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XWF Presents: Hell on Earth

12 June 2012

In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.. We are LIVE at the HSBC Arena in front of a sold out crowd as XWF presents Hell on Earth! Sixx AM's "Deadlihood" plays as fireworks go off. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are at ringside.

Jim Ross: Fans the XWF is proud to present to you the greatest e wrestling action that you will ever find! Welcome to Hell on Earth 2012!

Jerry Lawler: Ironic for the name but it's going to be heaven for everybody watching at home tonight! Can't say the same for some of the superstars because we've got some hard hitting action lined up.

Jim Ross: Before we get to our opening contest... Apparently the Original had a meeting with the new XWF president Lars Douglas. Lets take you back.

Filmed earlier today.. We open in President Lars Douglas' office. Cameras pan out to show The Original standing by his side and smiling to himself.

The Original: I like to say it's been a pleasure meeting you personally.... And it's definitely been a pleasure doing business with you.

President Lars: Hey. You are a legend! The first Grand Slam Champion ever. If you talk, I am going to listen.... with that said, making your match with Hayden Truesdale an Xtreme rules match is the way to go. I mean, this is the XWF after all. Time to put the Xtreme back in to this company! Starting with the oopening bout. And hey Original, good luck out there!

The Original: Ha. Luck? I never need it.....

Hayden Truesdale was watching the monitor backstage and is rolling his neck around. He bends over to touch a toe and stretch his legs out before this big match. O'Reily is seen walking in the back door from the garage entrance part of the stadium. The camera follows him a second and then fades to a Hell on Earth banner. We cut to ringside with Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler ready to do commentary for this pay per view.

The Original vs Hayden Truesdale - Xtreme Rules

the fans are on their feet for this one. Jim Ross speaks on what has been happening the past few weeks.

Jim Ross: As you know these 2 men have been talking back and fourth ever since the conclusion of XtremeMania 7. Not sure if The Original just wants to make a point? Or if he is serious about targetting Truesdale for other reasons?

Jerry Lawler: Well you can never be so sure about The Original. He never exactly shoots you straight... never know what he is thinking. Look, he got our new President Lars Douglas on his side already. He agreed to make this an xtreme rules matchup.

Jim Ross: You never can tell with him ....

Suddenly as Danielle Worley goes to introduce him you hear "Break the Walls Down"!!! The crowd immediately begins to rain the boo's down as soon as his name is called.

Danielle Worley: Introducing first .... weighing in at 232 pounds ..... The Original!!!!

The fans in Brazil let him hear it as he makes his way out. He looks focused for this opening contest. As he methodically makes his way out and eventually poses in the ring. Danielle Worley waits a moment and then announces his opponent.

Danielle Worley: And his opponent .... the Detroit S.O.B. .... Hayden Truesdale!!!!!

He gets a nice pop from the crowd. Cheering for anyone who would shut The Original's mouth for good. Hayden comes out jumping up and down! You can tell this is one of his biggest XWF matches ever.

Jim Ross: Well Hayden Truesdale hasn't had the best record the last couple months... but I will say this.... he has shown FLASHES of being great. Brilliant even... if he can put up a fight tonight and even walk out with a victory .. it would go to his credit. I mean beating a Hall of Famer ain't easy.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah and as I'm told The Original along with the rest of the inductees from the class of 2012 will be the last official names inducted in to our XWF Hall of Fame. It will be retired and in 2013 we will take a look back at all 35 original Hall of Famers.

Jim Ross: But that's awhile away. While I agree The Original is a top Hall of Famer... this guy the Detroit S.O.B. really is capable in causing some damage here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Let's send it to the ring.....

The referee Amari Scottsdale is ready to call this match. He explains the rules to both competitors and calls for the bell. Ding Ding! They circle each other and talk shit for a moment. Then they lock up and The Original shoves him back all the way in the corner. The Original jams a forearm in his throat and then pulls back for a hard chop, "Wooo!"

Jim Ross: Original firing a shot in there.

Then Hayden grabs The Original by the head and tosses him in the corner instead. Truesdale unloads punches and then delivers a chop, "Wooo!" Followed by another vicious chop, "Wooo!" He steps back and waves his arms around working the crowd in a frenzy. He jaws with The Original.

Jerry Lawler: He better get back in there....

Hayden tries to charge in and The Original gets a boot up in his grill. He then connects with a Running Reverse Neckbreaker! He drops Hayden with that deadly move and then rolls on top of him. He chokes the Detroit S.O.B. out and the ref counts him off. The Original let's go on his own and then starts stomping away on Truesdale. He picks him up by the hair and then irishwhips him in to the turnbuckle. Truesdale bounces back right in to a Backbreaker delivered by The Original. He yells out at the fans in Brazil and hooks a leg.

..... 1 ......

..... 2 ... kick out!

Jim Ross: Hayden has got to keep this thing close. He can't let this match get too away from him.

