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Jim Ross: Coming up next is a match for the ages. A matchup that .. After the last one nobody imagined it would go down one more time. This goes beyond the World Heavyweight Championship. This is personal.

Jerry Lawler: What could these two possibly do to each other after their last encounter?

The cameras cut out and we go to a video displaying the Mark Adkins and Carlos Shotgun rivalry.

After the video cuts out we get a shot of the capacity crowd on hand.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Danielle Worley: The following is a Crucifixtion Match... Scheduled for one fall .. And it is for the XWF World Heavyweight Championship! The loser of this contest regardless of the outcome, will be Crucified!

"Do The Evolution" by Pearl Jam cues up as the arena lights focus towards the entrance way. Carlos Shotgun steps through the curtains.

Jim Ross: There he is King!

Jerry Lawler: The Elite Savior!

Shotgun stops at the edge of the rampway and looks out towards the crowd. The crowd gives off a huge ovation as Shotgun makes his way down the eisle.

Danielle Worley: Making his way down the eisle is the challenger. From San Juan, Puerto Rico. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds. He is "The Elite Savior", Carlos Shotgun!!!

Shotgun steps through the ropes and enters the ring as the crowd continues to cheer on.

Jim Ross: Shotgun a former World Heavyweight Champion and current member of the Hall of Fame. He's been to the very top here in the company. This means more right now then another championship.

Jerry Lawler: Of course it does JR! Adkins took his title, took his woman, took everything Shotgun was known for here.

Jim Ross: He took his title as the man in the XWF.

Shotgun's theme cuts out.

"Public Enemy #1" by Megadeth cues up. Shotgun stands in the center of the ring as the camera cuts towards the entrance way. Mark Adkins makes his way out.

Danielle Worley: And his opponent making his way down the eisle. From Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty seven pounds. The Xtreme Wrestling Federation .. World Heavyweight Champion .. "TV MA", Mark Adkins!!!

Adkins stands in the eisleway looking down towards Shotgun with a smile on his face.

Jim Ross: Adkins may come across as a little crazy at times.

Jerry Lawler: A "little" crazy?

Jim Ross: Yes King. People keep forgetting how intelligent he is also. Shotgun knows mind games but Adkins is the master of mind games.

Adkins makes his way down to the ringside area. Shotgun continues to stand in the center of the ring as Adkins circles around on the outside. Shotgun walks to one of the corners as Adkins makes his way in.

Jim Ross: Adkins finally steps into the ring.

Shotgun flies across the ring as Adkins tosses him to the outside. Shotgun lands on his feet and pulls Adkins out. Both men start to throw lefts and rights as the referee calls for the bell.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Jim Ross: Here we go! It's on!

The referee slides out and tries to direct Shotgun and Adkins back into the ring.

Jim Ross: The referee trying to put some kind of control in here.

Jerry Lawler: Idiot needs to move out of the way before he gets hit by one of these guys!

Shotgun and Adkins continue to hit each other right shots to the head as neither man can gain advantage.

Jim Ross: Both competitors will not give any sort of advantage at this time!

Adkins gets an extra right. Another right to Shotgun and a kick to the midsection. Adkins tosses Shotgun back into the ring before trying to catch a quick breather.

Jim Ross: Adkins with the slight advantage.

Adkins slides back into the ring and Shotgun gets a double leg takedown and starts unloading rights to the head.

Jerry Lawler: Not for long!

Shotgun continues throwing rights and lefts as Adkins tries to cover up. Adkins starts fighting back long enough for Shotgun to roll to the canvas. Adkins gets back to his feet. Shotgun hits another punch, and another.

Jim Ross: Shotgun continues to assault the champion!

Adkins gets a thumb to the eye and whips Shotgun off the ropes. Adkins goes for a backdrop and Shotgun counters. Shotgun goes for a Bullet Bomb and rolls out of the ring. Shotgun gives chase to the outside and clotheslines Adkins in the back of the head.

Jim Ross: Adkins tried to get away that time!

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun is a man possessed at this time!

Shotgun grabs Adkins by the hair to pick him up as the referee continues the count.

Referee: Three! Four! Five!

Jim Ross: Shotgun has to be aware that this is not an Xtreme Rules contest. The last thing he wants to do is have this end by countout or disqualification.

Shotgun tosses Adkins in and rolls into the ring. The referee breaks the count.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah well I'm sure that the referee will also take a couple liberties if it means getting a decisive winner.

Jim Ross: He has the authority to do so King.

