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Ring Name:  Greg Ward Jr

Height:  5 ft 2 in

Weight:  125 lbs

Born:  23 August 1988

Resides: Detroit, Michigan

Finishing Move(s):  Go Go High Flow(Van Dam Frog Splash), Final Note(Superkick)

Signature Move(s):  Sharpshooter, Dragon Suplex, Shining Wizard, G-Cutter (Ace Crusher), Spear

Nickname(s):  The Cool, The Man With a Million Styles, Jr

Entrance Theme:  "Switch" by Will Smith

XWF Championships and Accomplishments:  

Other:  4 Time EHW/CZW Champion, 4 Time EHW Tag Champion, EHW/UVU Champion, 4 Time EHW Jr Champion, WWE/RVS BW Tag Champion, 2 Time HWF Ultimate Champion, HWF Champion, HWF IC Champion, HWF Euro Champion, HWF Legends Champion, 3 Time HWF Tag Champion, 2 Time YWF Champion, YWF States Champion, TWF IC Champion, 55 Time MWI Title Holder, 3 Time XWF Title Holder