The Original scoffs at Amari Scottsdale as he peals Hayden off the canvas. He goes to irishwhip him to the ropes but Truesdale reverses it and sends Original off the ropes. Original ducks a clothesline attempt. He bounces off the ropes and comes back in to a Spinning Heel Kick from Truesdale. Hayden scoops him and bodyslams him! He takes off to the ropes and delivers a Quick Leg Drop! He makes the cover and gets the 1 .... 2 .. kick out!

Jim Ross: That's more like it. He has got to stay on him.

Hayden gets the crowd riled up and goes to pick The Original up by the hair. When out of nowhere The Original breaks away and nails him with the Codebreaker!!

Jim Ross: That might be it. That might be the move that puts him away.

The Original looks cocky as he hooks a leg.


.... 2 ....

.. shoulder up.

Jerry Lawler: No way. No way the Detroit S.O.B. kicks out!!!

The Original looks stunned and rolls out of the ring. He looks at the fans in the front row and flexes his muscle. He kisses his bicep and talks trash to the Brazilians. He then looks under the ring for weapons. The Original tosses a trash can in the ring and then turns to a family yelling at him. The Original snatches an old man's cain and throws that in the ring. He yells something at the commentary team and rolls back in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: The Original can't believe what is happening .... he has flipped his lid.

The Original picks Hayden off the ground rather easily and Suplexes him on the trash can! Some mark out for it as The Original doesn't stop there. He wraps his arms around Truesdale and executes a sickening Belly to Back Suplex! He tosses him over his head and Truesdale goes splattering around the canvas. The Original back to his feet and the fans giving him heat.

Jim Ross: These people letting him know how they feel.

The Original goes to pick Hayden up and tosses him to the outside mat. He goes straight thru the ropes to the outside. Original hops out after him and kicks him in the ribs. He taunts the fans before applying the Camel Clutch. The ref counts them off and The Original rolls back in the ring to break the count. Original goes back out and goes for the Liontamer. He gets it locked on and Hayden Truesdale immediately starts tapping!! But it's not legit on the outside. The Original screams at him before releasing the hold on his own. He flexes and kisses his bicep again, before kicking Hayden in the ribs again. The Original walks all the way over to the commentary table and rips off the top frame that says Hell On Earth on it in flames. He tosses that to the ground and mouths off to some Brazilian people.

Jim Ross: Better stay on his game. The Original better stay on his game...

He clearly looks frustrated as he reapproaches and Hayden and picks him off the ground. He whispers something to him before picking him off the mat and goes to whip him in to the guardrill. Hayden reverses it and sends Original shoulder first in to the steel post. Original falls to the mat and Hayden drops to his knee inorder to recover. A small chant of "Hayden" has begun in Brazil.

Jerry Lawler: Rio De Janeiro warming up to the Detroit S.O.B.

He looks to be gathering his breath. Truesdale digs down deep and delivers a Kidd Kick to the Original as soon as he gets to his feet! Both men are down and the referee has stopped counting. Hayden crawls to the opposite end of the ring and looks under the ring apron near the ramp. He starts to pull out a ladder and the fans go wild.

Jim Ross: Uh oh. What do we got here?

Hayden goes to setup the ladder near the bottom of the ramp. He then walks back over to the Original. He drags him by the hair towards the ladder and suddenly the Original takes him and bounces his head off the steel post. Truesdale gets knocked out momentarily. Fans growing anxious as Original stays on a knee and then starts mounting the huge ladder. He gets up to the top rung and all the fans are on their feet. Original raises his arms like Macho Man and looks like he wants to leap off for a move. But just then Hayden Truesdale gets up and charges the ladder. He goes to shove it and Original jumps off before he gets to him. However the Original crashes and burns to the outside mat. Hayden gets his bearings together and then goes to hit The Original with another Kidd Kick! The Original is laid out.

Jim Ross: Another devestating kick. He almost took his head off with that shot!

Jerry Lawler: Too bad he can't pin him on the outside or he would have him.

Hayden looks beat he walks over and points a finger in the Original's face. He insults him and then plays to the fans. He walks over to the steel steps and rips them apart. The crowd cheers and Truesdale carries the steps over to the Original. He lifts them over his head to smash them on him. But the Original kicks his shin while laying on the ground. Hayden drops the steps but the Original rolls out the way. Suddenly he pops to his feet and grabs Hayden's head connecting with a nasty Codebreaker!!

Jim Ross: Another Codebreaker. But both men exhausted... neither can capitalize at the moment.

Hayden is down and out. He is flat on his back with arms stretched to the side. The Original is lackidasial at best. He tries to get to a knee and finally does. He pulls himself up on the apron and sits down on the outside apron. He holds his head and tries to shake the cobwebs out. He snatches Truesdale off the ground and rolls him in the ring. Original rolls in after him and lays his back over Truesdale's chest. The ref makes the count,

..... 1 .....

..... 2 ......

.... ...

.... foot on the rope.

Jerry Lawler: He almost gets the 3. Wow!