Shotgun covers Adkins and hooks the leg. 1... Adkins kicks out.

Jim Ross: Quick cover for a one count.

Jerry Lawler: I think that was more Shotgun keeping Adkins on his toes then trying to get a win. You're not going to end the match that quick against someone like Mark Adkins!

Shotgun picks up Adkins and hits a hard right hand. Another right hand. Right, right .. Adkins goes for a right. Shotgun blocks and hits another right. Shotgun winds up and hits another hard right that floors the champion. Adkins bounces back to his feet. Shotgun hits a clothesline and Adkins back up again. Shotgun whips Adkins off the ropes. Adkins runs the ropes and slides under a big boot attempt.

Jim Ross: Adkins avoids the boot!

Shotgun turns around and charges into a quick powerslam. Adkins gets up and starts to taunt the crowd. He does not realize that Shotgun is already back to his feet and looking pissed off.

Jim Ross: Oh my god!

Adkins finally notices as Shotgun charges him. Adkins jumps up for a Lou Thesz Press and Shotgun turns it into a powerslam of his own. Quick pin and hook of the leg. 1... 2... Adkins kicks out.

Jim Ross: Shotgun caught Adkins off guard and almost pulled off the win!

Jerry Lawler: How in the hell did Shotgun recover from that powerslam as quick as he did?

Shotgun says something to the referee. The referee lets him know that Adkins had the shoulder up at two.

Jim Ross: Shotgun not happy with that count there.

Shotgun picks up Adkins and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Shotgun rights a right hand, right, right, chop to the chest. Adkins is staggered on the top turnbuckle. The referee shouts at Shotgun. Shotgun is not paying any attention. Shotgun hits another right, another right, another hard right hand. Adkins continues to stagger on the turnbuckle. Shotgun climbs the turnbuckle and looks for a superplex.

Jim Ross: Superplex coming?

Adkins blocks the superplex and hits a forearm shot. Shotgun is stunned and Adkins hits a hard headbutt. Adkins hits another forearm and headbutt. Shotgun falls off the second turnbuckle and lands back first onto the ring apron,

Jim Ross: Adkins able to escape the attempted superplex.

Jerry Lawler: How much more would Adkins be able to take if Shotgun did connect?

Shotgun gets back to his feet. Adkins off the top rope hits a missile dropkick.

Jim Ross: Missile dropkick connects!

Adkins clutches on his right knee as he lands on the canvas. Shotgun is flat on his back.

Jim Ross: Adkins appeared to have tweaked his knee there.

Jerry Lawler: That's why they're called high risk moves!

Adkins crawls over towards Shotgun. Adkins pins him and hooks the leg. 1... 2... Shotgun kicks out.

Jim Ross: Shotgun kicks out at two!

Adkins hooks the leg again. 1... 2... Shotgun kicks out again. Adkins goes for another pin. 1... 2... Shotgun kicks out.

Jim Ross: With each kickout Shotgun is expending more energy.

Jerry Lawler: Shotgun still hasn't recovered from the missile dropkick!

Jim Ross: Yeah but I think Adkins is buying time here so his knee can recover from whatever damage was done.

Adkins gets back to his feet and starts stomping at Shotgun's head. Shotgun tries to block and Adkins kicks him again. Kick, kick, kick. Shotgun gets back to his feet and Adkins hits a right hand. Right, right, right. Shotgun blocks a right hand and hits forearm shots to the head. Adkins is stunned and Shotgun runs the ropes. Adkins hits a standing dropkick. Adkins covers Shotgun and hooks the leg. 1... 2... Shotgun kicks out.

Jim Ross: Shotgun kicks out at two again!

Jerry Lawler: He doesn't want to be crucified! Have you ever been crucified JR?

Jim Ross: Can't say that I have King.

Adkins gets back to his feet and grabs Shotgun by the legs. Adkins taunts Shotgun before stomping him in the lower midsection. The referee starts shouting at Adkins to watch for the low blow.

Jim Ross: Adkins came really close to a shot to the balls there.

Jerry Lawler: Did you just say balls JR? Ha ha!

Jim Ross: Yes King .. Balls.

Jerry Lawler: Ha ha! Is it really worth getting crucified to stomp Carlos Shotgun in the groin?

Jim Ross: I guess only Adkins can answer that one.

Adkins picks up Shotgun and tosses him back first into the corner. Adkins hits a huge chop to the chest and a forearm to the face. Adkins taunts Shotgun before hitting another chop to the chest. Adkins shouts at Shotgun some more. Shotgun grabs Adkins by the back of the neck and slams him back first into the corner. Shotgun starts stomping away at the midsection.

