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Showdown: Episode Nineteen.

Dan Manic and Chico Esteveguez are at commentary.

Dan: Fans we are live in front of a capacity crowd of five thousand as XWF Showdown is on the air!


Showdown is LIVE at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware. The camera pans around the capacity crowd on hand.

Dan: Tonight we are going to have a match with big implications.

Chico: Oh no doubt about it. The Eliminators versus The Happy Go Luckies is going to go down as one of the biggest matches in the history of this sport!

Dan: The tag team tables match wasn't what I was talking about but thank you for mentioning that they are scheduled later on.

Chico: Anytime!

Dan: Tonight we have Rage versus Draven in a number one contenders match to decide who will face Carlos Shotgun for the World Heavyweight Title at When World's Collide!

Mitch Keller is standing by backstage.

Mitch: Hello everyone. Welcome to Showdown! I am Mitch Keller and I am here to bring you.. The Original!

The Original steps in the picture from the left and the crowd has a mixed reaction on this. Some pop while others give him heat!

Mitch: Now Original. Tonight.. you don't got a 1-on-1 match ... you are actually forced in to a Fatal Fourway encounter... LIVE! here tonight on Showdown! Do you feel that your odds are good?

The Original: I love you Mean Gene. Yes, absolutely. These people already know... just as well as I do.. what my ODDS are. The thing is Mean. Can I call you "Mean"? Gene?

Keller looks confused.

Mitch: Well..

The Original: I mean, I don't get it. All week I heard about how Kevin Alrightty isn't ready to go. He needs a "break" for awhile. Then I hear how Cliff Saxton "means business". But it was Hayden Truesdale's blatant lack of respect... that drove me wild. That drove me up a wall! The fact remains Gene .. these guys can't cut it.

Mitch: What are you trying to say there Original? What are you trying to say? WHAT do you mean??

The Original: These guys got it all wrong. They think it's about them. It's about "ME".

He points at himself and feels very confident.

The Original: It's all about me. Always has been. Always will! They just haven't come to terms with that yet ... this is still "MY" show.

Points at self again.

The Original: And you know what that means Gene?? .. Sorry, it was a rhetorical question anyhow. It MEANS .. that I don't give a shit what they think. I don't care what ANYONE really thinks. I'm The Original for a reason, damnit. Tonight.. they find out... I do things "MY" way. On "MY" terms. Not their's ....

He leaves a speechless Mitch Keller holding the mic.


Match One: Ki Morbid versus Kelsey Marxx - Winner is the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship

Chico: This should be a good one Dan. Both Kelsey and Morbid know each other quite well.

Dan: Both of them too have had a string of bad luck but this is one tough division to take part in.

Morbid hits a hard forearm shot to the head that staggers Kelsey back. Kelsey tries to block and Morbid hits a kick to the midsection. Kelsey ducks another swing but takes a clothesline to the back of the head. Morbid covers for a one count.

Dan: Morbid as the case with most matches starts off with some hard hitting offense.

Morbid shoves Kelsey into the corner and charges in. Kelsey gets the foot up and Morbid grabs her. Morbid yanks her out of the corner into a full split. The crowd pops as Morbid hits a boot to the head and covers again for a one count. Morbid hooks the leg and gets a two.

Dan: That was brutual!

Chico: Yeah not the best way to get taken out of the corner there.

Morbid taunts Kelsey before an irish whip. Kelsey kicks Morbid in the head and hits a dropkick that staggers her back. Another standing dropkick staggers Morbid into the ropes. Morbid blocks a whip and goes for a short arm clothesline. Kelsey ducks the clothesline and goes for a backslide. Morbid flips her over and goes for a powerbomb. Kelsey blocks it.

Dan: Morbid wants to end this one early!

Chico: And it will be early if she connects here!

Morbid hits a forearm to the back of the head and switches to a front facelock. Standing vertical suplex into a cover. Kelsey kicks out again at two. Morbid stands back up while taunting Kelsey to get to her feet. Morbid picks Kelsey up and throws her into the corner again. Morbid goes for a charge. Kelsey flips through and goes for an inside cradle. Morbid blocks it and grabs her by the throat. Morbid goes for a chokebomb and Kelsey counters that with a dropkick!

Dan: Kelsey escapes again!

Morbid charges forward and Kelsey hits a Thesz Press. One... Two... Only a two count!

Dan: Almost a three!!!

Chico: That was a close one there Dan.

Kelsey goes for a whip and Morbid counters. Kelsey with a sunset flip attempt. Kelsey rolls Morbid onto her shoulders. One... Two... Two and a half!

Dan: Another close one!

Kelsey goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but can't lift Morbid up. Kelsey changes into a fireman's carry but Morbid holds onto the ropes.

Dan: Kelsey wants to hit a big move here!

Morbid holds on as Kelsey changes into an Alabama Slam position to pull her off the ropes. Morbid cannot hold on but Kelsey can't keep her in position. Morbid lands on her feet and Kelsey gets dropped with a powerbomb!

Dan: Powerbomb connects!

Morbid covers and hooks the leg. One... Two... Three!

Dan: Ki is going to face Ashton Storm at When World's Collide!

The referee calls for the bell as Worley grabs the microphone.

Worley: The winner of this match, Ki Morbid!!!

Winner: Ki Morbid


Commercial Break

We cut backstage to a shot of future World Champion Michael Dargue who is backstage with a twelve pack of double ply super soft bathroom tissue. He walks up to an Lars Douglas's office door before knocking three times.