Original holds his head. He is a bit stunned. He tries to apply the Liontamer but Truesdale crawls for the ropes quick. The ref forces him to break the hold. The Original circles around the ring and then goes for a Springboard Dropkick. Truesdale ducks it and Original lands on his feet. He turns and pulls Truesdale's feet from underneath him. He goes for Liontamer again but Truesdale uses his leg strength to spin out of it. Original tumbles to the canvas and Hayden rolls to his feet. Hayden goes for a Kidd Kick and The Original catches his foot. He spins him around and goes for a Codebreaker. However, Hayden rakes his eyes and knees him in the gut. Original falls to a knee and Hayden goes for Fall of the Horseman.

Jim Ross: He's calling for it.

Hayden signals for it and then The Original low blows him. He just uppercuts his junk and Hayden quickly goes down. The Original rolls to his knees and spots the cain. He picks it up and hides it from Hayden Truesdale. The Original is playing possum as Truesdale gets to his feet and as he goes to grab The Original by his shoulder, that's when The Original spins and smacks that wooden cain off his dome! Hayden falls flat on his face and The Originals calls Amari Scottsdale over to quickly make this count.

Jim Ross: He's going for the cover.

..... 1 .....

....... 2 .....


..... 3.

Jerry Lawler: He's got him. The Original wins!

Jim Ross: I almost don't believe it! There were quite a few times I thought that Hayden would turn it around!

Jerry Lawler: The Detroit S.O.B. never got going.

Danielle Worley makes the official announcement but it is hard to hear with all these fans booing in Brrazil. The Original has rolled to his feet and uses the ropes to stay on his 2 feet. He is too hurt to limp away even and Hayden starts standing up after a couple minutes. They lock eyes and The Original offers him his hand to shake it. The crowd is booing and they don't want him to do it. Hayden walks up and accepts the handshake. The Brazil crowd gives them massive heat as they embrace in a hug. They step away from each other and Hayden Truesdale even lifts The Original's arm in victory. Then just as the crowd is starting to hate him.. the Detroit S.O.B. lifts his leg back and drills The Original with a swift kick to the jaw! He lays the Original out and the fans cheer!!! Hayden rejoices and the fans are electric for him. He poses and then nods to the fans before exiting to his theme song.

Jim Ross: To think the Detroit S.O.B. was one Fall of the Horseman away from winning and starting the new age of the Detroit S.O.B. The Original sneaks away with this much needed pay per view victory and maybe they will meet again under different circumstances.

Ki Morbid is backstage with the Hellion. She does not look too happy about what she just found out.

Jim Ross: Ki does not appear happy right now.

Jerry Lawler: Does she ever JR?

Ki Morbid: If that referee knows what's good for him he's not going to screw me out of the Women's Championship like what happened against Kelsey on Showdown!

Hellion: I don't think any of these divas stand a chance either way. Don't worry about a thing.

The couple walk off as we go back to ringside.

Mike Dimter vs Michael Dargue vs Greg Ward Jr - Triple Threat

Jim Ross: Michael Dargue has been impressive over the last couple shows picking up big wins against Greg Ward Jr.

Jerry Lawler: Impressive to who JR?

Jim Ross: I'm trying to be nice King.

Greg Ward Jr makes his way out as Danielle Worley gets on the mic.

Danielle Worley: The following is a Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall! Making his way down the eisle at this time weighing in at one hundred and twenty five pounds, Greg Ward Jr!!

Ward enters the ring looking pumped for this match.

Jerry Lawler: Ward looks like he's been working out.

Jim Ross: One hundred and twenty five pounds soaking wet.

Metallica cues up over the arena as Michael Dargue makes his way out next.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle at this time. Weighing in tonight at...

Before Worley can continue, Kyle Stevenson jumps Greg Ward from behind with a steel chair.

Jim Ross: That's Mike Dimter's tag team partner Kyle Stevenson! What's he doing out here?

Jerry Lawler: And there's Dimter!

Dimter runs up from behind and CLOCKS Dargue in the back of the head with a steel chair. Stevenson continues to beat on Ward as Dimter runs and slides into the ring. Stevenson picks up Ward. Dimter hits a jump spin kick as Stevenson takes out Ward's legs with a leg sweep.

Jim Ross: Total Elimination!!!

Dimter gets on the microphone as the referee throws out the match.

Dimter: Nobody wanted to see these two sorry asses anyway! Did you guys want to see Greg Lloyd and Michael Dargue?

Jim Ross: That's Greg...Ward.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think it matters.

Dimter: The Eliminators are going to take over the XWF and become the new tag team champions and what happened with these two? That's what will happen if either the Ray of Darkness, the Go Luckies, or anybody else contends with us!!

Dimter drops the microphone as the Eliminators exit the ring.

Jim Ross: Ridiculous.

Dustin Holt is standing by with Mitch Keller as he continues to warm up for war tonight agains Rage.

Mitch Keller: Dustin Holt.. You and Rage put on what many considered the show stealer at XtremeMania. What's going to happen tonight?