Jim Ross: Adkins spent too much time with the trash talk there!

Shotgun with more stomps to the stomach. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Shotgun hits a hard knife edge chop that staggers Adkins out of the corner. Shotgun off the ropes hits a chop block to the knee.

Jim Ross: Adkins was hurt earlier on in the match and Shotgun remembers it!

Shotgun gets back up and grabs Adkins by the leg. Shotgun gets Adkins in a figure four leglock.

Jim Ross: Shotgun with a figure four in the center of the ring!

Jerry Lawler: Adkins will never tap out! He doesn't want to get crucified!

Jim Ross: Or lose the championship for that matter!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah.. That too!

Adkins sits up off the canvas with a smile on his face laughing. Shotgun sinches in the move and Adkins falls back. The referee checks the shoulders. 1... 2... Adkins gets the shoulder up. Shotgun continues the pressure as the referee checks for a submission.

Jim Ross: Did you see that King? Adkins was LAUGHING at Shotgun!

Jerry Lawler: Almost like he enjoys it or something.

Jim Ross: Unreal.

Adkins sits back up and flips the momentum over and now the pressure is on Shotgun's legs. The referee switches sides to ask Shotgun if he wants to quit.

Jim Ross: Adkins with the reversal!

Shotgun breaks up the move as Adkins hobbles up to his feet.

Jim Ross: Adkins can't seem to place any weight on the leg at this time. He's known to go to the top rope and that would be an issue if he can't stand.

Jerry Lawler: You think Adkins cares? If hurting Shotgun means sacrificing his own body then we already know the answer to that one!

Adkins gets to the corner and Shotgun forearms him in the upper back. Shotgun goes for a German Suplex and Adkins holds the top ropes as the referee tries to break it up. Shotgun with multiple forearm shots to the back.

Jim Ross: Shotgun is thinking German Suplex and Adkins is not having it right now.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think he'll have a choice if Shotgun keeps with the forearm shots!

The referee continues to get in Shotgun's face about getting it out of the corner. Adkins hits a low blow and the referee didn't see it. Shotgun stumbles out and falls to the canvas.

Jim Ross: Adkins buys himself time there!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah with Carlos picking up the interest rate!

Jim Ross: That wasn't funny King.

Jerry Lawler: Not even a little?

Adkins continues to catch his breath in the corner as Shotgun continues to roll around in pain.

Jim Ross: What is Adkins doing? He needs to take advantage.

Jerry Lawler: He might be setting up for a Guttermouth JR!

Adkins taunts Shotgun to get back to his feet. Shotgun slowly gets to one knee trying to force himself back up. Adkins continues to stalk him.

Jim Ross: That's exactly what he's doing King!

Shotgun turns around and Adkins goes for a superkick. Shotgun ducks under the superkick. Adkins turns around and Shotgun sets him up for a T-Bone Suplex. Adkins elbows out.

Jim Ross: Countered!

Adkins goes for another superkick. Shotgun grabs the foot and drops it down. Shotgun kicks Adkins in the midsection and sets up for a powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb coming up!

Shotgun lifts Adkins high up. Adkins slips out and lands on his bad leg. Adkins falls to the canvas clutching his bad leg as Shotgun looks for a Sharpshooter.

Jim Ross: Adkins escaped Bullet Bomb but it might not even matter!

Shotgun goes for the Sharpshooter and Adkins counters with a small package. 1... 2... Shotgun kicks out!

Jim Ross: Only a two count!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and looks to continue the offense. Adkins gets up and fakes Shotgun with an RKO attempt. Shotgun ducks and Adkins steps back for a superkick. Shotgun looks up. Adkins lunges and Shotgun catches his foot again. Shotgun trips up Adkins and goes for a Sharpshooter. Adkins continues to fight but cannot and Shotgun locks it in.

Jim Ross: Bullet Shock is locked in!

Jerry Lawler: Adkins will not tap JR! He's not going to tap!

Jim Ross: He might have to!

Adkins refuses to quit despite the pain. The referee continues to ask as Adkins continues to fight. Shotgun keeps the pressure locked in as the crowd is on their feet.

Jim Ross: Adkins may be a tapout away from losing his championship here!

Adkins refuses to give up as Shotgun sinches in the move even more. Adkins tries to push himself up out of the move to no avail.

Jim Ross: Adkins isn't someone who finds himself in this sort of situation very often. I don't think he knows what to do right now!