Lars: Michael? Come on in!

Ride the Lightning plays in the background. Dargue opens the door and walks in all happy as the door slides shut. The camera cuts to another shot where Lars is going over paperwork at his desk.

Dargue: Heya Mister Douglas I bought you what you asked for eaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrllii whoa is that a...

Lars: Oh bear? Yeah don't mind him.


Lars: I know bear.


Lars: Hey now, Michael does not suck. You don't have to attack him bear. He's a future world champion afterall. He's also undefeated!

Dargue: That's right! And tonight I'm going to win the Battle Royal!

Lars: Of course you are Michael. I have big plans for you Michael. You're the guy that puts asses in seats. I have some things to take care of though. Get ready for the battle royal tonight.

Bear slaps the toilet tissue out of Dargue's hands.


Dargue: You got it boss!!!

Lars: You can call me Lars.

Dargue walks out of the office as Lars slides the bathroom tissue to the side and continues his paperwork. Bear starts growling again at the camera as it pans down to a shot of a black briefcase.


Match Two: Hayden Truesdale versus Cliff Saxton versus The Original versus Kevin O'Reily - Fatal Four Way

Kevin O'Reily is already in the ring with his hand in the air and he's hopping up n' down. He is taunting the LIVE! crowd and they hate him for it. Lot's of boo birds thrown the Lone Wolf's way as he gets loose for this Fatal Four Way contest. "Dangerous" Cliff Saxton is out next and he hears it from the crowd. Lot of people on his case and yet a few marks sprinkled in amongst them. He even claps a few hands near ringside before talking trash to Kevin O'Reily as he walks up the steels steps. Saxton gets in the ring and Dan Manic hypes this next match. He claims the Original will be in there with 3 of the best "young guns". He states that The Original is a 2012 inductee in to the XWF's Hall of Fame and that these 3 are up against a huge test. Chico reminds him Truesdale beat him last time. As O'Reily and Saxton are face-to-face in the ring.

Dan: This should be a good one.

The Original comes out to his theme next and actually turns around half way down the aisle. He ducks low by the entrance ramp and waits for The Detroit S.O.B's music to hit. Soon as Truesdale shows his face through those curtains the Original pounces!! He starts throwing forearms in Hayden's back and kicking him as he gets to a knee. The Original grabs him by the hair and throws him face-first in to the titan tron! Saxton and O'Reily see what is going on and they start attacking each other! The crowd gets hype as those 2 exchanges punches and kicks in the ring. The Original starts dragging Hayden Truesdale backstage. The referee Shawn Green is confused and calls for the bell. DING DING! This match has begun. Even without 2 of the 4 competitors in the ring yet. Saxton whips O'Reily to the ropes and O'Reily ducks a clothesline. Saxton springboards up on the ropes and comes back WHACKING the Lone Wolf with an ugly kick to the skull!

Dan: That was sick!

He drops O'Reily in one shot and goes for the early cover. 1...2....Kicks out!

Dan: Two count only.

Chico: Going to have to do more than that.

Saxton argues with the official and Dan says there's some chaos backstage. We cut to the back and The Original is still hammering away on Hayden Truesdale. He goes and throws his head off a catering table!! Food and utensils fly everywhere.

Chico: That was weird man!

Dan: What?

Chico: I just suddenly got the munchies .. hahh.

The Original yells out to crew members and other XWF staff backstage. He tells them to take a look at the Detroit SOB Story while slapping him on the back of his head. Suddenly, Hayden has had enough. He slaps The Original back hard in the chops. He then grabs the Original's head and slams it off the table! Hayden goes to slam him again. But the Original blocks it and goes for a big haymaker. Hayden Truesdale ducks that shot and dips low to pulls The Original's feet from underneath him. He dumps Original hard on the back of his head.

Dan: His head cracked the CE-ment on that one!

The Original grasps his head and then the Detroit S.O.B. bends over to grab his feet. He looks over his shoulder at the cinder block wall and actually Slingshots the Original straight over the table and in to that very wall!!! Fans mark out with a "Holyshit!" chant in the arena.

Dan: That was insane!

Back in the ring and Saxton is wearing O'Reily down with a Side Headlock still. O'Reily goes to stand and shoves Saxton off of him. Cliff bounces off the ropes and delivers a shoulder shot that knocks O'Reily down. Saxton goes across the rings and hits the ropes again. O'Reily nips up and ducks that Clothesline from Hell. Then we see O'Reily go for a Swinging Neckbreaker which Saxton spins out of and counters with a kick to the gut! Saxton goes to set up for The Finisher. But, O'Reily blocks that and shoves Saxton away from him. Then O'Reily delivers a hard chop across the chest, "WOOOO!" O'Reily is then met with a hard right hand to the face and that knocks him to a knee. Saxton goes off the ropes behind him and delivers one of the nastiest looking Bulldogs in this industry!!

Dan: The biggest bulldog in the history of our sport!

Fans even mark out as "Dangerous" Cliff Saxton hooks a leg. 1....2....Kick out!

Dan: Last second and the Lone Wolf stays alive!

Chico: For now.

O'Reily is slow to his feet and Saxton has already backed up to the ropes. Cliff rushes in and bends O'Reily over backwards with a stiff Clothesline! Some fans cheer as he rolls him up for another pinfall. 1....2....Oonly 2 1/2!! He power kicks out and keeps himself in this scheduled Fatal Four Way matchup. Meanwhile, we got cameras following Hayden Truesdale down the hallway with the Original. He has been throwing his head off the walls! Just pummeling on him backstage!

