a right, right.. York blocks and hits a hard right hand. Shotgun blocks a shot at hits a kick to the stomach. Shotgun with a forearm, right hand, right hand... York staggered. Shotgun yells at York and goes for a swing. York gets a fireman's carry pickup.

Jim Ross: Chris going for the GTS once again!

Shotgun grabs a hold of the ropes to block the move. York keeps trying to pull Shotgun away. Shotgun's fingers slip as York tries to break him off the ropes. Shotgun's weight offsets York who falls in position for a powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb!?

Jerry Lawler: This can end it right here!

York counters that and goes for the Elevated Boston Crab.

Jim Ross: Version Seven!?

Jerry Lawler: What's going to end this exchange?

Shotgun uses his leg strength to flip York onto his back. Shotgun to his feet. York charges Shotgun and runs right into a double leg trip. Shotgun goes for a Sharpshooter as the crowd is starting to go nuts.

Jim Ross: Bullet Shock coming up!!

York counters into an inside cradle pin.

One... Two... Shotgun kicks out before the three.

Jim Ross: Only a two!

Shotgun gets back to his feet first. York charges towards Shotgun. Shotgun goes for a tilt a whirl backbreaker and York lands on his feet. York runs and jumps towards the middle set of ropes. York springs off the second ropes and Shotgun turns it into a spinebuster.

Jim Ross: My god!!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and walks over towards the corner turnbuckle. Shotgun starts to climb up top and thinks about hitting a high risk move before changing his mind. Shotgun turns his head and goes to escape the cage.

Jim Ross: Shotgun looking to end the match right here.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think Chris is going anywhere at this time!

York slowly starts to get back to his feet. He looks up and sees that Shotgun is about to climb over the top of the cage. York gets back to his feet and charges into the corner before climbing the turnbuckles. Shotgun looks down as York is standing on the top rope.

Jim Ross: Not yet!

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun can still escape he just needs to keep moving!

York grabs a hold of Shotgun and keeps him from advancing any further. Shotgun tries to fight away but York hits a punch to the midsection. York grabs a hold of Shotgun and looks for a superplex.

Jim Ross: Doesn't look good here King!

Jerry Lawler: The champion is in trouble!

Shotgun struggles and fights his way out. Shotgun grabs York by the head and smashes it into the cage. York is staggered and looks about ready to fall backwards. Shotgun slips his legs back over and hits York again.

Jim Ross: What's going to happen here?

Shotgun goes for a sunset flip powerbomb and York holds on to the top of the cage.

Jim Ross: Bullet bomb off the top???

York jumps back and lands awkwardly on the canvas as he crumples to the mat. York is begging off Shotgun as he clutches on his knee.

Jim Ross: Shotgun went for a powerbomb but York countered it there!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but York looked to have injured himself on the landing! Shotgun can capitalize here!

York continues to beg off as Shotgun hesitates for a moment as the referee checks on the challenger. Shotgun shakes his head and walks up towards York.

Jim Ross: Shotgun isn't going to give York any mercy here tonight!

York pops back up to his feet and lifts Shotgun up in a Fireman's Carry. The crowd is on their feet as York hits the Go to Sleep.

Jim Ross: Go to Sleep on the champion!!!

Jerry Lawler: What injury?? He just hit Shotgun with the "bad" knee!!!

Shotgun is motionless on the canvas as York goes for the cover and hooks the leg.

One........ Two........ Shotgun KICKS out before the three count.

Jim Ross: Only a two!! Only a two!!

Jerry Lawler: WHAT?

York cannot believe it as he asks the referee over and over again about the count. The ref keeps informing him that his shoulder was up before the three. York gets back to his feet and starts to look around the ring. York starts walking over to the corner as he looks to escape the cage.

Jim Ross: Shotgun kicked out at two but he might not be able to recover in time to stop Chris from escaping the cage!

Jerry Lawler: Chris hesitated there though trying to figure out what his next move would be. That might cost him here.

York continues to climb as he gets to the top. Shotgun looks out of it as the crowd is cheering on. York looks to escape but second guesses himself.

Jerry Lawler: What's Chris doing? You want the championship, get out of there!

York turns back around and tries to position himself correctly. York grabs a hold of a cable to keep himself supported while looking down at the champion. The crowd is still on their feet as York points down at Shotgun.

Jim Ross: No! Don't do it Chris! What are you doing?

Jerry Lawler: He's an idiot!

York dives off the top of the cage for a swandive headbutt. Shotgun rolls out of the way and York crashes hard to the canvas.

Jim Ross: High risk move did NOT pay off my god!!!

Jerry Lawler: What an idiot JR!!! He could've won the match there!!!

Shotgun looks over and rolls Chris onto his back. The referee waits on as Shotgun gets a pin and hooks the leg.

One...... Two...... York KICKS out at two!

Jim Ross: Chris still kicked out oh my god!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and thinks about just walking out the cage door before looking over towards York who trying to get back to his feet.

Jim Ross: Carlos was contemplating escaping the cage but Chris is not done!

York is slowly getting back to his feet as Shotgun walks over towards the challenger and kicks him in the midsection. York slumps down to one leg and Shotgun hits him in the back before propping him back up.

Jerry Lawler: He wasn't done but he will be now!

Shotgun lifts York high up in the air and drops him hard with a Jackknife Powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb connects!!!

Shotgun goes into the cover as the referee checks for the shoulders down to the canvas. Shotgun hooks the leg.

The crowd counts along with the pin... One..... Two..... Three!!!

Jim Ross: Shotgun retains!!!

The referee calls for the bell as Shotgun retains his World Championship. Danielle Worley gets on the microphone as "Do The Evolution" plays over the crowd.

Danielle Worley: The winner of this match and STILL Xtreme Wrestling Federation... World Heavyweight Champion... The Elite Savior... Carlos Shotgun!!!!!

The referee hands the championship over to Shotgun who raises the belt high in victory.

Jim Ross: My god King what a night. Capped off with Shotgun retaining his championship in a hellacious steel cage match!

York regains his senses enough to sit up off the canvas as Shotgun is posing on the turnbuckle. Shotgun hops down as York gets back to his feet. The two Elite exchange words that are off mic. Shotgun shrugs his shoulders while York continues to sound off.

Jim Ross: What's going on here?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know JR.

York extends his hand out for a handshake as the crowd pops. Shotgun nods his head as York puts his head down. Shotgun starts to laugh before extending out for a hug. The crowd pops again. Before we see them embrace, the lights go out.

Jim Ross: What the?

The crowd starts to stir in wonder and confusion.

Jerry Lawler: Something wrong with the lights here?

The lights go back on. MARK ADKINS is in the ring giving both Shotgun and York a hug. Shotgun and York both shove off Adkins as the crowd goes crazy.

Jim Ross: It's TV_MA!!! TV_MA is here!!!

Crowd: Holy shit!! Holy shit!! Holy shit!!

Shotgun and York both look at Adkins who is laughing it up while the crowd continues to cheer. Adkins poses in one corner with his arms raised high in the air as a copyright notice flashes on screen.

XWF 2012

End of Show.