Jerry Lawler: Give me a break JR you don't become World Heavyweight Champion by some sort of fluke!

Adkins looks up while trying to claw his way towards the ropes. His knee is in some big time pain as Shotgun will not let go. Adkins is burying his nails into the canvas literally scratching towards the ropes. The referee continues to check on as Adkins is making progress.

Jim Ross: How much longer can he take this?

Adkins is almost at the ropes as the referee continues to look on. Shotgun is relentless with the submission attempt. Adkins gets a little closer. Shotgun shakes his head in disbelief. Adkins grabs the bottom rope.

Jim Ross: Adkins made it to the ropes!

The referee is shouting at Shotgun to break the move as Shotgun refuses to do so.

Jim Ross: Shotgun needs to break the hold!

The referee continues to shout before starting a count. 1.... 2.... 3.... 4.... Shotgun finally breaks the move.

Jim Ross: Carlos really close to getting himself disqualified there. Who knows what's going through his head right now.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think he wanted to defeat Adkins there. I think Shotgun was looking to break him in half!

Adkins cannot put weight on his leg as he continues to have trouble getting to his feet. The referee tries to create some space as Adkins fights tries to pick himself up using the ropes.

Jerry Lawler: Referee needs to get out of the way of Shotgun here.

Jim Ross: He's just doing his job King!

Adkins tries to use the referee to pick himself up. The referee is trying to get away from Adkins.

Jim Ross: Adkins doing whatever he can right now. He's in a load of hurt after being in the Bullet Shock longer than anybody I have ever seen!

Shotgun loses his patience and runs up towards Adkins. Waist lock .. Adkins still has a hold of the referee. Shotgun hits the German Suplex on Adkins. Adkins still had a hold of the referee causing him to take the move also.

Jim Ross: German Suplex! The referee is down my god!

Jerry Lawler: He was getting in the way anyway.

Jim Ross: He couldn't do anything cause Adkins had a hold of him. Shotgun just lost his cool there!

Shotgun covers Adkins and hooks the leg not even thinking about what just happened to the referee. He finally notices the situation and walks over towards the ref.

Jim Ross: Shotgun wasn't even thinking about what just happened there. His focus was dropping Adkins with that huge German Suplex!

Shotgun continues shaking the ref trying to wake him back up. The referee is slowly regaining his senses. Shotgun lets go of the referee and walks back over towards Adkins. Adkins hops up out of nowhere and hits an RKO.


Shotgun is out as Adkins tries to crawl on top for a pin. The referee is still recovering shaking the cobwebs out. He finally sees Adkins who is hooking Shotgun's leg. The referee slides to check the shoulders to the mat.

Jim Ross: Adkins is going to retain!

Jerry Lawler: It's over!



Shotgun kicks out before the three count.

Jim Ross: Shotgun kicked out of the End on Five!

Jerry Lawler: WHAT!?

The crowd cannot believe that Shotgun just kicked out of Adkin's main move. Adkins is asking the referee again about the count. The ref tells him one more time that Shotgun kicked out before the three.

Jim Ross: Adkins cannot believe that Shotgun was able to kick out of the End on Five!

Jerry Lawler: I don't think any of us can believe it right now.

The camera is panning the crowd on hand. Everybody is on their feet looking on. Adkins is contemplating his next move as Shotgun lays motionless.

Jim Ross: What does the World Champion have up his sleeve?

Adkins gets back to his feet and points over towards the top turnbuckle while dragging Shotgun across the canvas. Shotgun is still motionless. Adkins is having difficulty walking right now but is still looking to put this one away.

Jim Ross: Adkins might be going for the Lake Shore Drive here. Does he have enough leg strength to pull the move off?

Jerry Lawler: If it means ending this match you know that Adkins will try.

Adkins is slowly climbing to the top turnbuckle. The referee starts a count as Adkins looks downwards. Shotgun stands up out of nowhere and trips up Adkins who lands crotch first on the top turnbuckle. Shotgun chops away at Adkins who is reeling on the top turnbuckle. Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. Shotgun hits another big chop that almost causes Adkins to fall to the outside.

Jim Ross: Adkins is in trouble here!

Jerry Lawler: Ahhhh!

Shotgun climbs the turnbuckle looking for a superplex. Adkins blocks and hits a right. Shotgun with a left. Adkins hits another right. Both men with a slugfest on the turnbuckle. Adkins gains advantage with a eye gouge and a headbutt. Adkins shoves. Shotgun falls back first on the canvas. Adkins starts to climb to the top turnbuckle.