Dan: What??

Chico: Is he going in THE BATHROOM?

Truesdale however drags The Original in to the bathroom. There appears to be blood trickling from his face nd that doesn't stop Hayden from smacking Original's head off the top of the porcelain sink!! More XWF fans mark out for what is going on on that giant titan tron.

Chico: My god it's blood it's blood fuck shit!

In the ring Saxton is arguing with the official Shawn Green. Then Cliff calls for that Killswitch known as "The Finisher". Could he maybe finish him off here? Saxton goes to set O'Reily up for "The Finishr". But, O'Reily breaks his arms out of it and shoves the back of Cliff Saxton. Then O'Reily rushes in and Saxton catches him with a quick Powerslam!

Dan: Vintage Saxton!

That devestating maneuver knocks the air out of Kevin O'Reily and Saxton goes for a cover. 1....2....O'Reily barely gets his toes up on the bottom rope.

Saxton: You got to be kidding me!

Backstage in the restroom we have Hayden trying to shove The Original's head in the urinal. But the Original kicks him in the balls! That momentarily stalls Truesdale. But then the Detroit S.O.B. fires back with a headbutt and then whips The Original in to the handicap stall. There's Lars on the toilet with a news paper in his hands and a big huge bear next to him.

Bear: GRRRRR!!!

The Original stops in his tracks and Hayden Truesdale does the same. They both look confused and then the Original sees his moment. He smacks the Detroit S.O.B. in the rib cage and then grabs him by the back of the head. The Original looks in the mirror and Hayden Truesdale knows what is about to happen. But he is powerless to stop it. The Original backs up and rushes forward with him. Original tosses Hayden face-forward in to the large bathroom mirror. Truesdale is immediately busted open pretty bad as he falls on his back in the middle of the bathroom. The Original hovers over him and looks up at Lars sitting on the toilet. Lars looks on.

Original: Guess that's seven years of bad luck!

Original smirks at Hayden and then flicks Lars off.

Bear: GRRRRR!!!

Lars: It's okay Bear.

In the ring we see Cliff Saxton is laughing at what just happened. Saxton then scoops O'Reily off the ground and goes for his Signature Move. We have some fans calling for it and Cliff gets the Lone Wolf up for a Samoan Drop. However, O'Reily wiggles out and lands on his feet. He spins Saxton around and goes to kick him in the stomach. Saxton grabs his foot and spins O'Reily around. Then Saxton manages to grab ahold of Kevin O'Reily before executing a brutal looking Killswitch!!!

Dan: He nails The Finisher!

Cliff looks up at the titan tron smiling as he sees his own image pinning Kevin O'Reily. 1....2....3!

Dan: He got him!

Danielle Worley gets on the mic.

Worley: The winner of this match, Cliff Saxton!

Cliff Saxton has won this scheduled Fatal Four Way and what awaits him at "When Worlds Collide". What is in the most "Dangerous" man's future here this summer in the XWF?? Stay tuned to find out where this young man's career is going. I'm sure we haven't heard or seen the last of O'Reily or Truesdale. They will be back in action and The Original you could bet will be at "When Worlds Collide".

Winner: Cliff Saxton


Commercial Break


Match Three: The Eliminators versus The Happy Go Luckies - Tables Match

Give a little more by Maroon 5 begins to play and the entrance way gets illuminated with rainbow colors. The Happy Go Luckies walks out in unison wearing pink and yellow robes with glitter on their chest as they dance on top of the ramp.

Chico: The Happy Go Luckies look as good as they have ever been.

Dan: I wouldn’t know Chico…

Ace and Gary get into the ring and pose for the sold out crowd before taking each other’s robe off. Glitter falls down from the sky down onto the crowd as the Go Luckies continue to dance.

Worley: The following match is a tag team tables match! Introducing first, Ferocious Ace and Gary…. The Happy Go Luckies!!!

Chico: Many people believe The Happy Go Luckies should have become the new tag team champions back at Hell on Earth. The Eliminators cost them the match if you remember.

Dan: Eliminators attacked The Go Luckies thus giving them the win by DQ. The Go Luckies were none too pleased and it sure looks like they are eager to get their hands all over The Eliminators Chico.

The Eliminators theme plays as Mike Dimter and Kyle Stevenson comes out. They are both holding the end of a table as they walk down the ring with a serious look on their faces. The Happy Go Luckies step out as Mike Dimter and Kyle Stevenson slide the table inside and they both get in and pose for the crowd.

Worley: Their opponents, Mike Dimter and Kyle Stevenson… The Eliminators!!

Eliminators look out at their opponent before looking at the crowd and posing once more. Out of nowhere it’s the Go Luckies who attack them from behind as the bell is quickly rung,

Chico: The Go Luckies hit the Eliminators from behind Dan.

Dan: And they are showing little remorse about it.

Ace pairs up with Mike Dimter as he pushes him into the turnbuckle followed by knife edge chops much to the delight of the crowd. Gary hits Kyle with lefts and right hands and pushes him towards the ropes. He bounces him up and Kyle leap frogs him. Kyle goes for a clotheslines but Gary ducks. Ace nails a knee to the mid-section of Dimter and throws him to the outside through the second rope. Gary charges at the bouncing Kyle with a knee in the mid section. Kyle clutches in pain and doesn’t notice Ace who bounces of the rope and springboards off the second rope into a beautiful shining wizard. Kyle is hit hard and he quickly rolls to the outside where he joins Dimter. Ace and Gary look at the sold out crowd and high give before twirling and finishing with a little hop as they mock the eliminators on the outside.