Dustin Holt: What many considered? Mitch we were the top match without a doubt in anybodys mind! Rage might have won last time from pure luck... Tonight? Sorry Rage, but your DAMN luck just ran out!

The cameras cut back to ringside.

The Hellion vs Cliff Saxton vs Kevin O'Reily - Triple Threat

Danielle Worley: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The Hellion makes his way out first as "The Hellion" by WASP plays over the arena.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle from Empire, Louisiana. Weighing in tonight at one hundred and thirty five pounds, The Hellion!!

The Hellion slides into the ring and circles around.

Jim Ross: The Hellion has still been waiting for his one huge pay per view win. Will it come tonight?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know JR, he's got his hands full with Cliff Saxton and Kevin O'Reily!

Cliff Saxton makes his way out next as "Scream!" by the Misfits comes on.

Danielle Worley: Out next from Des Moines, Iowa. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and eighteen pounds. Dangerous, Cliff Saxton!!

Saxton enters the ring as the music cuts out again. "Voice of Contention" by Hatebreed plays as the crowd pops. Kevin O'Reily makes his way out.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle from Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds. The Lone Wolf, Kevin O'Reily!!

Jim Ross: You think that O'Reily and Mark Adkins know each other? Both of them are from Chicago afterall.

Jerry Lawler: Ha ha JR yeah right. I doubt that those two are friends or anything.

O'Reily enters the ring as the referee calls for the bell. Saxton jumps on Hellion to start as O'Reily slowly takes off his jacket. Saxton continues to pound Hellion in the corner with forearm shots to the back. Hellion tries to fight back and Saxton tosses him to the outside.

Jim Ross: Hellion taking a nasty spill.

Saxton turns around and takes a hard knife edge chop to the chest from O'Reily. O'Reily chops him again. Saxton fires back but O'Reily chops him for a third time and knocks him down. O'Reily picks up Saxton and drops him with an STO.

Jim Ross: Hard takedown by O'Reily!

Jerry Lawler: You know JR.. Some people are saying that O'Reily is the best technical wrestler in the company today and I might have to agree with them on that.

O'Reily hits a knee shot to the head. Saxton tries to fight back but O'Reily takes him down with a snap suplex. Hellion slides back in. O'Reily hits a drop toe hold on Hellion before circling around. Hellion tries to get back up and O'Reily almost dumps him on his head with a huge German Suplex.

Jim Ross: Good lord!

Jerry Lawler: Well JR, you gotta figure. Hellion only weighs one hundred twenty five pounds. The last thing he wants to find himself in is in the grasp of someone like the Lone Wolf.

O'Reily covers Hellion and Saxton breaks up the count. Saxton grabs O'Reily and hits him with a standing neckbreaker. Saxton covers O'Reily for only a one count. Jim Ross: Not yet..

Saxton grabs a hold of Hellion and tosses him into the corner. Saxton charges but Hellion boots him in the face. Hellion charges out of the corner and Saxton hits a huge back body drop. O'Reily back up charges towards Saxton but gets tossed to the outside. Hellion back up. Saxton neck snaps him and grabs a side headlock.

Jim Ross: Saxton trying to slow down the pace here. Hellion would have the speed advantage and Saxton wants to keep things at his pace.

Hellion back up hits an elbow to the midsection but gets taken down again. Saxton slides to the outside as O'Reily was getting to his feet. Saxton takes a swing and O'Reily ducks. O'Reily hits Saxton with a belly to back suplex on the outside.

Jim Ross: Saxton had plans and O'Reily just stopped that real quick!!

O'Reily slides back in but Hellion pops up and drops him with a DDT. Hellion covers. One, two, O'Reily gets the shoulder up. Hellion covers again and hooks the leg. One, two, O'Reily kicks out.

Jim Ross: Hellion with two pins in a row and only a two.

Jerry Lawler: It's going to take more than that to keep this man down.

Hellion picks up O'Reily and hits a headbutt. Hellion hits a right hand, and another right hand. O'Reily blocks a third right and hits a hard chop. Hellion yells at O'Reily to hit him again.

Jim Ross: Hellion is not going to go down!

O'Reily hits another chop and Hellion yells for another one. O'Reily goes off the ropes. Hellion goes for a huracanrana and O'Reily counters with a snap powerbomb into a pin.

Jim Ross: Wait, nevermind he is.

The referee counts. One, two, Hellion kicks out and O'Reily follows up immediately with an STF. The referee checks in for the tap out as Hellion refuses. The crowd stands on their feet as O'Reily continues to maintain the hold. Hellion looks about ready to tap out. Saxton is back up as he goes to the top rope. The referee continues to check and Saxton hits a diving elbow drop on the back of O'Reily.

Jim Ross: Saxton breaks that up right on time!

Saxton waits for O'Reily to get back to his feet as he's calling for the Killswitch. O'Reily is slow to recover as he tries to get back to his feet. O'Reily is finally back to his feet as Saxton grabs a hold of his arms.