Jim Ross: Shotgun tried earlier and failed. Second time was not the charm!

The referee starts the five count. 1... 2... 3... Adkins gets a surge of adrenaline and flies off the top with a 630 splash. It connects.

Jim Ross: Lake Shore Drive!!!

Adkins pins Shotgun as the referee goes for the count.



The referee points over as Shotgun had his foot on the ropes. The crowd responds loud for that extremely close near fall. Adkins once again cannot believe it. Adkins looks at the referee with a hand signal showing three. The referee tells him again that it was only a two count.

Jim Ross: I cannot believe this.

Jerry Lawler: We were just wondering if Adkins would be able to survive the Bullet Shock. Now it's a question of how much Shotgun can take?

Adkins gets a huge smile on his face and stands back up. The crowd is still on their toes wondering what is going to happen next. Adkins points towards Shotgun and calls for a powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Adkins looks like he wants to give Shotgun a taste of his own medicine here!

Shotgun gets back to his feet and Adkins kicks him in the midsection. Adkins pulls him in and goes for a pickup. Shotgun dead weights and drops to both knees. Adkins forearms him in the back and goes for it again. Shotgun drops to one knee and blocks the move again. Adkins gives it one more try before Shotgun backdrops him out of the move.

Jim Ross: Countered!

Shotgun turns around at Adkins who stands back up and kicks him in the midsection. Shotgun lifts up Adkins and drops him with a Jackknife Powerbomb into a pin.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb connects! Bullet Bomb connects!

The referee checks the shoulders.



Adkins kicks out and Shotgun transitions into a Sharpshooter. Adkins tries to fight out but Shotgun turns him around and locks it in.

Jim Ross: Bullet Shock is locked on again!! Adkins's title reign may be over very soon!!

Jerry Lawler: How much more pain can he take??

The referee checks on for a tap out as Adkins is in some major pain at this time. Shotgun wrenches on the pressure as the crowd is deafening at this point. Adkins continues to shake his head refusing to give up as the referee continues to look on.

Jim Ross: What is the champion going to be able to do at this point?

Jerry Lawler: He doesn't have anywhere to go!

Adkins simply refuses to give up as the crowd is losing it at this point. Shotgun continues the pressure as Adkins positions his arms to push himself up.

Jim Ross: Does Adkins have the strength to muscle his way out of this situation?

Adkins starts to push himself upwards as he tries to break the submission hold. Shotgun refuses to release the move as Adkins puts every ounce of energy in his attempt to break the move. Shotgun is losing his footing as the referee looks on.

Jim Ross: Are you kidding me??

Adkins with one more push causes Shotgun to fall forwards releasing the pressure from the Sharpshooter. Shotgun still has a hold of the legs and Adkins starts kicking like a madman. Shotgun cannot hold on to the champions legs as he takes a kick to the head. Adkins stumbles back up to his feet as Shotgun is stunned for a moment. Shotgun charges forwards and Adkins ducks. Double leg takedown by Adkins into a jackknife pin.



Shotgun kicks out but holds on to Adkins by the waist. Shotgun rolls over while still holding on as Adkins is face first on the canvas. Shotgun is looking for another powerbomb as Adkins breaks out and hits a right hand to the head. Shotgun fires back with a left. Adkins with a right. Shotgun with a left.

Jim Ross: Who is going to get the upper hand here??

Adkins gets a right. Adkins hits another right. Right, right, chop, kick to the midsection. Adkins steps back and goes for a superkick. Shotgun ducks, double leg takedown. Shotgun is going for the sharpshooter as Adkins fights back. Adkins continues to fight. Adkins cannot counter the sharpshooter. Shotgun locks it in again.

Jim Ross: Adkins in the Bullet Shock AGAIN!!

The referee looks in for a tapout as Adkins is swinging his arms all over the place. The crowd is deafening in the arena as Shotgun keeps the pressure on.

Jim Ross: Adkins has nowhere to go!!

The referee keeps his eyes on Adkins who is refusing to lose. Shotgun continues the pressure as Adkins makes another move towards the ropes.

Jim Ross: Can you believe this?

Jerry Lawler: Adkins is going for the ropes how is he even conscious at this point?

Adkins continues his slow painful crawl towards the ropes. The champion is almost there as the referee is ready to call for a break. Shotgun breaks the hold before Adkins can reach the ropes. Shotgun drags Adkins back to the center of the ring and locks it on again.

Jim Ross: Adkins almost had the ropes and Shotgun was not about to have ANY of it!!