Chico: Happy Go Luckies are showing that they are indeed a veteran tag team.

Dan: The Happy Go Luckies have been tag team champions. They have been in this business for years and years. They know exactly what they are doing.

Gary bounces off the ropes and suicide dives onto Kyle. Ace mimics him and goes right after Dimter. Dimter side steps him right before he hits and Ace hits the railing extremely hard. Dimter smiles and kicks Ace in the back of the head once, twice, a third time. Ace is down and Dimter towers over him with an intense look on his face. Out of nowhere Gary hooks him from behind and nails a perfect german suplex on the flood padding. Dimter holds the back of his head in pain and Gary wastes no time and grabs a table from under the ring. The crowd comes alive as Gary pushes it inside the ring and follows behind it. Gary is the only conscious participant and he wastes no time setting up the table in the middle of the ring. He makes sure its nice and sturdy when out of the corner of the screen Kyle can be seen climbing the third rope. He waits patiently as Gary is clearly unaware of his presence.

Dan: Turn around!

Gary turns around and Kyle leaps into a third rope hurricanerana. Gary holds on and tries to powerbomb Kyle through the table. Kyle rakes the eyes and head scissors Gary into the ropes. Gary falls throat first into the second ropes and remains there. Kyle follows up with a modified 619. Dimter from out of nowhere can be seen on the third rope as well. Dimter drops a tope rope legdrop right into Gary. The Eliminators stand on center ring all pumped up as they signal for the end.

Chico: Beautiful tag team work for the eliminators here. Gary is in all sorts of trouble.

Dan: The Eliminators just have to put one member of the Go Luckies through the table to win this match and they just might do that in a few moments.

Dimter and Kyle pick Gary up by the hair. Gary tries to fight back but Mike Dimter and Kyle Stevenson are quick to beat him down. They slam Gary’s head face first into the table. Dimter slams his head down again and again and a third time. Gary is clearly out as Dimter rolls Gary onto the table. Kyle slowly begins to climb the ropes as the fans come alive. Kyle points at Gary and gives him the thumb downs as Dimter holds Gary down across the table.

Dan: Does not look good!

Kyle leaps off before he can see Ace sliding into the ring with a table. He throws the table right at Kyle Stevenson right into his face in mid-air. Dimter is caught off guard and he immediately charges at Ace. Gary suddenly gets up and nails Dimter in the lower back area. Ace immediately hits a frontal Russian leg sweep. The crowd is electric as Gary immediately helps Ace set up the second table in the ring putting both of them side by side.

Dan: Eliminators in trouble!

Kyle charges at Ace and Gary but they both simultaneously counter with a drop toe hold into the table. Stevenson is placed on top of the table as The Happy Go Luckies climbs the top ropes side by side. They motions for the butterfly wings before leaping off and nailing the double fist drop on Kyle Stevenson through the table. The bell immediately rings as the match comes to a conclusion.

Worley: The winners of this match…The Happy Go Luckies!!!

Chico: Huge, huge win for The Happy Go Luckies Dan.

Dan: The Go Luckies just double fisted Kyle Stevenson through a table Chico. Talk about revenge.

Chico: The Ray of Darkness better watch out because The Happy Go Luckies are on a roll Dan. It’s only a matter of time before they get a tag team title shot.

Dan: Very true Chico. Very true.

Winner: The Happy Go Luckies


Back from that small break and we have Goldwire talking with Aaron Wilson backstage.

Aaron Wilson: Hey man? What's up?

Goldwire: High. Howw arre yu?

Aaron Wilson: I'm great man. Tell me .. what is your deal?

Goldwire looks confused.

Aaron Wilson: "Your deal".. ... "can youu .. telll meee.... WHAT .. yourrr .. deal is?"

Goldwire continues looking funny at him.

Goldwire: I ham in biggust of XWF battle royales allmost everr. What yur dill chump?

Aaron Wilson: I don't get it. I DON'T understand you. Are you even speaking English? You should go find Dargue.. you and him would make a cute pair.

Goldwire: Dargue. Nott mee chump. I am thee badust of the 2 chump. I doughnut kare if yu evun arre who yu sey yu arre? Battle royale me turn to proof dat I am the best une. Newmorrolluno. I ham the best. The badust. The onne tru chump. Yu arre nott him soo I don't knoww whut to say to you chump.

Aaron Wilson: Jeez oh man. You butcher the English language. Listen. I'm a bodyguard. Thee Bodyguard if you ever need to see one. If you need some protection.. for fights. "Protection". You know.. "pro-tect-ion?"

Goldwire: Me no albout protextuion youu ar the onne who has to half protechtion. I am not protekting myselve for notthing and noeone chump. Butter buhleaf it. Orr nott.

Aaron Wilson: I've had enough. I quit. I'll see you out there in the ring Goldwire... good luck.

Goldwire: Me ussess protechshun wenn me hammmerrinng yorr mutherr onnlly.

Aaron Wilson: You're a disgrace.

Aaron Wilson can't take it anymore and walks off. The fans in the arena are either laughing or speechless right now.

Goldwire: I doughnut knoe hist probblim forre this ish not evun probblem rilly. I doughnut neeede me luck. I ham Goldwire!! To resque.