Jim Ross: Saxton wants to end this one now!

Saxton turns O'Reily around but O'Reily breaks out of it. O'Reily hits Saxton with a German Suplex and maintains his grip!

Jim Ross: German Suplex!

Jerry Lawler: What do you have to do to keep this guy down?

O'Reily pulls Saxton back up just to drop him with another German Suplex. Saxton tries to fight out as he gets pulled back to his feet. Saxton swings with his elbow and O'Reily ducks. O'Reily locks Saxton and hits a vertical suplex. O'Reily spins his hips and pulls Saxton back up.

Jim Ross: O'Reily is still in control here King!

O'Reily hits a brainbuster but STILL has a hold of Saxton. O'Reily spins back up as the crowd is losing it.

Jim Ross: Saxton is legally dead here King!

O'Reily sets up Saxton and hits him with the Tiger Driver 98. Saxton is completely out on the canvas as the crowd is on their feet.

Jim Ross: Welcome to Chicago!!

Jerry Lawler: What kind of welcome is that?

O'Reily goes to finish off Saxton with a Dragon Sleeper.

Jim Ross: This one is over King!

Hellion comes out of nowhere and tosses O'Reily out to the floor. Hellion goes on top of Saxton for the pin.

One.... Two.... Three!!! Hellion wins the match!!!

Jim Ross: Hellion just won!!

Jerry Lawler: What!?

Hellion slides out of the ring as O'Reily was getting back in as Danielle Worley gets on the mic. "The Hellion" by WASP plays as Hellion celebrates his win.

Danielle Worley: The winner of his match, The Hellion!!!

Jim Ross: Hellion couldn't have picked a better time to take advantage.

Jerry Lawler: Well regardless of how it happened... Cause lets face it JR, Saxton was at O'Reilys mercy at the end. O'Reily however completely forgot about Hellion.

Jim Ross: That he did King.

Rage is standing by without anybody to interview him. Nothing but the champion with his title.

Rage: Funny Dustin.. Very funny. Luck has nothing to do with it. You might be aiming for this chunk of gold that I carry but.. Retaining this title is nothing to me. You're going for the win... Rage, is going for your head. Dustin be ready to get sent straight.. To hell.

The camera fades.

Showdown: Episode Eighteen

Carlos Shotgun, Dustin Holt, Rage, Ray of Darkness, and more bring the Xtreme to NYC. What will go down on this huge night?

WC Alexis Diamond vs Ashton Storm vs Kelsey Marxx vs Ki Morbid - Elimination Rules for the Women's Championship

(Match Details.)

World Champion Carlos Shotgun is standing by with Bob Levy. Shotgun appears to contemplating many thoughts in his head as he slips on his wrestling boots.

Bob Levy: Champ.. Nobody is quite sure exactly what Chris's motives are. I'm not even sure of what it is myself. Any thoughts going into tonight's main event?

Carlos tightens his laces while looking up towards Bob who's just standing there. Carlos stands up off his seat and reaches over before placing the World Championship on his shoulder. Carlos walks off without saying a word.

Bob Levy: Okay.

We cut to another shot backstage where President Lars Douglas is speaking with somebody on his smartphone. We hear a loud knock as Douglas ignores it. The knocks do not stop and eventually Michael Dargue makes his way in.

Lars: I gotta go.

Dargue: Did you see what happened out there earlier?

Lars: First off who the hell are you?

Dargue: Who am I? I'm the next XWF World Champion that's who I am! I'm undefeated!

Lars: Michael, I know who you are. Next World Champion? We'll see. You know who I am?

Dargue: Yes you're...

Lars: I'm the boss Dargue!! You barge into my office again and it'll be the last thing you do!! Now that we have that out of the way, what's the issue?

Dargue: Did you see my match earlier?

Lars: No, sorry I went to the restroom.

Dargue: Dimter and Stevenson jumped me and Ward before the match even got started! I want Dimter in an Xtreme Rules match tonight!

Lars: Sorry Michael but that's not going to happen. But, what I can do for you.. You might like this actually.

Dargue: Yeah?

Lars: Yeah. Dimter made a... Special, request. That he stays in tag competition. And since you and Ward were both jumped I'm sure Ward might want in on this also. So at the NYC Showdown it's going to be you and Greg Ward versus The Eliminators!

Dargue: Ward? Ward isn't going to help me any!

Lars: Honestly I don't even know if Ward can help himself right now. That's my final offer Dargue. Besides, if Ward doesn't show up for this match... He's FIRED! Now get out of here.

Dargue exits the office.

Lars: Next World Champion...

We go back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for our next contest.

TTC The Ray of Darkness vs The Happy Go Luckies - Tag Team Championship

(Match Details.)

Showdown: Episode Eighteen

XWF Invades the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!

XC Rage vs Dustin Holt - Straight to Hell Match for the Xtreme Championship

Jim Ross: Dustin Holt has built his reputation since the revival of this company as one of XWF's huge draws. Rage was one of the stars from an older era that has returned and.. He's showing more dominance now than ever.