Adkins continues to struggle as the entire arena looks on. Shotgun tightens the hold on as Adkins looks like he's about ready to tap out. Adkins has his hand up in the air. The referee checks for the tapout. Adkins clinches his fist and gives off a middle finger salute.

Jim Ross: Adkins will not tap out!!

Adkins's falls to the mat as Shotgun keeps the pressure locked in. The referee checks the hand as Adkins is not moving at this time. The referee picks the hand up once and waits a moment.

Jim Ross: Adkins is out!!

The referee lets go as the hand drops to the canvas. He picks it up and waits for a moment.

Jim Ross: Adkins is not moving. He wouldn't submit but he might be out!!

The referee lets go as the hand drops the second time. The crowd is losing it right now. The referee picks up the hand and waits a moment.

Jim Ross: This match is over if Adkins cannot respond!!

The referee lets go and Adkins hand drops for the third time. Adkins is unconscious as the referee calls for the bell.

Jim Ross: It's over!!! Shotgun has won the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

*ding* *ding* *ding*

Shotgun lets go of the sharpshooter as Danielle Worley gets on the microphone.

Danielle Worley: The winner of this match and NEW XWF World... Heavyweight... Champion... The Elite Savior... CARRRLLOOOS SHOOOOTGUNNN!!!!

As the referee goes over to retrieve the World Heavyweight Championship, Shotgun is on his knees in the center of the ring. The camera pans up to a shot of a huge wooden crucifix that is being lowered from the top of the arena. Adkins is still unconscious after not being able to break out of the Sharpshooter. The crowd is cheering on for both wrestlers who put on a clinic in tonight's main event.

Jim Ross: We just witnessed a classic here tonight King but...

Jerry Lawler: I know JR, we're not even done yet.

Jim Ross: Shotgun still has something to take care of. He just defeated Adkins but.. I don't know if I really agree with the stipulation that Adkins laid down.

Jerry Lawler: Did you expect anything less?

Shotgun unlatches the crucifix from the cord that was lowering it down and lays it flat inside the squared circle. The referee walks over with rope as Shotgun gets a certain crazed look in his eyes.

Jim Ross: I don't.. I don't really like any of this.

Jerry Lawler: I'm in the same boat as you on that.

Shotgun lays Adkins on the cross as he starts tying the ropes. He ties Adkins by the hands and starts tying up Adkins by the legs. Adkins starts to regain consciousness only to see that he's already been all tied up. Shotgun tightens everything up as Adkins starts to shout at him. The referee starts giving instruction towards Shotgun. Shotgun stares at the referee for a moment.

Jim Ross: What is the referee thinking about? He needs to just get out of there.

Shotgun kicks the referee in the midsection and sets him up for a powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Wait a minute!

Shotgun lifts up the ref and drops him with a Jackknife Powerbomb.

Jim Ross: Bullet Bomb on the ref what is going on here?

Adkins is still shouting at Shotgun who looks like he's leaving. Instead of leaving, Shotgun grabs a bag from underneath the ring. Adkins looks on in wonder as Shotgun reenters the ring. Shotgun reaches inside of the bag and pulls out an air powered nail gun. The crowd cheers huge for that one.

Jim Ross: No!! Someone needs to stop this. This, this is going too far!!

Shotgun slowly walks over to Adkins and lowers the nail gun towards the hand of Adkins.

Jim Ross: Don't do it Carlos it's not worth it!! Wait, who in the hell is that?

One of Mr Lucente's members of security slides into the ring with a steel chair. The man is dressed in full riot gear. Shotgun finally notices but before he can do anything gets SMASHED in the head with the steel chair. The man kicks the nail gun out of the ring as Shotgun lays motionless. Adkins looks on a bit confused as the man turns his attention over to the former champion.

Jim Ross: What is going on here?

Mr Lucente's member of security walks over towards the corner turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Adkins looks over defenseless as the man points over to him. The man flies off the top rope and SMASHES Adkins in the head with a helmet assisted swandive headbutt. Adkins is busted open from the shot and out cold once again. Shotgun slowly starts to regain himself as the man takes off his helmet.

Jim Ross: Who in the hell is this?

The camera zooms in. It's Chris Falkenyork. The crowd is going crazy. Shotgun looks up just in time to see who it is.

Jim Ross: It's Falkenyork!! What is he doing here?? And why is he out here??

Falkenyork grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and throws it at Shotgun. Falkenyork exits the ring to a shot of Shotgun laying with the belt and Adkins bloody on the wooden cross.

End of Show.