Scene cuts to The Ray watching on backstage in utter disgust. He can't believe what he is hearing or seeing on XWF's ShowDown!

Commercial Break


Match Four: Open Invitation Battle Royal - Winner goes to When Worlds Collide against opponent of Lars Douglas's choosing

Psychopathic Rydas, Goldwire, Blaze Rodriguez, Jon Hampton, Michael Dargue, Aaron Wilson, The Dark Stranger, Kenny Holt are inside the ring.

Dan: Who do you think Lars Douglas will choose?

Chico: Who knows.

Before the bell even sounds we have The Dark Stranger lay out Aaron Wilson with a huge uppercut.

Dan: What the hell?

Fans mark out as the bell sounds and this Battle Royal kicks off.

Chico: How awesome is it to see guys like Goldwire and Hampton inside the ring? What about Aaron Wilson?

Dan: Chico.. Never have Goldwire and great in the same sentence ok?

Blade Rodriguez dropkicks Jon Hampton and he nearly spills over the top rope. Hampton holds himself up and starts struting around the ring to avoid any contact from the competitors. The Psycopathic Rydas go to work on Michael Dargue immediately. They start hammering him and toss him in to the ropes. They nail him with a Double Clothesline and laugh as he goes down hard! They flex their muscles and annoy the fans. The Psychopathic Murderers give each other a high-five.

Dan: Homicide and Kasper better keep their focus if either of them want to win this one.

Dark Stranger is attacked from behind by Kenny Holt as Goldwire sneaks over and tries to dump Aaron Wilson over the top ropes. Aaron Wilson hangs on and starts deliverying hard forearm shots to get Goldwire to loosen his grip! Aaron Wilson breaks away from him finally and is drilled with a Spinning Heel Kick out of nowhere from Blaze Rodriguez!! The crowd pops as Blaze Rodriguez hits the ropes and rushes in for a diving Double Clothesline!!! He knocks both Kasper and Homicide off their feet. Blaze rolls to a knee and then stalks his next prey. He goes for Jon Hampton and they lock up in the center of the ring.

Dan: Hampton and Blaze lock up!

Chico: Yeah!

Hampton drives Blaze Rodriguez in to the corner and delivers a sneaky inside knee. He starts slapping Blaze around and the fans boo him! Hampton hits him with 2 nice Knife Edge Chops! Blaze looks hurt and his chest is turning red. Then Blaze uses the corner to propel himself up and kick Jon Hampton right in the jaw! Hampton stumbles back holding his face and Blade Rodriguez stands up high on the top turnbuckle. He waits for Hampton to turn around and executes a graceful Hurricanrana! Hampton flies across the ring. Goldwire comes in for a Gore on Blaze Rodriguez but instead Blade leap frogs him and Goldwire smashes his shoulder in the corner. Psycopathic Rydas are up and they are eyeing Blade down. As Kenny Holt and Aaron Wilson work over the Dark Stranger in one of the corners!

Dan: Holt and Wilson taking out one half of the tag champions!

Psycopathic Rydas look ready to pounce. When instead Michael Dargue comes from behind Homicide and kicks him exetremely hard in the spine! Homicide looks a little hurt but he shakes it off. He looks over at his partner Kasper and they slowly turn around to face Dargue. The fans are restless as Dargue spits in Homicide's eyes and kicks Kasper in the groin. Dargue grabs Kasper by the head and tries to eliminate him over the top rope. The fans are getting excited! But then Homicide collapses Dargue with a stiff shot to the back of the head! Homicide and Kasper start stomping away on him!! The fans are not liking this. A lot of them pulling for Michael Dargue.

Dan: Dargue has quite the fan following doesn't he?

Chico: Of course Dan! He's a future World Champion!

Dark Stranger is almost eliminated by Kenny Holt and Aaron Wilson. But he headbutts Kenny Holt to the ground and starts throwing right hooks in Wilson's face. The bodyguard tries to fight him off. He ducks a clothesline attempt by The Dark Stranger and kicks him in the back of the knee. Wilson goes to work on Dark Stranger. He wears him down some more. Kenny Holt sees his chance to take out Hampton who is wrestling around with Goldwire. But Blaze Rodriguez is sitting up top and soon as he sees a window of opportunity he goes for it! He hops on Kenny Holt and has his legs wrapped around his head. He sets Holt up for a Hurricanrana basically over the top rope as Kenny Holt gets dumped to the outside! The fans mark out hard for the newcomer Blaze Rodriguez and cheer him on!!!!

Dan: What a move by Blaze Rodriguez!

Goldwire rushes over to help Dargue before he is dumped out. Goldwire starts throwing wild punches at Kasper. Leaving Homicide to deal with Dargue on his own. Kasper dropkicks Goldwire and knocks him out over the top rope. Goldwire's feet hit the outside mat and he is eliminated. Much to the chagrin of the crowd. Michael Dargue meanwhile pokes Homicide in the eye and he's temporarily blinded. Dargue then sneaks up behind Kasper. He grabs the trunks of one-half of the Psycopathic Rydas and tosses him to the outside!! Kasper is eliminated and the fans are happy about that one!!!! The Dark Stranger delivers a huge Bodyslam to Aaron Wilson in the center of the ring! Dark Stranger than delivers a gruesome Big Leg across the throat of Wilson.

Dan: Who will win this one tonight? We still got Dark Stranger in there. The bodyguard Aaron Wilson who is taking a punishment. Blaze Rodriguez back n' fourth with Jon Hampton over there! In the opposite corner .. Wait a minute.