Jerry Lawler: Holt and Rage had an amazing match at XtremeMania. This one has bad blood written all over it.

We cut to a compilation video going over Rage and Holt's history.

(Match details.)

Jim Ross: Fans, we're getting word right now that... Apparently Draven filmed a promo earlier today that he specifically asked to air at the conclusion of the Xtreme Title match that we just saw.

The screen cuts to a shot of inside the HSBC Arena. Draven is standing by next to the Straight to Hell pit that was constructed for the Rage versus Dustin Holt encounter.

Draven: Dustin should have listened to Draven. If he would have done that none of this would have happened. Draven was waiting patiently.. But none of that matters now. Dustin Holt did not have to contend with Draven. Dustin Holt was his own biggest enemy. So where does... Rage... Go from here? Guess the world will find out, soon enough.

The camera cuts back to ringside.

Main Event: (WHC) Carlos Shotgun vs Chris Falkenyork - Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Jim Ross: King... After what we just witnessed with Rage retaining his championship... That right there would have capped off the night and we still have one more to go! Ever since XtremeMania, Chris has not been the same King. Some wonder if he's really changed at all.

Jerry Lawler: Well if anybody knows Chris, it's the World Champion. The Elite Savior. If Chris is a changed guy then Shotgun is not buying into the BS at all. I'm still catching my breath from the match we just saw and what about that promo from Draven?

Jim Ross: I'm sure we'll hear more for him in the coming days.

The camera cuts out as we goto a video package of the history between two Elite.

We go back to ringside as the cage has been lowered down and is ready for our next match.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Danielle Worley: The following is a Steel Cage match scheduled for one fall and it is for the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, World Heavyweight Championship! Victory may be obtained by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage!

"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine cues up as the crowd turns their attention down the ramp. Chris Falkenyork steps through the curtains. York points to his t-shirt that reads "Shotgun is my BFF".

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle. From Astoria, Oregon. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds. He is Chris Falkenyork!!!

York tosses his shirt into the crowd before entering the ring.

Jerry Lawler: I don't know JR if Chris knows the beating he's in for tonight.

"Do The Evolution" by Pearl Jam cues up as the arena lights focus towards the entrance way. The World Heavweight Champion steps through the curtains.

Jim Ross: There he is King!

Jerry Lawler: The Elite Savior!

Shotgun stops at the edge of the rampway and looks out towards the crowd. The crowd gives off a huge ovation as Shotgun makes his way down the eisle. Bulbs flash off everywhere for the champion.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle. From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds. The Xtreme Wrestling Federation... World Heavyweight Champion... He is "The Elite Savior", Carlos Shotgun!!!

Shotgun steps through the ropes and enters the ring as the crowd continues to cheer on. A referee at ringside shuts the cage door.

Jim Ross: Shotgun tells everyone that he knows what's going through Chris's mind. If there's anybody who craves the championship more than The Elite Savior, it would be York.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt about that.

Shotgun and York stare off in the center of the ring as the referee calls for the bell. York takes a slow walk to the center of the ring with his arms spread out.

Jim Ross: Chris looks like he wants a friendly hug before the action gets underway.

Jerry Lawler: You really think that the World Champion is going to give this guy a hug?

Jim Ross: Well they ARE friends aren't they?

Shotgun simply smiles and shakes his head as he walks up to York. The two give a hug.

Jim Ross: Isn't that special?

Shotgun locks York and gives him an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Jim Ross: Not tonight!

Shotgun gets back to his feet as York is on the canvas. York slowly gets back to his feet with a sad look on his face.

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun hurt his feelings!

Jim Ross: He's going to do more than that if Chris doesn't snap out of it.

York gets back up and spreads his arms out again. Shotgun kicks York in the midsection and hits a right hand. Shotgun hits another right hand, and another right hand. York blocks a punch and hits one of his own that staggers Shotgun back. York looks upset and checks to see if Shotgun is okay.

Jim Ross: What is he doing?

Shotgun drops York with a clothesline. Shotgun goes for a pin and gets a one count.

Jerry Lawler: If Chris doesn't want to hurt his friend then why doesn't he just stay down for the three count?

Jim Ross: Because all he's doing is playing mindgames King.

Shotgun picks up York and hits a hard chop to the chest. Another hard chop knocks down the challenger. York gets back to his feet and gets dropped again with another chop. Shotgun goes for a whip. York stops short of bouncing off the ropes and goes to climb out of the cage.

Jerry Lawler: Here he goes!

Shotgun runs up as York tries to climb. Shotgun pulls York by the leg causing him to crash back first to the canvas.

Jim Ross: Chris tried to go for a quick escape and he wasn't even close.

Shotgun grabs York and tosses him into the corner. Shotgun hits a hard shoulder to the midsection before hitting a snapmare. York tries to get back up but takes a forearm shot to the face. Shotgun picks up York and slaps him across the face. York laughs it off and asks Shotgun to slap him on the other side.