Homicide sees that Dargue eliminated his partner and he charges right at him. Dargue sidesteps Homicide and uses his momentum to get him to topple over the top rope! He falls to the outside mat and he has been eliminated.

Dan: Another one down!

Chico: My god!

Blaze Rodriguez is duking it out with Jon Hampton!! Michael Dargue waits in the wings. The Dark Stranger is dragging Aaron Wilson over to the ropes. He is trying to lift the big man over. But he's unable to get him out. Aaron starts throwing as many elbows as he can at the Dark Stranger. But the Dark Stranger claws at Wilson's eyes and then grabs him by the throat. He signals for the end and gets ready to Chokeslam him over the ropes.

Dan: This could be it!

Dark Stranger starts to lift him up for the Darkness we see Michael Dargue decide to sneak up from behind. The crowd is stirring as Wilson puts up a fight with Dark Stranger and won't allow him to get him off the ground. Dargue comes up from behind and manages to lift them both up off the mat. Their weight and momentum causes them both to stumble to the outside. Both men have been eliminated.

Chico: WOW!

Jon Hampton is grabbing Dargue by the hair and causing him to spill over the top rope. However, Dargue holds on! Dargue holds on to the bottom rope. Only one of his feet touch. They are screaming and shouting for him. Jon Hampton turns his attention back to Blaze Rodriguez and is clobbered with a Super Kick! Hampton is knocked off his feet. Dargue is hopping on one foot on the outside mat. He laughs and the crowd cheers him on in the front row!! People are behind him and pulling for Dargue all the way.

Dan: Down to our last three men!

Dargue uses the bottom rope to pull himself back up on the outside apron. Rodriguez is to a knee and charges in for a 6-1-9. Instead Dargue shimmies his body out the way just in time. Blaze stands to his feet confused and is about to go for it again. But Hampton elbows him in the back of the skull and connects with a deadly Back Breaker!! That shakes the ring and Dargue is starting to pull himself to his feet on the outside apron. He smiles out at the crowd and points to his brain. Next thing you know with his back to the action we see Jon Hampton run in and Shoulderblock Michael Dargue off the outside apron!! Dargue flies off in to the outside wall and slams that barricade hard.

Dan: Dargue is gone!

Chico: No!!!

These fans can't believe it! They are almost in an uproar as Hampton gets real cocky and waves Dargue goodbye. The crowd is hating him for it and Hampton doesn't care. He turns around and Blaze Rodriguez goes for a boot to the stomach. Hampton catches it and before he knows it Blaze Rodriguez plants an Enziguri to his ear! Hampton falls hard to a knee and looks absolutely stunned. Blaze goes off the ropes and hits Jon Hampton with a nasty dropkick!

Chico: Straight to the chest! Oww! That one had to hurt.

Dan: He's got control of this thing and is going back up top. He better be careful up there! Blaze getting risky.

Blaze leaps off and catches Hampton with a beautiful Top Rope Hurricanrana. Hampton body is slung across the ring! Fans are cheering. They are rooting the new face on. Blaze starts stomping away at Hampton in the corner. Blaze Rodriguez backs up to the opposite corner and waves his arms around. Bronco Buster connects!

Dan: He's getting a little carried away there.

Blaze doesn't seem to care and none of these fans appear to mind. They are loving this fresh face take care of wiley veteran like Hampton. We see Blade back up and get the crowd riled up some more. Hampton tries to pull himself out of the corner and is met with a Spinning Heel Kick to the temple! Hampton is laid out with that one and Blaze wastes no time. He hops up top and gets all the fans in the arena to rise to their feet. Blaze Rodriguez then goes for a Moonsault and connects!!! Blaze is on fire right now and the fans are just as thrilled. He goes to lift Hampton up and tries dragging him to the ropes. He's got Hampton slung over the top rope and is trying to lift his feet off the ground. But, Hampton holds his stance.

Dan: Holding his ground.

Chico: Sure is.

Hampton starts elbowing his way out of this. Jon goes for a big swing and Blaze ducks the haymaker. He instead goes low and sweeps Jon Hampton's leg out from underneath him. The fans pop as Blaze Rodriguez goes over to the corner. He faces the crowd and throws his fist in the air. Then Blaze goes to hop up on the top turnbuckle. Taking too long by the time he stands up and turns around we have Jon Hampton walk up-- tripping Blaze's feet up and causing him to fall hard on his junk.

Dan: Going to the well too many times. I warned him about that.

Chico: You can't save 'em all Dan. Not like he can hear you.

Blaze is hurt. He landed on his crotch and Hampton slaps him a few times. Blaze headbutts him twice and goes to stand back up. But Hampton blocks him and trips his feet up again. Rodriguez is in obvious pain and the next thing you know Jon Hampton smashes him with an Ax Handle-- dumping Blaze to the outside mat!! Jon Hampton has won this thing and Blaze Rodriguez has been eliminated. The fans instantly boo!

Dan: Hampton has won it!

Jon Hampton is the victor as Danielle Worley gets on the mic.

Worley: The winner of the open invitation Battle Royal, Jon Hampton!!!

Chico: Honestly I'm not too suprised with the outcome. But will Hampton finally be able to win the big one?

Dan: What will Lars's annoucement be?

Winner: Jon Hampton


Ki Morbid is walking backstage. Suddenly, we have Ashton Storm come up to her face and confront her. Ki looks amused.

Morbid: Keep my belt warm for me.

Ashton: Listen girl, don't get too far ahead of yourself. I mean, tonight you might have been impressive against Kelsey Marxx. But, you gotta win this belt FROM me at "When Worlds Collide".

Ki laughs before going to walk away. Ashton grabs her by the arm.

Ashton: Ki. Don't you know who I am honey? I am the very first lady of the XWF! None before or after me can make that claim. You think I'm afraid of you, and your voodoo? Your mind games won't work on me.. I already beat you once... ...

Morbid: Whatever helps make you sleep at night.

Ashton eyes her down.

Morbid: Keep staring at me that way, little girl. I'm not one to talk. I'm one to fight. You know like everyone else knows, that at When World's Collide? You're looking at the new Women's Champion.

Ki walks away and Ashton is furious. She stomps around like a mad woman!!

Commercial Break

Future World Champion Michael Dargue is backstage wiping the tears from his eyes. The crowd erupts as Mark Adkins pops into the picture.

Dan: It's the Xtreme Icon!

Chico: Yeah and Mark Adkins too!

Adkins lifts up a microphone.

Adkins: Why are you crying? You're like a Future World Champion... You're Michael Dargue! You like Metallica. Do you Ride the Lightning?

Dargue: What?

Adkins: I'm just fucking with you numbnuts. But seriously, why are you crying?

Dargue: I was eliminated from the Battle Royal. I'm no longer undefeated! I let all my fans down.

Adkins: Dargue, I'm pretty sure that the three people who follow you on Myspace won't be upset. If they can put up with John Cena, they can put up with you.

Lars walks into the picture as the crowd erupts again.

Lars: Listen to this man Dargue. If you don't, he might just fuck your mom.

Adkins: Might?

Lars: It's good that you're here Mark. I have some good news for everyone watching. Jonathon Hampton... Based on your win tonight in the battle royal... You are the NEW Xtreme Champion!

Dan: Jon Hampton, Xtreme Champion??

Lars: I know your track record here Jon. I know you flake out more than Jeff Hardy. You make 2012 Scott Hall look reliable. Well somehow you always seem to find your way back into the big picture. Well I have a guy here who knows a lot about the big picture.

Lars looks over at Dargue who's eyes pop out of his head.

Lars: At When World's Collide... It'll be Jon Hampton defending the Xtreme Championship against...

Lars turns his attention towards Adkins.

Lars: TV_MA, Mark Adkins!! Hampton, please don't disappoint us. Adkins might just fuck your mom too.

Adkins: Might?

Dargue looks upset. Lars turns his attention back to Dargue.

Lars: What are you so upset about? This was a Battle Royal fucktard... You're still undefeated! You're still a future World Champion!

Dargue's frown turns upside down as the crowd erupts.


Main Event: Rage versus Eric Draven - Winner is #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title

Draven’s theme begins to play as the lights go out in the arena. When they came back Eric Draven is seen posing on top of the ramp. He confidently makes his way down the ramp way wearing his trademark crowd makeup.

Worley: The following match is to decide the number 1 contender for the world heavyweight championship. Introducing first… Eric Draven!!!

Draven slides into the ring and poses some more for the crowd. The music is abruptly cut off as red lightning illuminates the arena. The ramp way is filled with fire as Rage’s theme begins to play. As the flames dissipate Rage is seen standing tall looking directly at Draven.

Worley: And his opponent making his way to the ring… Rage!!!

Chico: The legend, the XWF’s favorite demon, the MONSTER.

Dan: Rage claims he doesn’t care for titles, he doesn’t care about main events but he has an opportunity to go ahead and main event When Worlds Collide and possibly become the new world champion.

Chico: Lars claims Rage is working with Shotgun. He claims Rage’s role is to hold people down for Shotgun.

Dan: Those are very serious allegations right there. Remember just last week Rage attacked Shotgun and got stripped of the Xtreme Title. Who knows just what in the world is going on.

Rage enters the ring and stands much taller than Draven. Draven holds his own as huge chants start up all over the arena. Draven is trash talking Rage but Rage just stares icily straight into Draven’s eyes before doing the slit throat motion.

Chico: Rage doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Dan: Neither Rage or Draven like each other inside or outside of the ring.

The bell rings as the excitement builds up. Immediately Rage nails a huge right hand followed by lefts and more rights. Draven swings wildly but the bigger man wins the power game as he pushes Draven into the turnbuckle. Rage hits a right, a left, a right, a right and another big right that almost throws Draven out of the ring. Draven falls down in a sitting position his back to the turnbuckle as Rage measures up and nails a big boot to the face.

Draven rolls to the outside screaming in pain as Rage stands in the ring looking at his hurt opponent. He barely moves as he watch Draven catch his wind on the outside. A “Rage” chant starts up as Draven looks up at Rage with an annoyed look on his face.

Chico: Draven simply cant overpower Rage.

Dan: Eric Draven needs to get Rage off his feet as quickly as possible.

Rage approaches the ropes and Draven immediately grabs the feet and tries to pull them. Rage holds on and grabs Draven by the hair with his right arm. Draven gets pulled up before he drops Rage down throat first on the third ring rope. Rage staggers back gasping for air and Draven is quick to slide into the ring.