Jim Ross: I think he likes it!

Shotgun slaps him again. York returns the favor with a standing dropkick.

Falkenyork: Fine!

York picks up Shotgun and hits a huge chop to the chest. Shotgun cringes as York hits another one. York kicks Shotgun in the midsection and hits a snap suplex. York covers for a one count.

Jim Ross: Chris finally goes for the pin.

York picks up Shotgun and goes for another suplex. Shotgun blocks the attempt and grabs a hold of Chris by the hair. Shotgun tries to toss York headfirst into the cage. York puts the arms up to block. York with an elbow to Shotgun's midsection. Shotgun takes a chop to the chest. Another chop. Shotgun grabs York by the shoulders and throws him into the corner.

Jim Ross: York is trying to fight with Shotgun but that might not be the wisest thing to do!

Shotgun hits a hard chop, and another chop, and another, and another. York tries to toss Shotgun into the corner but just gets tossed back himself. York gets chopped again. Shotgun hits another hard chop that drops York on his ass.

Jim Ross: Knockout shot right there!

Jerry Lawler: My god!

Shotgun points his finger at York and goes to stomp a mudhole in the corner. York covers up to block the shots and rolls out towards the center of the ring. Shotgun blocks an atomic drop and kicks York in the midsection. Shotgun sets up for a powerbomb and York counters with a fireman's carry.

Jim Ross: GTS coming up!

Shotgun slides out of it. York turns around and Shotgun hits a hard right hand, another hard right hand. York fires with a right of his own. Shotgun returns with a right. York hits a right. Both champion and challenger exchanging shots in the center of the ring.

Jim Ross: Who's going to win here?

Jerry Lawler: Ahhh!!!

York staggers Shotgun with a right hand. Another right hand. Right, right, right, right, right. York taunts Shotgun and charges. Shotgun snaps York down with a hard powerslam into a pin.

One.... Two.... York kicks out at two!

Shotgun looks up at the ref saying he had a three. The ref tells him that it was only a two count.

Jim Ross: Very close two count right there. York almost had the match just slip away.

Shotgun picks up York and drops him down with a bodyslam. Shotgun walks over to the cage and goes to climb out.

Jim Ross: Shotgun trying to end this one right now!

York is slow to recover as he notices that Shotgun is halfway up the cage. York runs over and goes to pull Shotgun down. York staggers back after Shotgun boots him in the head. Carlos continues to climb up as York tries for another stop.

Jim Ross: Shotgun still has the lead here!

Jerry Lawler: What's Chris going to do?

Chris grabs Shotgun by the foot and pulls him off the cage. Shotgun lands on his feet as the two start trading off punches again. Shotgun with a right, right.. York blocks and hits a hard right hand. Shotgun blocks a shot at hits a kick to the stomach. Shotgun with a forearm, right hand, right hand... York staggered. Shotgun yells at York and goes for a swing. York gets a fireman's carry pickup.

Jim Ross: Chris going for the GTS once again!

Shotgun grabs a hold of the ropes to block the move. York keeps trying to pull Shotgun away. Shotgun's fingers slip as York tries to break him off the ropes. Shotgun's weight offsets York who falls in position for a powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb!?

Jerry Lawler: This can end it right here!

York counters that and goes for the Elevated Boston Crab.

Jim Ross: Version Seven!?

Jerry Lawler: What's going to end this exchange?

Shotgun uses his leg strength to flip York onto his back. Shotgun to his feet. York charges Shotgun and runs right into a double leg trip. Shotgun goes for a Sharpshooter as the crowd is starting to go nuts.

Jim Ross: Bullet Shock coming up!!

York counters into an inside cradle pin.

One... Two... Shotgun kicks out before the three.

Jim Ross: Only a two!

Shotgun gets back to his feet first. York charges towards Shotgun. Shotgun goes for a tilt a whirl backbreaker and York lands on his feet. York runs and jumps towards the middle set of ropes. York springs off the second ropes and Shotgun turns it into a spinebuster.

Jim Ross: My god!!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and walks over towards the corner turnbuckle. Shotgun starts to climb up top and thinks about hitting a high risk move before changing his mind. Shotgun turns his head and goes to escape the cage.

Jim Ross: Shotgun looking to end the match right here.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think Chris is going anywhere at this time!

York slowly starts to get back to his feet. He looks up and sees that Shotgun is about to climb over the top of the cage. York gets back to his feet and charges into the corner before climbing the turnbuckles. Shotgun looks down as York is standing on the top rope.

Jim Ross: Not yet!

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun can still escape he just needs to keep moving!

York grabs a hold of Shotgun and keeps him from advancing any further. Shotgun tries to fight away but York hits a punch to the midsection. York grabs a hold of Shotgun and looks for a superplex.

Jim Ross: Doesn't look good here King!

Jerry Lawler: The champion is in trouble!