Draven hits a hard clothesline but Rage remains on his feet. Draven gets a head of steam as he bounces off the ropes into another clothesline. Rage remains firm on his feet. Draven hits Rage with a barrage of rights and lefts but Rage headbutts him back down. Draven continues relentlessly as he bounces off again and nails a drop kick that sends Rage back but still on his feet. Draven bounces once more and slides between Rage’s legs. Draven uses the momentum to bounce behind Rage and he tackles him with a shoulder block from behind right on the knee. Rage’s leg gives out and the monster falls down to the ground.

Draven immediately follows up with hard muai thai kicks. Rage tries to cover up but Draven hits him hard on the left, the right arm and on the gut. Rage is obviously stunned and Draven nails a huge kick to the side of the head. Rage drops to the canvas clearly hurt and Eric Draven immediately goes for the pin.

Dan: Huge kick by Draven! This might be it!

Chico: The monster is down!!

The referee starts the count 1... 2... KICKOUT! Draven looks at the referee angrily who motions for only the 2 count. Rage gets up and he looks angry. Draven continues to kick but Rage swats his leg away and gets a quick takedown. Rage gets the full mount and proceeds to beat down Draven. Rage drops a knee to the forehead of Draven before grabbing him by the hair. Rage nails a huge uppercut that sends Draven into the ropes. Rage charges after Draven with a huge clothesline that sends both men to the outside.

Both men scramble to their feet as the crowd comes alive. The referee starts the ten count as Rage and Draven brawl on the outside. 1... 2.. Draven rakes Rage on the eyes and slams his head off the apron. Rage is rocked back onto the announcers table back first. Draven presses against Rage but Rage counters with a big blow to the back of Draven. 3... 4...

Rage pulls out the monitors and slams them down to the ground. He grabs Draven by the hair and pulls him up. Rage does the Shotgun Savior pose before lifting up Draven up on his shoulders into a bullet bomb!

Dan: What the hell??

Chico: Did Shotgun teach that to Rage? Is Shotgun indeed working with Rage Dan?

Draven desperately nails Rage with stiff left and right hands. Rage loses his grip and Draven lands on his feet. 5... 6... Draven rocks back Rage with hard rights and left. Draven grabs Rage and whips him right into the steel post. 7... 8...

Rage hits the steel post shoulder fast and he can be heard screaming in pain. Draven slides into the ring as Rage tries to regain his composure. 9... At the last second Rage rolls into the ring but he is immediately met by stiff stomps from Draven. Draven is relentless as he hits him like a rabid animal over and over. Rage is somewhat overwhelmed as he tries to grab a hold of anything he can do damage too. Draven stomps on Rage’s hand which cause Rage to scream and hold his hand in pain.

Draven measures up Rage and smiles as the crowd comes alive. Draven signals for the end and gets ready to hit another mai thai combination. Draven fires off and Rage catches his leg with his massive hand. Draven tries to hit an enziguri but Rage ducks which causes Draven to fall to the ground. Rage grabs both legs and looks around and teases to apply the bulletshock.

Dan: Another Shotgun reference?

Chico: What is Rage trying to say here?

Rage smirks before changing from the bulletshock setup to a texas cloverleaf. Rage has it applied in the middle of the ring and Draven doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go. Rage pulls back as the fans scream their lungs out. Draven shakes his hand and refuses to give up as the referee gets in real close to the action. Rage tightens the hold and pulls back on the much smaller Eric Draven.

Referee: Do you give up Draven?

Draven screams in desperation and smacks the canvas but shakes his head no over and over. He claws and drags himself with everything in his body. Rage tries to fight back but Draven is using every bit of adrenaline he has in his body to scratch his way to the rope. Rage is really pulling back and Draven’s chest is blood red from the pressure. Draven extends his hand and grabs the rope and immediately the referee orders the break.

Rage keeps the hold though and the ref starts the count. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Rage lets go and gets in the referee’s face. The referee waves his finger at him and threatens to disqualify him. Rage shrugs and pushes the referee against the turnbuckle. As he turns around Draven nails him with a low blow followed by his trademark inverted DDT. Rage hits the canvas hard and both men are out cold. The referee regains his composure and begins his 10 count.

Chico: How did Draven manage to hit that DDT? Rage nearly broke his back.

Dan: Both of these men know what is at stake. Not only is the title and the main event of When Worlds Collide at stake here but their egos and their pride is on the line Chico.

1.. 2.. 3.. Both men are seen breathing heavily. Draven rolls to the side and holds his mid section area. Rage is facedown with his hands on his head trying to shake it off. 4.. 5..

Chico: These men came out here for a fight and they got one. Who wants it more? Who will become the number one contender?

6.. 7.. Rage gets to one knee and so does Draven. The referee checks on both and continues his count. 8.. Both men make it to their knees and trade lefts and rights. 9.. Both men get to one feet.SMACK! Rage gets hit with a chair right on the face. Draven gets hits on the back of the head immediately as well. The referee is confused as the arena explodes. Carlos Shotgun stands in the ring with a steel chair in hand looking down at Rage and Eric Draven. The referee immediately calls for the bell.

Dan: Where did Shotgun come from?!?!?!?!?!?!

Chico: Who’s the winner?!??!?!

The referee waves the match off and speaks to Danielle.

Worley: Ladies and gentlemen the referee has stopped the match and declared this match a no-contest due to interference.

The fans boo as Shotgun remains in the ring still holding the steel chair.

Winner: No Contest


Backstage we see another shot of Lars who is watching everything unfold. Bear is in the back. Lars shakes his head and ponders a thought.


Lars: Yeah! Good idea. I'll save that one for next show.

End of Show