Shotgun struggles and fights his way out. Shotgun grabs York by the head and smashes it into the cage. York is staggered and looks about ready to fall backwards. Shotgun slips his legs back over and hits York again.

Jim Ross: What's going to happen here?

Shotgun goes for a sunset flip powerbomb and York holds on to the top of the cage.

Jim Ross: Bullet bomb off the top???

York jumps back and lands awkwardly on the canvas as he crumples to the mat. York is begging off Shotgun as he clutches on his knee.

Jim Ross: Shotgun went for a powerbomb but York countered it there!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but York looked to have injured himself on the landing! Shotgun can capitalize here!

York continues to beg off as Shotgun hesitates for a moment as the referee checks on the challenger. Shotgun shakes his head and walks up towards York.

Jim Ross: Shotgun isn't going to give York any mercy here tonight!

York pops back up to his feet and lifts Shotgun up in a Fireman's Carry. The crowd is on their feet as York hits the Go to Sleep.

Jim Ross: Go to Sleep on the champion!!!

Jerry Lawler: What injury?? He just hit Shotgun with the "bad" knee!!!

Shotgun is motionless on the canvas as York goes for the cover and hooks the leg.

One........ Two........ Shotgun KICKS out before the three count.

Jim Ross: Only a two!! Only a two!!

Jerry Lawler: WHAT?

York cannot believe it as he asks the referee over and over again about the count. The ref keeps informing him that his shoulder was up before the three. York gets back to his feet and starts to look around the ring. York starts walking over to the corner as he looks to escape the cage.

Jim Ross: Shotgun kicked out at two but he might not be able to recover in time to stop Chris from escaping the cage!

Jerry Lawler: Chris hesitated there though trying to figure out what his next move would be. That might cost him here.

York continues to climb as he gets to the top. Shotgun looks out of it as the crowd is cheering on. York looks to escape but second guesses himself.

Jerry Lawler: What's Chris doing? You want the championship, get out of there!

York turns back around and tries to position himself correctly. York grabs a hold of a cable to keep himself supported while looking down at the champion. The crowd is still on their feet as York points down at Shotgun.

Jim Ross: No! Don't do it Chris! What are you doing?

Jerry Lawler: He's an idiot!

York dives off the top of the cage for a swandive headbutt. Shotgun rolls out of the way and York crashes hard to the canvas.

Jim Ross: High risk move did NOT pay off my god!!!

Jerry Lawler: What an idiot JR!!! He could've won the match there!!!

Shotgun looks over and rolls Chris onto his back. The referee waits on as Shotgun gets a pin and hooks the leg.

One...... Two...... York KICKS out at two!

Jim Ross: Chris still kicked out oh my god!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and thinks about just walking out the cage door before looking over towards York who trying to get back to his feet.

Jim Ross: Carlos was contemplating escaping the cage but Chris is not done!

York is slowly getting back to his feet as Shotgun walks over towards the challenger and kicks him in the midsection. York slumps down to one leg and Shotgun hits him in the back before propping him back up.

Jerry Lawler: He wasn't done but he will be now!

Shotgun lifts York high up in the air and drops him hard with a Jackknife Powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb connects!!!

Shotgun goes into the cover as the referee checks for the shoulders down to the canvas. Shotgun hooks the leg.

The crowd counts along with the pin... One..... Two..... Three!!!

Jim Ross: Shotgun retains!!!

The referee calls for the bell as Shotgun retains his World Championship. Danielle Worley gets on the microphone as "Do The Evolution" plays over the crowd.

Danielle Worley: The winner of this match and STILL Xtreme Wrestling Federation... World Heavyweight Champion... The Elite Savior... Carlos Shotgun!!!!!

The referee hands the championship over to Shotgun who raises the belt high in victory.

Jim Ross: My god King what a night. Capped off with Shotgun retaining his championship in a hellacious steel cage match!

York regains his senses enough to sit up off the canvas as Shotgun is posing on the turnbuckle. Shotgun hops down as York gets back to his feet. The two Elite exchange words that are off mic. Shotgun shrugs his shoulders while York continues to sound off.

Jim Ross: What's going on here?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know JR.

York extends his hand out for a handshake as the crowd pops. Shotgun nods his head as York puts his head down. Shotgun starts to laugh before extending out for a hug. The crowd pops again. Before we see them embrace, the lights go out.

Jim Ross: What the?

The crowd starts to stir in wonder and confusion.

Jerry Lawler: Something wrong with the lights here?

The lights go back on. MARK ADKINS is in the ring giving both Shotgun and York a hug. Shotgun and York both shove off Adkins as the crowd goes crazy.

Jim Ross: It's TV_MA!!! TV_MA is here!!!

Crowd: Holy shit!! Holy shit!! Holy shit!!

Shotgun and York both look at Adkins who is laughing it up while the crowd continues to cheer. Adkins poses in one corner with his arms raised high in the air as a copyright notice flashes on screen.

XWF 2012

End of Show.